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    The Second Aquarian Model is an economically center-left, civically liberal, and culturally progressive ideology, roughly representative of the beliefs of AquaHeart as a teenager, during the time in real life when she lived semi-independently, but her social relationships with her parents and peers were both at an all-time low. It is during this time that she grew a lot more interested in politics, and became a lot more active in the online world in general.

    The Second Aquarian Model is, first and foremost, incredibly protective of her nation, believing that the only way she will maintain the liberation and loving social fabric of her people is through strong borders and isolationism. She is rather quiet on the world stage, but in private, she can be deeply xenophobic, especially of nations that are authoritarian, traditionalist, religious (esp. Christian), violent, or greedy. She supports a representative democracy, federalism, a Nordic-style welfare system, active advancement of civil rights for all minority groups, which now also encompasses LGBTQ+ rights, nationwide commitment to environmentalism, and as mentioned, a very isolationist foreign policy, with strict immigration protocol, reminiscent of Cultural Nationalism. She is somewhat anti-communist, but not to the same extent as the First Aquarian Model. In the real world, she holds all of these same stances, except being more fond of internationalism.

    Her environmentalist sentiment has sustained itself from her predecessor, now also incorporating the thought processes of a new wave of real-world environmental activism, especially those of Greta Thunberg. As she is more knowledgeable than her predecessor about the struggles of common working civilians worldwide, she supports social welfare, as she sees Scandinavian countries as a good modern model of high-standard living for all. She is quite inspired by modern American progressive politicians, especially Bernie Sanders. She is even more skeptical of foreign nations in general than her predecessor, blacklisting most nations from even being considered for diplomatic relations, viewing foreigners as generally corrupt and poor practitioners of love. However, like her siblings, she is also quite internationalist in her outlook of the real world, at this point being explicitly anti-nationalist. She supports the United States over China, due her seeing the United States as a better arbiter of liberty, love, and human rights, but also distances herself from hardline American nationalists and sinophobes. She supports the expansion of LGBTQ+ rights, believing the LGBTQ+ community to be widely misunderstood and too oppressed, while maintaining her support for most other progressive movements, including racial justice and gender equality. She is still somewhat anti-communist, but unlike her predecessor, she somewhat separates libertarian socialists and communists from "tankies" , or authoritarian socialists and communists. She hates tankies to the bone, due to their authoritarian and often reactionary nature, and also dislikes how libertarian socialists and communists often associate with tankies over establishment social democrats and liberals.


    The year is 2016. The Federal Republic of Aquaria's first ever federal election results have come back, and the Green Party candidate for prime minister, Omak Gvèsl, has won by a slight majority. Omak, as she is commonly known by, had campaigned on a platform of promising stability and using government spending to create jobs and boost welfare programs. She promises to work to not let anyone fall behind during the nation's development.

    The next 3 years are rather difficult. Aquaria, having lost its former allies with the toppling of the Goudan administration, while having no shortage of foreign nations criticizing it and questioning its legitimacy, has difficulty establishing beneficial diplomatic relations. Nationalism, thus, remains a prominent sentiment despite the War of Independence being over. The Aquarian economy also struggles to pick up, due to the largely self-reliant nature of its economy, coupled with a national lack of manufacturing expertise.

    To combat this, Aquaria relies rather heavily on whatever few alliances it can obtain, doing anything to help with national security and the economy. Eventually, in early 2018, after 5 months of corresponding with its central government, Aquaria enters an alliance treaty with Scorchon, another breakaway state.

    However, it was also in this period that nihilist uprisings reached their peak in recorded Aquarian history. Disillusioned with the promise of uplifting the nation through collective strength, and too disappointed with all foreign nations to emigrate, many nihilist groups began advocating for the militant dismantling of the nation, allowing the Unspoken Kingdom to retake the entire region. In late 2018 and early 2019, Scorchon briefly suspended correspondence with Aquaria when the Aquarian federal government failed to respond effectively to nihilist coups of regional governments in Aquaria, and given that regional governments have the power to send correspondences of their own, very mixed messages are sent to Scorchon considering the state of the nation. In early 2019, after a series of rather aggressive debates and quarrels in the Aquarian Parliament, nationally televised by journalists of both sides, the anti-nihilist coalition of the Green, Liberal, Conservative, and Dawn parties manage to delegitimize the nihilist movement as a whole, as well as their unlawfully obtained positions of power. Aquarian local militias eventually begin cooperating to threaten nihilist leaders out of power in regional governments. Scorchon shortly re-establishes relations with Aquaria.

    In the cultural sphere, over these three years, Aquaria sees the gradual rise of modern progressivism, due to politically suppressed progressive advocates of the Goudan era speaking out on issues affecting various minority groups, free from Unspoke censorship. LGBTQ+ advocacy, in particular, sees a rise nationwide in this time period, resulting in the Aquarian populace steadily adopting more liberal attitudes. No significant conservative reaction breaks out, as hardcore conservative residents have largely left for the Unspoken Kingdom after the Aquarian War of Independence. The progressive, moderate, and moderately conservative camps reach effective compromises, largely unwilling to fight each other in this difficult time for all, and largely unfond of Unspoke traditionalism.

    In early 2019, the Parliament finally agrees on the first post-war design of the Aquarian national flag (as can be seen in Second Aquarian Model's ball character).

    Throughout 2019, a socialist movement rises in Aquaria, as the democratic socialist Dawn Party's proposed idea of democratically operating the means of production gains traction amongst the Aquarian populace amidst a still-struggling mixed economy. The Dawn candidate for prime minister, Oùzen Ùveteze, narrowly wins the federal election in 2019 from a plurality, splitting the opposition vote mainly between the Liberals and Greens, as part of an ideological shift decidedly towards the left of the Aquarian union as it enters the 2020s.


    Second Aquarian Model holds a generally sour attitude towards foreigners, not unlike First Aquarian Model, but given the relative peace of the period during which she was politically affluent in Aquaria, she is less militant in her xenophobia. However, she is nonetheless extremely vigilant in guarding Aquaria against foreign threats, believing deeply in the mission of guarding the young union from collapse. She is great friends with her siblings, First Aquarian Model and Third Aquarian Model, but like First Aquarian Model, she looks down greatly upon Proto-Aquarian Model. As for other ideologies, she respects those with similar enough ideals, but with non-Aquarian national models, she keeps her distance. She is a deep believer of the value of love, as well as the Aquarian mission to uphold it, and despises nihilists who disrespect her work. Other than anything related to the Unspoken Kingdom, she also has an outspoken hatred of fascists, tankies, and conservatives.



    • First Aquarian Model - Very based predecessor, who founded our union, and taught me how to fend for myself.
    • Third Aquarian Model - Kind of based successor, who has some wacky takes about implementing socialism in our country, but I guess she has good intentions at heart, and at least distances herself far from t*nkies. Very pleasant to talk to.
    • Aquarian Isolationism - It's plain that a policy giving foreigners power over our nation is simply completely irrational.
    • Social Democracy - Basically me!
    • Liberalism - We're still pretty close.
    • Progressivism - Fellow advocate of minority rights.
    • Hong Kong Democratism - I stand with Hong Kong.
    • Sandersism - Great guy.
    • Thunbergism - Great girl, who says it like it is. We have the solutions; we just need to act. If only the elites actually cared about what you had to say...
    • MLKism - I have nothing but pure respect for your work.
    • Gamerism - Video games are epic.



    • Proto-Aquarian Model - The embodiment of naivety.
    • Neo-Unspokeism - Ew, stay away from me, you disgusting nazi!
    • Nihilism - Our nation is struggling, and you just want us all to give up? Traitor!
    • National Socialism - Death by suicide wasn't enough of a punishment for you.
    • Conservatism - You don't give a fuck about equality? You're an ignorant scum.
    • Trumpism - Hypocrite, kind of racist, and your whole macho persona is annoying as fuck.
    • Christian Democracy - You're an oxymoron.
    • Christian Theocracy - The only person who should burn on a cross is you.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Yes, I will defend western democracies over your reactionary totalitarian regimes. Cope and seethe.
    • Maoism - Typical genocidal tankie. I can't believe some white leftists defend the shit you did.
    • Dengism - You were doing okay-ish for a bit, but the Tiananmen Square Massacre and what followed were inexcusable.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Thanks for turning China into a worldwide laughing stock once again, you sadistic tyrant.

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