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    Secular Leftism is a collection of ideologies that are left-wing and support Secularism. There are no defined views of the secular left outside of supporting the separation of church and state. These ideologies range from center-left social democrats to left-wing socialists and communists.


    He either acts like a reddit militant atheist or a secularly minded person who respects other religions so long as they respect him back.



    • Social Democracy - The poor shouldn't be disadvantaged.
    • Socialism - We need socialism!
    • Secularism - Religion shouldn't influence our government
    • Anti-Clericalism - Religious authority holds society back.
    • Scientocracy - Experts know what they're doing, we need a government accountable by empirical evidence, and not religious nonsense.


    • Anti-Theism - Religion is nonsense, but why should we go this far to get rid of it? We can work together with religious people who have the same mindset in mind.
    • Christian Socialism - Equality is good, but why the religious bit?
    • Liberation Theology - Another theist I'm willing to work with, but this religious reasoning is still not my cup of tea.


    • Reactionarism - Thinks rationality is false and believes God is real, yuck.
    • Christian Conservatism - Imagine unironically believing your imaginary fairytale has any place in our government.

    Further Information

    American Civil Liberties Union


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