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    Scribblism is a fascist ideology creates by ScribblyDude whose goal is to rid the world of fascism just so that he can be the only fascist ideology. His ideology itself seems to be just a superculture of several cultures merged together into 1, with the original on top and everything else equal in unity.

    Scribblism hates anarchy but respects some of their beliefs, other than anarchy itself. He dislikes communism but thinks Marx has a few good arguments at least.


    Autism: His belief on autism is that everyone has a little but it is a neutral form in between for most. He also doesn't recognize the autism spectrum as official, as his belief is that its too complex for it to be put in one

    LGBT: He is bisexual, and supports rights for them all. He doesn't see a point in hating them, especially if they've done nothing wrong really. New leaders are handpicked bisexuals or pansexuals as his belief is who better than them to continue this anti-discrimination. They are not superior or inferior, however. Though, to femboys he may have a bit of bias. Just a bit.


    Friends: Fash.png Fascism My slightly misguided father. Technically not misguided but created me. My goal is to properly show the world your ideology. Anti-Discrimination: Ok so this is weird possibly because I am fascist but you are based. Keep it up. Femboyism: YES! FEMBOY RULE OVER EARTH!!!! (please be chill) Frenemies:


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