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    The flag of the Secratist Eagle
    Secratist Version of the Authoritarian Flag
    Secratist Party of the United States of America


    Secratism is an accelerationist ideology created by ImperiousViktus, inhabiting an AuthUnity area outside the Political Compass. The new consensus is: A government in which is controlled by the smartest minds in each sphere of power attempt to accelerate technology to a point in which we are able to cybernetically place our consciousness or feelings into a digital space, leading to ultimate freedom. However, to achieve this the government must have a Quasi-Authoritarian grasp of this technology so that each component is able to work together.


    "However we do not approve of the name of this wiki, a congruent idea without violence would be beneficial and would be supported by the ideas of Secratism"

    Secratism is the idea of Accelerating technology to the point where humanity could place themselves within a simulation that gave each human the ability to craft their own world and live in it independently. While Secratism does not support the foundation of Anarchism, Secratism suggests it to be the correct method of allowing each individual to create their own world; essentially, the government stops after the technology to create your own world and live inside of it is created.

    In the former article that was placed here, Secratism used to believe in the abolition of the political spectrum. However, New Secratism, AKA True Secratism, supports the idea of the centrism as it is able to give people more incentive to create new technology without chance of someone or something using it in a violent manner

    Opinion of America

    Secratist opinions, in general, are fundamentally grounded in equality, authority, acceleration and anti-radical beliefs while being a true believer in Capitalism, showing its dislike for Socialism and Fascism.

    Opinion of Socialism

    Secratism believes that Socialism is not compatible with the idea of the new technological world in which the Secratists are suggesting to be made, believing that is there is too little competition the technology cannot be made and in such can destroy the state, and would signal the rise of hardship around the country.

    Civic downgrading of Traditionalism

    Secratism supports Anti-Traditional Propeganda, in any way, from birth to adulthood; Traditionalism is a large enemy of Secratist thought, and is treated by Secratism as an idea formed by individuals who are need assistance to see the new age of Technology as a positive instead of a Secratism supports the extermination of Anarchism in any way, through mass arrests or, in some situations, use of more harmful tactics could be necessary.

    Combatting Traditionalists

    Secratism vows to create a new technological world for everyone, to do this, the government needs to be able to contain the technology to their country and assure that the technology is not only made but allowed to be made, to do this, a Secratist government should downgrade Traditionalism to a radical idea, the government needs to assure the workers that acceleration is the key to success, the government does the following to assure this: Propaganda, Riot Control, Mass Arrests of individuals attempting to halt accelerationist progress, Containment of Traditionalist Hardliners and attempt to sway them to the side of Secratism.

    Anti-Traditionalist Policy

    The purpose of a Secratist Authoritarian Government is to downgrade Traditionalism, Socialism and Fascism respectively; the downgrading of Traditionialism comes down to propaganda.

    Protection of America

    Quad-Secratism, AKA Quadrant Secratism, is a sectored idea in the Foundation of Secratism that believes America is to be protected and is Secratist's sovereign land. Secratism opinion of America changes with each supporter, However most supporters believes that America is the Chosen land to create the technology required for assembling the new technological world, due to Americas oil, gas, and capitalist competitive industry allowing better products to be created. In some radical cases, such as Viktusism, believe Americans are saving the world by pushing for a capitalist one world government, where all workers are working to an end goal using competition for a reward, this reward is given to the best technological advancement in each field.

    American Imperium

    The American Imperium is the goal of Phase One Secratism, to unionize America into one Quasi-Accelerationist Secratist Superstate consisting of the United States homeland, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Hawai'i and Alaska.

    Phases of Secratism

    The Phases of Secratism are Three Phases of technology and authority that are split by the progress in which the end goal of Secratism is produced. To be Summarized: Phase One is the genesis of Secratism, the idea is to begin progress on a new technological world. Phase Two is the state where the blueprints have been presented and work has begun on the new technological world. Phase Three is when the technological world is created.

    Phase One

    Phase One of Secratism is the genesis of the Technological Acceleration.


    A Semi-Authoritarian government is in place to assure the study of the end goal is in competition with one another, however, there has to be a government in charge to assure nothing goes wrong and the victorious technological asset is used to progress to the end goal. A Secratist Government supports an Authoritarian backing, being legalistic if someone violates a law concerning the safety of the state. The state operates in a caste societal system, placing the loyal, hard working, and intelligent get the best wishes from the state, turning a blind eye to the lazy and uncaring, while assisting the hardworking and intelligent people of whom are disadvantaged.


    Secratism shows its support for Capitalism, however, Secratism does not believe in the taxation of citizens above 10% of their monthly income. The reason for this is to ensure the economic stability of the citizens above the economic revenue collected by the state. This being said, Secratism does believe in the taxation of companies with a value surpassing 50x the amount payed to employees.


    The former beliefs of this page are extremely evil and incorrect. True Secratism is the idea of a semi-technocratic government which is controlled in respective departments in which are led by the individual appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility in that department.

    Foreign Affairs

    On the topic of Foreign Affairs, Secratism believes that the affairs of foreign government should stay that certain governments issue, isolating Secratism from affairs that could collapse the states authority, economical standing, or harm the progress to the technological world.


    A Secratist Phase One Government believes in Capitalism; However, Secratism believes that Capitalism is the only option if humanity wants to succeed in the progress to create a new technological world.

    Phase Two

    The final phase when the Secratist know victory is on the horizon, this Phase is very short however, for preparation for Phase Three.


    This can differ per reception of Phase One, however a Democratic style is preferred.


    No tax, no money, the government stops producing money.


    The Government begins to stop caring, their goal was reached, the state is split into a council for the duration of its existence.

    Foreign Affairs

    Isolationism, census is: leave us alone.


    A payment of 135,000 USD is required for you and your family to be passed to Phase Three, Capitalism to the governments core.

    Phase Three

    The horizon is ahead, a world for all who can pay the price, become a god for your earthly settlement.


    We have no government, we have technology.





    Foreign Affairs

    We are not in this world anymore, we have moved on.


    We are in our own worlds, we dont need money.

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