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    Second Lifeism is a pseudo-progressive ideology based off of the online game Second Life. It is progressive, moderately to extremely Adult.png adultist, and economically centered.


    Second Lifeism believes there should be a game that works as an alternate life, so people can escape the first one and its problems. This game is called Second Life. There must be as many players as possible to keep the game active and interesting.

    Adult.png Adultism in Second Life

    • People under 16 years old are bound to an organization district.
    • Not allowed to contribute in the economy.
    • Must have their avatars approved by said District.

    Personality and Behavior

    He is very individualistic. He hates kids in his commune and is a bleeding-heart libertarian. He is pro-gay and pro-choice. He is woke. He hates Rebelism because the rebels hate Second Life and all forms of adult content.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw the inside of it light teal. (Lighter than the color of the hand in the next step)
    3. Draw the hand on the logo here. The Second Life site has the logo.
    4. Draw the eyes.




    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - Why do you have to force Christianity on everyone? The churches are fine, I guess.
    • Antifa.png Antifa - No nazis, but no terrorism, either!
    • Systemism.png Systemism - I love the hip, just GET AGEIST!


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