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    Scripperism (aka Transhumanist Ego-Communalist Satanic Theocratic Imperialism (TECSTI)) is the self Insert ideology of Wiki User Scripper.

    It is an religious (Satanism), hyper Off Compass Transhumanist, economically Non Quadrant (usually center-left to Off Compass far left but center-right on International trade issues and Globalism), hyper Off Compass culturally revolutionary (Noveltist) and on the authoritarian axis libertarian to Center (Phase 1) as well as Opposite Unity (Phase 2) and infinite Off Compass ideology.

    Religious Beliefs

    Scripperism is strongly connected with theistic satanism.

    The divine system

    • The oldest of the Ancient Ones (the true creator): Satan (aka Lucifer, Tiamat, Seth, Iblis)
    • The Ancient Ones (children of Satan): Kingu, Odin, Quetzalcoatl, Asmodeus, Kronos, Gaia etc.
    • Elder Gods (led by Yehovah): Yehovah (aka Zeus, "God"), Athena, Ganesha, Loki, Marduk etc.

    The 4 entities of Satan

    Satan (aka Tiamat) has 4 entities:

    • Lucifer (element: air) - the light, the creating force, knowledge, wisdom, life
    • Satan (element: fire) - the darkness, the destructive force, lust, death
    • Belial (element: earth) - the Solid, the matter, the visible force, nature, time, space, evolution
    • Leviathan (element: water) - the fluid, the soul, the invisible force, magic, occult, spirit

    The 3 Eons

    The ideology has 3 phases (Eons):,

    1. The time before Satan seized power, the damnable rule of the elder gods (BSR = Before Satans Rule; aka Eon of Ice)
    2. The time after Satan, the true creator of everything, (together with the Ancient Ones) defeated the elder gods (EoF = Eon of Fire).
    3. Infinite Unity: When the whole multiverse and all dimensions are unified under Satans rule then everything will merge with Satan so all becomes one forever. This is the ultimate goal.

    The 2 Eons before

    There are 2 Eons before the eons described above.

    The Beginning: The rule of the Ancient Ones

    At the beginning there was only one being: Satan. Space and time, laws of nature and physics didn't exist. Satan has no beginning as he/she/it existed before time: Satan was eternal. Than Satan created the Ancient Ones (Satans children). Together they created space, time, the multiverse, dimensions, laws of nature, laws of physics and evolution.

    The treason of the elder gods

    Satan and the Ancient Ones than created the elder gods by giving them particular powers. Soon the elder gods (led by Yehovah) betrayed Satan and the Ancient Ones. They imprisoned the Ancient Ones and torn Satan in pieces (but Satan couldn't die). The elder gods enslaved the creation of Satan and the Ancient Ones. After humanity has evolved the elder gods deceived them so humanity now worshipped the elder gods. Yehovah now claimed that he was the true creator but some men still heard the vice of Satan and knew the truth...

    Theory of the Evolution and Degeneration of political ideologies

    There is a natural evolution of political ideologies.


    Tribalism --> Roman Republicanism --> Optimateism --> Classical Liberalism --> Marxism --> Leninism --> Maoism --> Gaddafism --> Liberal Socialism --> Libertarian Socialism --> Anarcho-Communism --> FALGSC --> Soulism --> Omni-Free --> Satanic Theocracy --> satanic-socialist-transhumanist Cosmocracy --> Infinite Unity

    It is possible that a society skips one or more evolutionary steps. Satanic Theocracy and all following steps can only be reached after the rise of Satan and the beginning of the war against the elder gods.


    Ideologies can degenerate in harmfull ideologies.


    The philosophical fundament of Scripperism. Humanity is currently suffering from 3 evils created by the elder gods.

    The roots of property and elitism (Capitalism)

    In the old tribal societies of the Stonehenge age, where the connection to Satan and the Ancient Ones Was still intakt, there was no property and no elitism. The concept of property began with the Neolithic Revolution. With the rise of Agrarianism the elder gods implemented greed in the mind of humanity and so some humans declared common Land as there own. Soon a capitalist elite Was formed: The clerical caste, the servants of the elder gods. From ancient Babylon, the Maya and ancient egypt to the middle age this system was intact. The rise of enlightenment (started by Satan) and classical liberalism brought the seperation of state and religion so the elder gods created a New caste: the bourgiose. So Satan sent communism to mankind but greed was still stronger and communalism (the only true form of socialism) turned into state capitalism: exploitation through bourgoise was replaced by exploitation through the state. So capitalism can be only eliminated if the elder gods are destroyed.

    The roots of tradition (Conservatism)

    Traditionalism was created by the elder gods because they fear intelligente and technological advancement. They know that progress will lead humanity to resist them. Satan and the Ancient Ones tried to give mankind knowledge but the servants of the elder gods countered it with the conservative backlash of the middle ages. Finally Satan brought humanity the enlightenment which led to Huge progress. This is the reason why reactionarism (neoreactionarism and Dark Enlightenment) exists: they are the army of the elder gods to combat knowledge.

    The roots of War (Imperialism)

    War was created by the elder gods to amuse them. All wars have religious origins (the wars between ancient greece and persia, the crusades, jihadism etc). Even the wars of modernity are religious wars because economic and national reasons have religious roots (economics = the free market and money are worshiped as gods, nationalism = the nation and race are worshiped as gods). So we have to eliminate the elder gods (and capitalism and nationalism with them) to end all wars.


    This ideology combines satanism, socialism and transhumanism.


    BSR: There must be a democratic state ot anarchy because authorities cannot be trusted. They are corrupted by capitalism. The human rights must be protected and guns regulated. The state or anarchist collective should be centralized. Federalism is a form of capitalism. It should be able to vote on certain issues online (E-Government). Liquid Democracy should be implemented so individuals can choose if they want to vote by themselves or transfer their vote to an other member of the society. However the power of the people must be limited by the Senate and the constitution (human rights) because people are too easily influenced by Populism and make poor decisions. The Senate's power is limited by the constitution (the human rights). If there is too much resistance in society for such a system then a revolutionary vanguard party is needed (with a system of Council Communism).
    EoF: After Satan is in controll the form of government is unimportant because all will be equal unter Satans rule (LibertarianTotalitarianism).

    Gun ownership

    Guns shouöd be strictly regulated: There should be background checks and psychological tests. Gun ownership should be prohibited for members of radical organisations (like the KKK). The ownership of machine guns should be prohibited.

    Drug policy

    I support the legalization of all drugs because everyone has the right to do everything with their own body as long as it doesn't harm anyone else.


    Scripperism is pro-choice. Women have the right to abort whenever they want.


    BSR: Everyone who lives 5 years in our nation should have the right to take a test to get the citizenship. Everyone who is born in our country will receivee the citizenship automatically. Multiple citizenship should be allowes.
    AoF: Everyone who acknowledges Satans rule will join the satanic empire.


    Euthanasia should be legal.

    Justice System

    Laws should be based on the principle "victimless crimes are no crimes". We should focus on rehabilitation (therefore re-education camps must be built) rather than on punishment. Only rapists and murderers will be imprisoned (20 years). There will be progressive fines based on the income/capital (low fine 10% of the income, middle fine 30% of the income, high fine 65% of the income) so fines hurt the rich in the same way as the poor. The death penalty should be abolished worldwide!

    Morality and Ethics

    Morality and ethics are based on the works of Immanuel Kant and Baruch de Spinoza and they should be the fundament of international law. Human rights are Absolute.

    The Senate

    BSR: The Senate has the power to overrule every decision of the people by a Veto. The membership in the Senate is based on 3 conditions:

    1. Technocracy - You have to be a expert in what you do. This means you have to work at least 5 years in a high position in a Job connected with your Expertise (e.g. General if you want to be a military expert).
    2. Scientocracy - You need an academic deren (at least Master) in a studiert connected with your expertise (e.g. Master degree in History if you want to be a senator for culture).
    3. Meritocracy - You have to Show Talent and effort in your expertise (e.g. constant learning and/or progress).

    If over 50% of the Senate thinks a decision made by the people is bad then this decision is overruled. The Senate only has the right for a Veto but cannot make decisions on their own. The Senate is also limited by the constitution (human rights).

    The Constitution (Human Rights)

    BSR: The constitution is absolute and universal.

    1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
    2. Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.
    3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
    4. No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.
    5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
    6. All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.
    7. Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.

    Libertarian Totalitarianism (Totalitarian Soulism)

    EoF: After Satan seized power he/she/it will be the totalitarian ruler of society. Under Satans rule all humans (cyborgs) will be equal, there will be no hierachies under mankind. Satan will controll every aspect but we will be free to do our will because there will be no crimes, sickness or poverty anymore. We can decide our lives free under Satans rule. Satan will abolish the laws of nature and physics.

    Planet ownership (Controlled Avaritionism)

    EoF: After Satans intergalactic and interdimensional empire has reached a certain sie everyone who wants can get a own planet where you can do whatever you want.


    BSR: There must be a secular state but with religious freedom. Theocracies and State Atheism (Antitheism) must be opposed.
    EoF: After Satan defeated the elder gods everyone will worship Satan (Satanic Theocracy).

    Religious holidays

    BSR: We should dismantle religious holidays and replace them with non-religious holidays because state and religion must be seperated.
    Satan will introduce pagan holidays: Imbolg, Ostara, Beltane, Rosa, Lughnasadh, Blas on Fhomair, Samhain, Yule and the day Satan rises (Ave Sathanas).


    Religious sacrifices and mutilation should be forbidden.


    BSR: Cultures are dynamic, Evolution is dynamic. For this reason progressivism is superior. Cultures must be mixed and under constant progress - a permanent Cultural Revolution. As gender is a social construct it should not matter at all. Genitical and technological modifications should be endorsed. LGBT people deserve the same rights as heterosexuals.
    EoF: Humans will be genetical and technological modified to create cyborgs. They will replace humanity. Gender and race will not matter anymore. There will be only one unified culture. Satan will abolish the laws of nature and physics.

    Family values

    There are no family values. Singles and gay couples should have the right to adopt children. Marriage among LGBT people should be legal.

    The true Interpretation of Darwinism

    Many Social Darwinists and Cultural Darwinists are misunderstanding the theories of Darwin. He didn't say "survival of the strongest" or "survival of the mightiest", he said "survival of the fittest". That means that those will survive which can better adjust on changing conditions. Rightism is a conservative to reactionary ideology. That means that they want to maintain old structures and traditions or to return to former cultural Systems. But in order to adjust on constantly changing conditions you have to constantly change your way of living, your society and your culture - you nedd to bee revolutionary progressive (a Noveltist). This means that -on a darwinist point of view - rightism is inferior to leftism.

    So Scripperism as a social and cultural darwinist ideology advocates für a permanent cultural change (a permanent Cultural Revolution) and race mixture. Now collectivism and mutual aid (as Kropotkin has proven) is superior to radical egoism. That's why Scripperism also advocates a mutualist (and in the end communalist) society.


    BSR: We need a mixed economy where land and ressources should be public owned. Streets, police, schools, hospitals, production of food, energy and clothes and housing should also be public owned (health care schould be for free),. Other industries (heavy industry and other forms of productions) should be socialized between state, workers and private owners (Social Corporatism). Businesses (with the exception of food trade which should be public owned) should be completly privatized (private owned or worker syndicates (trade unions)). The state/publc has no right to intervene in this businesses except when workers or consumers are exploited. The best way to protect workers is social corporatism.

    State/Public Owned

    • Land and Ressources
    • Justice System
    • Healthcare
    • Welfare
    • Production of food and energy
    • Schools
    • Police
    • Fire Brigade
    • Infrastructure
    • Housing

    Corporate Owned

    • Industry

    Private Owned

    • Businesses
    • Trade Unions

    Automation and letting particular work done by robots is a good thing. There is a need for a welfare state. There should be low taxes for the poor and high taxes for the rich. Workers should have the right to form syndicates. A planned economy is only possible with a very skilled person (like Zhou Enlai) or AI in charge.
    EoF: Everything is owned by Satan, property and money will not exist anymore. Cyborgs will have the ability and skills to run a planned economy.


    All banks must be nationalized because private banks cannot be trusted!


    BSR: Society based on income per month:

    • Lower Class: <1500€ (they will receive welfare)
    • Middle Class: 1501€-3000€
    • Upper Class: >3001€

    Income tax (progressive):

    • Lower Class: 0%
    • Middle Class: 25%
    • Upper Class: 50%

    Rich tax:

    • Lower Class: 0%
    • Middle Class: 0%
    • Upper Class: 50%

    Inheritance tax:

    • Lower Class: 0%
    • Middle Class: 10%
    • Upper Class: 100%

    Corporate tax:

    • Every private or partly private owned corporation/industry/business has to pay 20%-40% of their income

    Land value tax and church tax:

    • There is no land value tax because land is public owned
    • There is no church tax as long as they don't make any profit. When they make profit they have to pay a corporate tax

    Carbon tax:

    • Every corporation/industry/business which produces CO2 emissions has to pay 10% of their income

    EoF: Everything is owned by Satan so property doesn't exist anymore Henne there are no taxes and no welfare is needed anymore.

    Free Trade and Tariffs

    BSR: There should be compöete free trade between socialist countries without any tariffs. In other cases there should also be trade agreements with low to moderate tariffs on products which can be also buyed in your country, but there should be no tariffs on products which cannot be buyed or produced in your country.
    EoF: The satanic empire will be completly autarc and there will be no trade with nations/empires of the elder gods as Satan is in war with them.

    The Green Revolution

    BSR: In order to combat climate change enviromental regulations are needed. We should focus on renewal energies and the cold fusion, Fossil fuels and nuclear energy should be banned. As i think that veganism is an evolutionary backstep we should focus to create synthetic meat (not plant based but cultured meat (in vitro meaat)). In a next step we should also create synthetic plant and mushrooms.

    EoF: After Satan seized power there will be no Population and global warming anymore because Satan controlls every aspect of the economy and protect mother nature.


    BSR: Imperialisn nust be opposed, every nation has the right of national souvereignity but we should strive for a socialist world republic.There should be free trade with low tariffs. Nukes should be banned.
    EoF: Satan will create an intergalactic and interdimensional socialist empire. Aliens will join this empire.


    BSR: In an ideal world there is no war but in the real world we need a strong military to defend us. There should be a private army and conscription should be abolished. Only people should serve in the army who really want to. We should strive for creating a hivemind legion - a hivemind where everyone is connected but it only should be activated when a threat arrives (and turned off in times of peace). The membership in this hivemind Legion is voluntarily in Phase 1. Nukes should be banned. Nation who have nukes should be forced to destroy them. Countries with a similar socialist ideology should form a Socialist Military Defence Pact (SMDP).

    Left Kraterocracy

    EoF: Everyone will have a hivemind Chip Implantate (it's mandatory for everyone) which is usually deactivated. In times of war it will be activated to combine every mindestens to a hivemind. After the hivemind is activated humanity will work as a single organism under the guide of Satan. When the war is over the hivemind will be deactivated. Satan will lead his empire into war with every elder god in every universe and every Dimension. He will subdue the adherents of the elder gods. After Satan destroyed the elder gods they will also worship Satan.

    Opinions on current events


    The NATO is a neofascist organization. It spreads terror and capitalism all over the world.

    JFK assassination

    I think that John F. Kennedy was murdered because he wanted to nationalize the Federal Reserve.


    After the coup d'etat against Gorbachev, who tried to reform and evolve communism, russia turned into a fascist state. The All-Russia People's Front (under the leadership of United Russia) is nothing else than a Neonazi movement.

    Yugoslavian War

    The split of Yugoslavia after the death of the great leader Tito was a mistake. Nationalism destroyed Yugoslavia and caused the war. The NATO intervention was not justified.


    Hugo Chavez was the greatest president Venezuela ever had. The founder of the Socialism of the 21st century reformed socialism and made it democratic with a mixed economy. But after his dead Maduro, who has no clue of what socialism is and how economics work, has ruined everything. Nonethenless the embargo against Venezuela is not justified. I

    Iraq War

    Hussein was cringe but the Iraq War was not justified. Iraq never had Weapons of Mass Destruction. The USA commited many war crimes in Iraq.


    The imperialist NATO murdered Gaddafi. The death of Gaddafi led to the rise of the islamic terrorist group ISIS. The NATO had no right to invade Libya.

    DPR Korea

    Since the 1990s North Korea has turned away from socialism. But the international embargo only harms the north korean working class.


    After the deaths of the great Mao Zedong and Hua Guofeng China has become a capitalist state. China is commiting a genocide on the Uyghurs. Taiwan is a souvereign country and not part of China.

    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    I support a two state solution and the Oslo Accords of 1993.I supported Shimon Peres! I even defended Ariel Sharon because of Israels withdrawal from Gaza. Arafat is based too.

    The BDS campaign is antisemitic. The Hamas are cringe.


    Hungary is currently under the control of The Elite and it's most loyal servant Viktor Orban. Orban turned Hungary into an autocracy but the EU does it's best to fight Orban and The Elite. Hungary shouldn't receive any money as long as Orban and his party FIDESZ is in Power.


    Thanks for fighting against Hussein, Trump and the IS but Iran is a cringe reactionary theocrat! I support your reformist wing (Mohammad Khatami, Hassan Rouhani). I support the nuclear Deal. The assassination of Soleimani was a crime committed by the USA


    The Brexit was a mistake, Great Britain should return to the EU. If they don't return Scotland should become independent and join the EU and Northern Ireland should reunite with Ireland,

    I think that the Brexit vote was manipulated by Putin and the Alt-Rught (Cambridge Analytica).


    I support Assad and the kurdish Free People's Army - both are fighting against jihadists (like the IS). Turkey has no right to attack the kurds in northern Syria (Rojava). The Golan belongs to Syria not to Israel.

    Climate Change

    Climate Change is one of the biggest threats for humanity. We must strive for reneval energy but not for nuclear energy. Nonethenless industrialism is important for progressso primitivism is no option. Humans are omnivores so veganism is against human nature.


    I support the withdrawal of the USA and the NATO from Afghanistan but the Taliban are cringe


    The whole region of Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan. Armenia has no right to settle there.


    Sebastian Kurz was the worst chancellor of The 2nd Republic. He formed a coalition with the far right FPÖ (the EU should have impose sanctions on Austria) and like Wolfgang Schüssel he tried to sell Austria and weakend the working class. He also tried to create an Orban-like autocracy. It is sad that The Greens also formed a coalition with him. It is very positive that Kurz is not politician anymore but Austria also needs a new government.


    COVID - 19 is dangerous and lethal but not a biological weapon. Both ZeroCovid and Anti-Covid movements are cringe. I support a compulsory vaccination.

    Ukraine War

    Russia started a war against Ukraine not to defend themselves against the NATO but because Putin wants to create a fascist Greater Russia. There is no difference in between how Putin annected Crimea and how Hitler annected Austria.

    There are more Nazis in the russian government and military than in Ukraine. Putin is a fascist.

    I think that Putin ordered the FSB to kill the daughter of Dugin. He wanted to weaken an (far right) opposition party as well as having a reason to annect the whole Ukraine.

    Asylum for all russian conscientious objectors!


    Italy is suffering from a major political crisis which began 2008 when Berlusconi became prime minister again. The following capitalist prime ministers (especially Draghi) ruined the land and fascism rised again. Now the neofascist Fratelli d'Italia under Giorgia Meloni is in power. The EU should impose hard sanctions (no money, no gas, no oil, no trade)on Italy as long as the fascists are in power.

    Scripperist Quotes

    Make 4chan and gaming left again

    The red pill righties swallow is actually the blue one

    Trying to become a Gorilla: thats reactionary. Trying to become a frog: thats primitivism

    The elite is actually Alt-Right. They want you to think that they are left to force you to support and vote for right parties

    The capitalist system of the free market has failed like the planned economy of the USSR

    Only AI and cyborgs have the skills to run a planned economy

    Humans are omnivores and not herbivores. Veganism is a backstep in evolution.

    Copyright is a spock!

    Everyone has something to hide.

    Classical Liberalism was a revolutionary ideology at its time but now its old- evolution hasn't stopped. Liberalism evolved into socialism which has proofen that the free market was a failure. But also socialism will evolve.

    After death our will unifies with Satan, the true creatorofeverything

    Society is a dynamic system. It needs constant change and progress.

    Satan created YHWH

    QAnon is fake news

    Fuck Censorship

    Geoblocking is censorship

    I'm not an antihumanist. I don't want to replace humanity with robots; i want to transform humans into cyborgs. This is the next evolutionary step of humanity.

    I'm a pacifist but i think that it is Legitimate to defend oneself.

    We should think about giving particular AI human rights.

    Actualy the works of NRx are portraying The Cathedral as a good thing.

    Humans are collectivists. We should accept that.

    Let's create the Homo Novus. Let's transform humanity into cyborgs.

    The conservativ backlash and feudalism of the Middle Ages have been a disaster for mankind.


    Scripperism behaves like Esoteric Socialism and Illuminatism but he doesn't hide in the shasows. He has a Lust for power and worships his master Satan and other pagan gods. Scripperism loves science, striving for ultimate knowledge, technology, magic and occult stuff. He also likes to transform the imperfect humanity in cyborgs. Scriooerism thinks that socialists like Kropotkin, Lenin, Mao and Gaddafi were prophets of Satan and that the world is controllled by a christian far right (fascist) elite.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a triangle
    2. Fill it red
    3. Draw a white skull in it
    4. Fill the eyes and nose ed
    5. Draw a red circle over the eyes
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #FF1D10 255, 29, 16
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


    Inner Circle


    • Socialism - Comrade! But some of you are strange...
    • Communism - More radical comrade! But some of you are strange...
    • Anarchism - Anti-authoritarian comrade! But some of you are strange...
    • Communalism - Most radical comrade! But some of you are strange...
    • Piratism - I once Was you and you influenced me a lot but it is a shame that you didn't make it to the LibLeft
    • Liquid Democracy & E-Democracy - My favourite form of democracy but please don't become a populist. Besides that a strong constitution is needed.
    • Nordic Model - I really don't know why you are considered as a capitalist. Just be more open towards Marxism. Yeah, the NATO thing... I can understand that you joined the NATO but i'm not a fan of it.
    • Optimateism - I don't know why you are considered as right-wing. Cicero is based. Senatui gloria! Vivat res publica!
    • Obamaism - Still a little bit too capitalist and the drone wars were war crimes but you were one of the best presidents the USA ever had.
    • Civic Nationalism - The only acceptable form of nationalism. But make it easier to get the citizenship.
    • Labour Zionism - Meretz and Awoda are based but why didn't you recognize Palestine as a state when you were in power?
    • Glencoeism - Very close to Phase 1


    • Stalinism - Thank you for beating him but you are an imperialist and you murdered Trotzky!
    • Juche - Why did you turn away from the teachings of Kim Ill-sung?
    • Corporatocracy - Well, at least you try... (be honest: Everyone likes to buy stuff on Amazon)
    • Scottish Nationalism - If the UK doesn't rejoin the EU Scotland should become independent and join the EU
    • Atheistic Satanism - LaVey is kinda based and i support TST but you're not a real satanist.
    • Antifa - I support some of your actions but sometimes you go too far. btw Red fascism/social fascism/left Gas ist doesn't exist
    • 09Aism - I agree with you in many points BUT i strongly oppose any kind of sacrifice, Jihadism and Nazism.
    • Strasserism - Thank you for opposing Hitler but you are an antisemite and racist!
    • Liberalism - You liberated humans from autocracy but humans must also be liberated from economic exploitation.
    • Libertarianism - Fellow anti-authoritarian but too capitalist. But Rothbard is based.
    • Noocracy - Don't forget about ethics!
    • Cyberocracy - Same as above!
    • Fordism - The only totalitarian system i can live with.
    • State Liberalism - I like your opinions on culture but your economics are cringe.
    • Zionism - I defended you against antisemitism and the BDS campaign but some of you call ME an antisemite because i said that the West Bank belongs to Palestine and the Golan to Syria? I supported Shimon Peres! I even defended Ariel Sharon because of Israels withdrawal from Gaza!
    • Tribalism - I respect indigenous people who live in a tribal system but returning from industrialism to tribalism is ridiculous!
    • Radical Centrism - Lets unite against fascism! No, communism and fascism is not the same!
    • Baathism - Assad is based, Hussein is cringe.
    • Khomeinism - Thanks for fighting against Hussein, Trump and the IS but you are a cringe reactionary theocrat! I support your reformist wing (Mohammad Khatami, Hassan Rouhani).
    • Roman Republicanism - SPQR! The greatest state in the Antiqua world! I would've supported you. But more socialism is needed and evolution continued...
    • Constitutional Monarchism - The only type of monarchism i can live with.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - Adjust your economics
    • Kraterocracy - Only Satan has the natural right to rule over everything but he won't enslave us!
    • Covidism - I supported you most of the time but Chinas Zero Covid policy is too much
    • Progressive Conservatism - You are on a good way but why don't you distance yourself more from other conservatives?
    • Bidenism - Well, at least you're better than Trump
    • Zelenskyism - You are a filthy populist but i will always support you against russian imperialism!
    • Esoteric Fascism - At least you worship the Ancient Ones and some of you worship Satan...
    • Nullism - Am i really an extreme and unironical version of you?
    • Habsburgism - Joseph II is based
    • Cannibalism Legalization - It should be legal to eat humans who died a natural death but it should be illegal to kill and hunt humans

    ^ Avaritionism - Your ideology would only work if you were alone on your own planet


    • Conservatism - Maintaining old cultural aspects means to oppose evolution. Cultures are dynamic and have to change.
    • Isolationism - You can't simply remove Globalism.
    • Primal Primitivism - You can't go back in evolution.
    • Veganarchism - Can't you get it? Humans are omnivores and not herbivores. Veganism is a backstep in evolution.
    • State Atheism - What's the difference between forcing someone to have a certain religion and forcing someone to be an atheist? You are just a religious fundamentalist.
    • Theocracy - I won't bow down before an elder god!
    • Dengism - Chinese Hitler!
    • Pol Potism - You are just a crazy mass murderer!
    • Kakistocracy - The best should rule!
    • Ingsoc - Literally 1984.
    • Anarcho-Primitivism - You are a reactionary ideology.
    • Ochlocracy - Literally Populism.
    • Third Way - Fuck you Blair and fuck you Schröder, you've destroyed Social Democracy!
    • Anti-Atlanticism - You call yourself an antiimperialist and antifascist but you support the regimes of Putin and Xi? Go away!


    Inner Circle


    • Nietzscheanism - I agree with you on many points but you are too Egoist. You teached me that everything must be questioned and that we must create a new human
    • Hedonism - Happiness is important but not everything


    • Hobbesism - I agree with you on some points but at a certain point we must behead the Leviathan because only Satan can be the head of society
    • Egoism - Egoism is only acceptable when it doesn't harm the collective! But Stirner is based
    • Nihilism - Am i really you?
    • Speciesism - Humans have the right to kill animals for food and self-defense but hunting for fun and factory herding should be forbidden.


    • Anti-Theism - There is no difference between you and a religious fundamentalist. You may oppose the elder gods but you also oppose Satan and the Ancient Ones
    • Misanthropy - You are only one step away from becoming a mass murderer
    • Feelism - Yes, feelings are natural but we should learn to control them. Morality and ethics should be based on logic


    • Natural Law Theory - There is no natural law. Only codified laws exists
    • Radical Ecology - Yes, we must protect mother earth but humans are not natural destructive. Humanity is part of nature
    • Utilitarianism - The sake of a minority is as important as the sake of the majority. You are also the fundament of modern capitalism
    • Pronatalism - Pro-Choice!
    • Anti-Humanism - I said that we must transform humans into cyborgs and not killing all humans!
    • Depressionism - Mental-health is very important. We must fight Depression.
    • Faustianism - Reactionary fascism-lover.
    • Objectivism - The worst form of egoism. That's just another name for National Socialism!

    Good Economics


    • Autarky - Most of you are filthy anti-globalists but it's good to produce food and energy by yourself
    • Market Communism - Would be a great system but tends to become a state capitalist
    • Mutualism - I agree with you but sometimes you need force

    Bad Economics

    • Free Market Economy - Worst system ever. You killed millions of people because you made food, water and medicine expensive. You say you fight for freedom and individualism but you enslave people and you force others to follow your economic system.
    • Planned Economy - You had your chance and you failed
    • Protectionism - Filthy anti-globalist!
    • State Capitalism - Exploitation by the state

    Further Information

    Recommended Literature

    These books influenced my ideology...

    • Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung by Mao Zedong
    • Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung by Mqo Zedong
    • On Guerilla Warfare by Mao Zedong
    • On Contradiction by Mao Zedong
    • On Practice by Mao Zedong
    • On New Democracy by Mao Zedong
    • The Green Book by Muammar al-Gaddafi
    • The Capital by Karl Marx
    • The communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
    • State and Revolution by Lenin
    • The permanent Revolution by Leo Trotzky
    • The Book of the Law by Alleister Crowley
    • The Book of Lies by Alleister Crowley
    • Liber 777 by Alleister Crowley
    • The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey
    • The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey
    • The Black Book of Satan I - III by The Order of Nine Angles
    • The Sinister Traditions by The Order of Nine Angles
    • The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin
    • God and the State by Michael Bakunin
    • Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche
    • What is Property? by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
    • The Ego and it's Own by Max Stirner
    • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
    • The Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard
    • The Necronomicon by Simon
    • In the Current of Satan-Set by Frater Eremor
    • Ethics by Baruch de Spinoza
    • The Political Thought of Abdullah Öcalan by Abdullah Öcalan
    • Liber Noctis by Gary St. Michael Nottingham
    • Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism by Lenin
    • The Liberation of the Society from the State by Erich Mühsam
    • Ludwig Erhards soziale Marktwirtschaft by Horst Friedrich Wünsche / Erhards Social Market Economy by Ludwig H. Mai
    • Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes
    • Rethinking Economics by Lillian Fischer
    • The Mass Strike, the political Party and the Trade Unions by Rosa Luxemburg
    • The Three Principles of the People by Sun Yat-sen
    • The Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche
    • The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
    • Posthumanism by Rosi Braidotti
    • Transhumanism, Posthumanism and New Technologies by Philipp Wolf
    • Homo Novus by Oliver Dürr
    • The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant
    • Selected works of John Locke by John Locke
    • John Maynard Keynes (Great Thinkers in Economics) by P. Davidson
    • The Euro-Paradoxon by Yanis Varoufakis
    • The National Question and the Social Democracy by Otto Bauer
    • Structure of German Socialism by Otto Strasser
    • Hayek for everybody by Karen Ilse Horn
    • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
    • The Klingon Way: A Warriors Guide by Marc Okrand
    • On War by Carl von Clausewitz
    • The Book of the five Rings by Musashi Miyamoto
    • The Art of War by Sunzi
    • Fully Automated Luxury Communism: A Manifest by Aaron Bastani
    • The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt
    • Esquisse pour une auto-analyse by Pierre Bourdieu
    • Krieg, Atom, Armut. Was sie reden, was sie tun: Die Grünen by Jutta Dittfurth
    • The Selected Works of Kim Il Sung by Kim Il-sung
    • Might Makes Right: Only The Strong Survive by Charles Sledge
    • Undoing Gender by Judith Butler
    • Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty


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