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    Scouse Syndicalism (ScouseSynd) is a libertarian-left and culturally progressive ideology. A type of Syndicalism, ScouseSynd seeks to empower trade unions, improve workers rights, and create local jobs, with greater power devolved to the local level.

    Prevelant in the north of England (particularly Liverpool) it draws inspiration from Regionalism and its focus on putting more power in the hands of local councils, instead of centralised state power, seeking to nurture local culture and distinct regional cultural identities within a state, rather than adhering to a shared national identity.

    Scouse Syndicalism seeks to use devolution of power to local authorities to help end the class divide, and create a separate regional economy, where local trade union branches distribute the profits of local industry to the workers, based on the number of hours they have worked, and prevent government neglecting the areas of the country that vote against the status quo.

    ScouseSynd is firmly anti-monarchy, seeing royalty as a parasitic and undeserving drain on the state. ScouseSynd also supports a strong welfare system, with generous benefits to those who are unemployed or unable to work, puts an emphasis on government spending to boost employment opportunities, and takes a very firm stance against corruption in public office.



    • Syndicalism - Some people don't believe me when I say I do know me dad. Top bloke. Taught me all about protecting regional jobs and giving power to the people with trade unions. He's boss!
    • Libertarian Socialism - The working classes should be in charge of their own fate. We don't need people with degrees telling us how to make ourselves free.
    • Market Socialism - It won't be quite as equal and fair as my plan, and you don't have that same regional charm with all those big chain companies. But you're spreading the wealth to the proletariat, so fair enough.
    • Mutualism - Decent pay for decent work.
    • Anarcho-Syndicalism - Unions in charge? Boss! But a little tiny bit of state wouldn't hurt. Just a local council, or a mayor.


    • Third Way - Better than the Tories, but still a bit crap.
    • Keynesian School - I like how you're spending to create jobs, but it's still just another form of capitalism.
    • Marxism - Some of your stuff is good, but I don't like all this stuff about the intellectuals having to lead us out of the dark. Life experience >>> bits of paper that say you're smart.
    • Social Libertarianism - The welfare is appreciated, even if it's funded by growth rather than fairer tax thresholds. I like how you aren't sending the police to beat us down either. As right-wing economics goes, you're sound enough.
    • One-Nation Conservatism - As a Tory, there's a pretty low limit on how much I can like you, and my identity comes from my city rather than the country as a whole. But you did try to reduce the class divide.


    • Neoliberalism - Thatcherite crap.
    • Conservatism - Traditional hierarchies. AKA keeping your friends at the top, and leaving us all at the bottom.
    • National Liberalism - Rich boys paying no tax and singing "Rule Britannia"? No thanks.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Gives the poor next to nothing for their work, expects us to jump through hoops for them, and corrupt to the back teeth.
    • Ceremonial Monarchism - You don't do anything. You don't lead, you don't make decisions, and you're still treated like... well... royalty.
    • Thatcherism - The best thing she ever did was die.


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