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    Self-Insert Anti Porn Unitism

    Self-Insert Anti-Pornism is an Ideology that believes that all self-inserts that go against pornography (or just/and oversexualization overall) must conjoin and unify together to defeat it, usually the union consists of mainly conservatives with General Shrekretary Thought and SomeCrusaderism being amongst those, but there are also progressives and cultural centrists that go against pornography as well, and Scarletism are good examples of such


    Feel free to add yourself in the union if you want to join the fight against the disease that is pornography

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    • All the voices - I'm glad that you guys created me, we must fight against the evils of pornography and oversexualization!
    • Anti-Pornism - DEATH TO PORN!
    • Nofapism - Sexual Abstinence is a must.
    • Horny Policism - Horny people deserve to go to prison.
    • Pērkonkrusts - Kartupeļi un Schutzstaffel ir daudz labāki par porno! (Potatoes and Schutzstaffel are far better than porn!)


    • People that are against porn but do not wish to ban it and/or discourage it
    • Template:NameChiroteslaism - At least you are against porn, but please be less horny and more tough against porn.
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Against porn but ok with hentai? "As long as it is fictional." Ok, I will record this.
    •  Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Congratulations for getting Aaron out of position. But why should pornography be kept legal?


    •  Aaronism - Not only are you a vile Fapper who doesn't want to stop your horrid addiction, but you also defend other people who do not want to stop such addiction as well, if being an antifapper means being a Nazi, then I'm glad to be a Burgundian Himmlerite.
    • Horny Altruism - NO HORNY, do it again and you shall be given the terror of white phosphorous degenerated pervert.
    • Sexocracy - DIE!
    • Coomerism - You really need a lot of help if this Hentai Addiction of yours won't stop.
    • Self-Insert Horny Unitism - My arch nemesis, your vile perversion of morality must come to it's very end


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