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    Scorpism is the ideology of Scorpi from Mixels.

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    Thanks to Comrade TT 2022 for the template!


    State-Directed Market Socialism

    I think Market Socialism should be used but only as a means to the end, which is true state socialism. Firstly, I'll nationalize all outside corporations, as well as local stores / restaurants which have generally low reviews. I will keep everythign else, all local stores and restaurants will be kept alone but with reforms (IE there will be workplace democracy with the boss of the store/restaurant being elected every year). If a store / restaurant closes down, it will be nationalized and turned into a state-owned store. This economy will, in around 10 years, end up as state socialism, the end goal.


    Corporations are shit. Most of them have done shady things to keep in power. They must be nationalized at all costs.


    Healthcare and education will be free.





    I want everyone to have atleast enough money to live, not too rich, not too poor.


    Benevolent Dictatorship

    I support a benevolent dictatorship, which will protect people from degeneracy and crime.

    People's Democracy and Democratic Centralism

    Scorpistan will follow a people's democratic dictatorship, there will be a united front of two parties: a communist party and a socialist party (ScoRP). Together, we shall acheive socialism in Scorpistan. Note that I left out a social democratic party, since social democracy is just capitalism but with welfare. There will also be democratic centralism in Scorpistan, just like with the USSR under Lenin.  


    The Revisionist Question

    Scientific Socialism

    Revolution and Reform


    Progressivism within Cultural Standards

    While there will be progressive acheivements (like racial and gender equality, and banning harmful traditions), most harmless traditions will be kept.

    The Culture War

    The culture war is a huge fucking circus. On one side, you have SJWs, who claim to be progressive but are so fucking annoying and try to hide their anti-white racism, misandry, heterophobia, etc behind a mask of "social justice". On the other side, you have the alt-right, a bunch of obese neckbeards who sit on their musty ass computer chair in their mom's basement where they haven't seen the light of day in years, coping and seething on 4chan, and simping for 9 year olds on Discord. Yeah, it's fucking shit.


    While I am a Christian, I still prefer a secular government. The only religions that will be banned are Satanism and any sort of cult unless the cult is around Scorpi. Okay, jokes aside, cults are dangerous to humanity, especially if they're satanic, death cults, or outright terrorist groups, so they must be purged at all cost.

    Women's rights

    Women hold up half the sky. To all misogynists: why do you hate literally 50% of the human population?


    Abortion is murder. Though maybe there are a few cases where it is allowed, like teenage pregnancy (where the one who started it anyways WILL be executed because pedophiles suck ass), but other than that, abortion murders babies.


    Ehh, I don't really care that much about LGBTQ+ people. They can do whatever they want, as long as they are not SJWs, pedophiles, etc.


    Porn is shit. It turns people into coomers and simps. It shall be banned at all costs.


    I think people should be allowed to own guns to protect themselves, as long as they are above the age of 21, have no criminal record, and aren't mentally insane.

    Anti-individualism and anti-hedonism

    Individualism, especially egoism, are shitty philosophies where you only care about yourself and think you can do whatever the fuck you want. It's literally just political narcissism. Hedonism is even worse. These philosophies shall be censored in the name of collectivism (not hive-mind though).

    Race and ethnicity

    Everyone, whether they're white, black, hispanic, asian, native american, or indian, should all be treated eqaully as human beings.


    Immigration shall be extremely strict in order to prevent illegal immigrationism.

    Criminal justice and jail system

    If you commit a crime, you're gonna get punished. No matter who it is. Robbing a bank, murdering people, etc will get you imprisoned, but terrorism, rape, pedophilia, etc are even worse and will get you executed.

    The environment

    Even in an industrial-agricultural society, the environment shall be preserved. It is literally keeping us alive.


    I don't want too much propaganda in Scorpistan, but they might see a few posters here and there praising Scorpi and the revolution.

    Foreign policy

    See below.


    The two global sides of the modern day suck ass. They are both imperialistic as fuck. Long live the non-aligned movement, which btw was founded by literal gigachads like Tito, Nasser, Sukarno, etc.


    Socialist Patriotism

    Scorpistan is a nation, and an independent one indeed. I love Scorpistan, and I shall not give it up for some global world empire.

    Redefining "human rights"

    No intervention

    Imperialism and interventionism suck ass. I shall promote a "support from afar" policy, where in some wars, I shall give the side I support enough weapons for them, but I will NOT just break into their territory out of nowhere.

    Proletarian internationalism/socialism in one country?

    Views on Disputed Areas

    Kind of maybe sort of copied from Nekoqing.


    Fuck the Taliban government. We need someone like Amanullah Khan or Najibullah back to fix Afghanistan's issues.


    Lukashenko isn't all that great, but of course, the l*berals trying to overthrow him are worse.

    China and Taiwan

    Neither the CCP or Taiwan are following Sun Yat-sen's ideals (though the CCP is slightly better but still). I support a united China under left-Tridemism.

    European Union

    This is just NATO but specifically in Europe. Their anti-nationalists sentiment and imperialism towards others is why I hate them. There's a reason why even right-wing euroskeptics like Orban are popular in their countries, even with all his faults.


    The reactionary Khomeinist government is bad, thought I wouldn't support a Pahlavist one either.


    Even if Saddam was horrible, that doesn't mean that Neocons should just come raze the country down. We need someone like Abd al-Karim Qasim back, if not even better.


    The fact that Ireland is even somewhat allies with Bri'ish people is just absolutely shitty. Ireland needs to be a united independent socialist republic.


    I don't hate their people, but their government absolutely needs to go. I have no clue why Japan is still under an empire even after WWII.


    Both are bad. That's it. One's a hellhole and one's a western puppet. Can we go back to the Korean People's Republic under Lyuh Woon-hyung please?


    Kind of a similar situation to Iraq. Even though Gaddafi had his faults, I'd rather the Jamahiriya than the war-torn shithole the country is now. I support the re-establishment of the Jamahiriya.


    The NLD has done absolutely nothing to solve the issues left behind from Ne Win's regime (aka Kampuchea but in Myanmar). I still won't support the Tatmadaw though.

    Nazi Asshole Terrorist Organization

    Is NATO actually just trying its best to be the next Nazi Germany or something? They've bombed and killed millions in the name of "freedom".


    Free Palestine, especially from that genocidal bitch Netanyahu.


    All sides in the Syrian Civil War are cringe. There's the self-proclaimed "Ba'athists" who completely stray away from Aflaq's original progressive socialist ideology into something similar to monarcho-capitalism (not to mention that they suck up to Putinoid imperialists), there's the neocon-backed l*berals, and then finally we have Jihadist terrorists. Syria needs a leader who follows Michel Aflaq's form of Ba'athism to rule the country and fix all its problems.


    Turkey absolutely 100% needs someone like Atatürk back. Fuck Erdogan and his reactionary imperial regime.

    If You Were Wondering...

    Yes, I am Justaborrito. I was recently exposed to progressivism again, so...yeah lol.

    Political Inspirations

    Political Music

    Political Timeline

    • Until 2022 (////)
    • Early 2022 (//)
    • Early to Mid 2022 (///)
    • Mid to Late 2022 (//)
    • Late 2022 to Mid 2023 (////)
    • Mid to Late 2023 (////)
    • Late 2023 - Present (////)

    User Test

    Civic Axis

      • Anarchist (-10)
      • Libertarian (-5)
      • Civically Moderate (0)
      • Authoritarian (+10)
      • Totalitarian (-10)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • Direct Democracy (0)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (0)
      • Representative Democracy (0)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+10)
      • Anti-Democracy (+5)

    Economic Axis

      • Communist (+5)
      • Socialist (+10)
      • Corporatist / State Capitalist (same fucking shit) (-10)
      • Capitalist (-10)
      • Anti-Economy (-10)

    Diplomatic Axis

      • Globalist (-10)
      • World Federalist (-10)
      • Cosmopolitan (-10)
      • Internationalist (-5)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Patriotic (+10)
      • Nationalist (+10)
      • Chauvinist (-10)
      • Racial / Ethno-Nationalist (-10)


      • Western (-10)
      • Non-Aligned (+10)
      • Eastern (Cold War) (-5)
      • Eastern (Modern Day) (-10)

    Cultural Axis

      • Revolutionary (0)
      • Progressive (+5)
      • Reformist (+10)
      • Syncretic (+10)
      • Conservative (-5)
      • Traditionalist (-10)
      • Reactionary (-10)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-10)
      • Primitivist (-10)
      • Pre-Industrial (-10)
      • Deceleration (-5)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Acceleration (+5)
      • Automated (0)
      • Transhumanist (0)
      • Posthumanist (-5)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (-10)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-10)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Industrialist (+10)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-10)
      • New Mass Extinction (-10)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (+10)
      • Non-engagement (+10)
      • Intervention (-10)
      • Irredentism (-10)
      • Revachism (-10)
      • Jingoism (-10)

    Religion Axis

      • Literally any religion (0)
      • Irreligion (-5)
      • Satanism (-10)


    What Political Figure Do I Remind You Of?

    Marshal Tito + Thomas Sankara + Gamal Abdel Nasser + Bung Karno -

    Raul Castro - IDK Thought




    • Marxism-Leninism - Fellow comrade, but stop being so anti-nationalist. Also, we both have differing end goals: You want stateless, classless, and moneyless world communism while I want classless state socialism in one nation. Similar, but not the same. I still support you abroad, though.
    • National Communism - Same as above, but better since you're a nationalist.
    • Agrarian Socialism - Can work in some of the more agricultural areas where industrialism isn't really needed.
    • Democratic Socialism - I like you, especially your authoritarian and revolutionary variants, but sometimes true socialism can't be built within the limitations of a l*beral democracy.
    • Christian Communism, Christian Socialism, and Liberation Theology - If right-wing Christians actually read the Bible, they wouldn't be right-wingers.



    • Conservative Socialism - I used to be you, but then I realized that progress was needed in order to achieve true socialism. I get wanting to keep traditions, but some of you are near-reactionary or just straight up annoying.


    • Totalitarianism - Authoritarianism is good, but this goes too far.
    • Ingsoc - Somehow even worse than the above...
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Wanting to overthrow capitalist dictatorships is great, but your methods of doing so, like terrorism, are cringe as fuck.
    • Italian Left Communism - "Um, akthshually, I'm the only real socialist, you are all social democrats." Shut the hell up. You are almost exactly like far-right neckbeards, except instead of sitting on a musty ass computer chair doing nothing but coping on 4chan and simping for 9 year-olds, you sit on your musty ass armchair doing nothing but reading theory and calling almost everyone you don't like a "social democrat".
    • Developed Socialism - Imperialists from the other side!
    • Conservatism - Wanting to keep tradition is good but you take it too far.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - You lag behind times, it's time to progress!
    • Paleoconservatism - Maybe slightly better than him in terms of anti-imperialism, but your still cringe, plus some of your followers are just straight up neo-fascists.
    • Neoconservatism - What you're doing is like breaking into someone's home to stop domestic abuse only to support the abusive husband.
    • Reactionaryism - "Hurr durr progress bad, but my sigma male little dark age edits good" Shut the fuck up. You have done nothing good for society.
    • Reactionary Socialism - Fake socialist, since in the end you just want feudalism like he does.
    • Feudalism - Literally economic reactionaryism!
    • Monarchism - There are few good monarchs like Amanullah Khan who actually did good things for their people, but most of you are just fatasses doing absolutely nothing and letting their countries worsen.
    • Neo-Ottomanism - This is why we need someone like Atatürk to rule Turkey again.
    • Corporatism and State Capitalism - Hierarchies and no markets are just 💀. Also, aren't you two just the same thing?
    • Theocracy - Don't force your religion on people, just let them believe in whatever they want (as long as it's not Satan).
    • State Atheism - Not any different than the above. "Um, akthshually, god does not exist, in this moment I am euphor-" Shut up, neckbeard.
    • Capitalism - No explanation.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - There are maybe some decent authcaps like Kagame and LKY, but most of you are just shitty.
    • Corporatocracy - What a fucking nightmare...
    • Plutocracy - Fuck you. Plus, many of you are narcissists.
    • Social Democracy - Succdem, lol. (I like your brother).
    • Capitalist Communism - I'm not you! Or am I?
    • Globalism - No thanks, I want to keep my national identity and not be some part of world empire.
    • Imperialism - Literally the above! I hate you with every fibre of my being.
    • Neo-Imperialism - Get in the pit.
    • Kleptocracy - Fuck corruption!
    • Welfare Chauvinism - Why welfare only for your nation?
    • Ethnonationalism and Racial Nationalism - The bad kinds of nationalism
    • Fascism - Ew.
    • Nazism - Double ew.
    • Esoteric Fascism - Triple ew.
    • Clerical Fascism and Positive Christianity - What kind of Bible were you guys reading bro 💀.
    • Jihadism - ...and what kind of Quran were you reading?
    • National Bolshevism - You really think I'll support you just because you're socialist? Fuck no.
    • National Capitalism - Bruh.
    • Alt-Right - Neckbeards who sit on their musty ass computer chair, cope and seethe on 4chan and haven't seen the light of day in 5 years.
    • Alt-Lite - his more moderate brother. Still pretty cringe.
    • Liberalism - L*beral.
    • Neoliberalism - DEATH TO IMPERIALISTS!
    • Liberal Socialism - Some of you, like Dubček, are quite based, but most of you are socialist / liberal hawks or just straight up SJWs.
    • Liberal Feminism - A more moderate SJW.
    • SJW - "Oh my god uhhhh white people bad uhhhh #kill all men uhhhhh straight bad uhhhhhh" Shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up. You are the reason why progressivism has such a bad name.
    • Pink Capitalism - The above but worse.
    • State Liberalism - The above but EVEN WORSE.
    • Fourth Theory - Just because I hate liberals does not mean I like you, Putinoid imperialist.
    • Libertarianism - I tread wherever I like lmao.
    • Libertarian Socialism - The above but maybe slightly better.
    • Anarchism - Even worse than lolbert.
    • Anarcho-Communism - Anarkiddie.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Pedophile.
    • Anationalism - Esperanto as a language is unique, but this is just disgusting. Globalism, anti-nationalism, anarchism, forcing people to give up their native language just to learn Esperanto, just what the fuck?
    • Illegalism - Go to jail.
    • Agorism - Same as above. Jesse, we need to cook.
    • Insurrectionary Anarchism - Fucking terrorists...
    • Cultism - Bruh what lmao. Ignore that I have a personal semi-cult around Scorpi....
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - This is NOT what I meant when I said I was a collectivist.
    • Social Darwinism - Just kill yourself already.
    • Kraterocracy - Same with you.
    • Kakistocracy - Worst ideology ever, wanting to make sped people with 5 IQ rule a country is such a dumbass move (literally).
    • Avaritionism - No, scratch that, you're the worst fucking ideology in existence. An ancap who unironically supports mass murder just to get rich, like what the actual fuck. Those that follow this ideology are edgelords with no friends.


  • Anti-Capitalism - Fight against the hierarchical oppressive system of capitalism!
  • Anti-Anarchism - Anarchism doesn't and will never work.
  • Anti-Dengism - Deng and his successors are capitalists in red paint. (Hu Jintao was based though).
  • Anti-Putinism - Putin is an imperialist who is no better than neoconservatives.
  • Anti-Imperialism - Death to imperialism!
  • Anti-Totalitarianism - Totalitarianism goes way too far with authoritarianism and is the cause of millions of deaths in history.
  • Anti-Atlanticism - Death to NATO imperialism!
  • Anti-Liberalism - Hehe, l*berals 🍷.
  • Anti-Zionism - Zionists are just apartheid neo-fascists.
  • Anti-Racism - If you're racist, then you have below 10 IQ.
  • Meh

    • Anti-Fascism - Antifa is cringe, but still... death to fascism!
    • Left Anti-Communism - Nasser and some other left anti-coms were based but you're still pretty suspicious.
    • Anti-Americanism - If you hate the government, that's cool. But if you hate the people, then...why? Though, sometimes, I joke about how 'muricans are bad at geography and have an attraction towards McDonalds and guns
    • Francophobia - Same as above. Hehe, fr*nch people
    • Anglophobia - Also same as above. Hehe, bri'ish "food"
    • Anti-Atheism - I can understand that some atheists can be cringe and also state atheism does suck, but you gotta understand that not all of them are bad. Also, most of you are reactionary theocrats and are too hostile towards secularism.
    • Anti-Stalinism - I get that you hate totalitarianism, but many of you are Tr*tskyites.


    • Anti-Christmasism - Bro, wtf? Christmas is the best holiday ever, why are you so rude?


  • Communitarianism - Humanity as a species would've failed if it weren't for community.
  • Utilitarianism - Wanting to make everyone happy is extremely based.
  • Egalitarianism - Everyone, regardless or race, gender, nationality, etc is equal.
  • Collectivism - Humans are a collective species.
  • Revolutionism - Long live the revolution!
  • Meh


    • Narcissism - "sHuT uP i'M bEtTeR tHaN yOu" How about YOU shut the fuck up?
    • Individualism - Why is narcissism here again?
    • Egoism - Literally Snoof!
    • Hedonism - The worst individualist ideology.
    • Nihilism - Get some fucking help instead of just standing around cutting yourself and saying shit like "oh my god uhhh life sucks uhhh I'm so depressed uhhh"


  • (100/100) - Long live the New World Federation!
  • DragonRed (98/100) - You know, you're the least bad Stalinist I've seen on polcompball (besides Nekoqing, who I see you've taken a lot of inspiration from as well). However, stop liking Putin and Deng so much. Other than that, you're quite based.
  • (93/100) - Seems to be a WIP page so not that much going on but other than that you're quite based. Could be less pro-eastern, though.
  • (80/100) - Quite based, could be a bit more auth though.
  • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism (68/100) - Quite based for a corporatist.
  • Trentoism (96/100) - Very based, comrade. (Why do you like ancoms, though?)
  • Meh

    Not that good, but not an enemy either.

    • Meowxism (66/100) - Okay, you would've been based.... if you weren't a totalitarian hardline anti-revisionist state atheist Stalinist. But socialism and environmentalism are cool, same as the progressivism. Just tone down a bit.
    • Niiloism (42/100) - Is this even an actual self-insert, or just a LARP based off of a Youtuber?
    •  Bread and Circuses Thought (?/100) - Pretty small ideology, I get wanting to let people be satisfied but ehhhhh idk.
    • Jadedism (57/100) - Please be less capitalist and stop sympathizing with people like Assad and Saddam, but other than that you're kinda based. But why do you hate market socialism?
    • Humanitarian Socialism
      (65/100) - Drop the libertarianism and anti-nationalism and you will be based.
    • Genosse Owens Thought (63/100) - There are some good things about you like supporting democratic centralism, but you're too progressive and also anti-nationalism, totalitarianism, and state atheism are cringe but other than that you're kinda based. (Why do you dislike people's democracy tho)
    • Post-Owensism (62/100) - The above but weirder.
    • Belousism (53/100) - I mean, maybe? At least you aren't a misanthrope. But why do you call yourself a socialist if you're not even AuthLeft? And why do you like nazbol and strasserism but hate normal nazism which is just the same thing but not socialist?
    • Lavenism (65/100) - You have some good ideas like national communism, but why on god's holy green earth are you a goddamned Br*zhnevite? Also, you're too conservative.
    • EWBR2006ism (41/100) - I love your non-alignedism and anti-pedo extremism, but economically you're way too moderate and too liberal.
    • BasedSnowFlakeism (45/100) - Libertarianism and individualism are cringe. Better than normal fascism but still.
    • Sarahism (45/100) - Kemalism is based, but anti-auth is bad and you could be a bit more leftist. Also, why do you support people like Willy Brandt and Francois Mitterand?


    If you're here, then you're either a fascist, a capitalist, or an anarchist.

    • Temujin Leeism (29/100) - Um, excuse me, what the actual fuck? And if this isn't an ironic larp, then I think you should kinda maybe sort of get some help.
    • (26/100) - An*rchist.
    • (21/100) - Same as above and the globalism makes it worse.
    • (23/100) - Ew, a globalist, liberal, and a neocon. Wait, how are you a nationalist and a globalist at the same time? Makes no sense. Though you do have some based opinions, like on SJWs and abortion, but even then, l*beral.
    • Neo-Optimateism (6/100) - Wtf
    • Ego-Stalinism (7/100) - Average 16 year-old edgelord.
    • Avata Thought (30/100) - An*rchist. Also, this "positive kraterocracy" thing, why is it inspired by SJWism?
      • - Because it's entire thing is being against strongmen and oppression. Thats why it's also communist/anti-economics instead of capitalist, anarchist, etc.
    • Terekhofism (24/100) - R**ctionary, maybe a few good points but still.
    • Danielism (7/100) - A literal fascist, though at least you aren't racist and are against nazism, but still.
    • Schumacherianism (////) (1/100) - Libshit, Kaczynskioid, unironic social darwinist, globetard, pro-abortion, I could go on. You are my complete opposite (well almost because you're atleast progressive and environmentalist but even then you're WAY too progressive and environmentalist). Also, it's fucking hilarious that you claim to hate oxymorons yet you take inspiration from Lenin despite being a rightoid.
    • (5/100) - Yet another Kaczynskitard, though at least you're a leftist unlike the above, but still.
      • - I am a biomechanicalist. I am pro-tech. I am anti-govtech and anti-corptech and pro-biotranshumanism/technogaianism. It's hard to exactly describe.
    • Bapiysm (26/100) - *sigh* Just another neocuck to add to the list. At least you hate pedos, and narcissism, and imper- hey wait a minute.
    • CHROMATISM (26/100) - I like your welfarism, environmentalism, and progcon, but everything else about you sucks.

    IRL Figures

    • Huey P Newton (95/100) - Socialist hero who fought against McCarthyism, very based.
    • Fred Hampton (95/100) - Same as above.
    • Angela Davis (84/100) -
    • Emiliano Zapata (93/100) -
    • Jacobo Arbenz (82/100) - The only good social democrat, since your education/healthcare reforms, distributing land to peasants, etc. are based as hell.
    • Augusto Cesar Sandino (88/100) - Leading your people to fight against imperialism is based.
    • Carlos Fonseca (94/100) - It's a shame you died so early, because Nicaragua would've probably been a lot better under you than it is under Ortega.
    • Omar Torrijos (85/100) - Caring for your people in Panama is extremely based, so is nationalizing the canal.
    • Micheal Manley (89/100) -
    • José Martí (96/100) - Based for freeing Cuba from imperialists.
    • Jean-Jacques Dessalines (83/100) - Tore down the French colonial legacy in Haiti and brough it forward, very based.
    • Maurice Bishop (91/100) - Forward ever, backward never! It's a shame that those counterrevolutionaries destroyed what you did in Grenada with Neocons adding insult to the injury.
    • Túpac Amaru II (84/100) - Spent his life protecting his people from imperialism. You and Amanullah Khan are the only good monarchists.
    • Jose Carlos Mariategui (83/100) -
    • Juan Velasco (86/100) - Another anti-imperialist warrior who was sadly overthrown by imperialism.
    • Victor Jara (80/100) -


    • Koča Popović (81/100) - Supported anti-imperialist movements worldwide and was against both the west and east, very based.
    • Josip Broz Tito (97/100) - My 2nd favorite historical leader (behind Sankara). Liberated your people from Ustašist tyranny, rejected both NATO and the Warsaw Pact, founded the NAM, introduced worker's self-management, and held Yugoslavia together for decades. What a gigachad.
    • Edvard Kardelj (93/100) - Helped set up Yugoslavia's non-aligned policy, which is based. Not sure why Tito purged you, though.
    • John Maclean (92/100) -
    • James Connolly (97/100) - Same as above.
    • Olof Palme (94/100) - The only based Swedish politician.
    • Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev (84/100) -


    North Africa / Middle East

    Asia / Oceania

  • Abraham Lincoln (76/100) - The best American president, aside from l*beralism but it's understandable since socialism wasn't popular in the US until later on.
  • W.E.B. Du Bois (72/100) - Quite based, but why do you support Imperial Japan?
  • Gus Hall (73/100) - Bill of Rights socialism is definitely what America needs, but why did you back the Brezhnevite invasion of Afghanistan?
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (68/100) - The Civil Rights movement is extremely based, though supporting Zionism is cringe, also communism isn't always anti-Christian.
  • Lazaro Cardenas (75/100) - You were the best president of Mexico, and I would've put you in Based tier, but why did you harbour Tr*tsky?
  • Subcomandante Marcos (64/100) -
  • Andrés Manuel López Obrador (76/100) - Please be less incompetent and I might support you.
  • Raul Castro (70/100) - Continued the good things that Castro did, and actually you're kind of an improvement over him. But you were too chummy with Putin.
  • Miguel Diaz-Canel (68/100) - Same as above. Please stop supporting Putin and then I may support you.
  • Toussaint Louverture (70/100) - Father of Haiti's independence, based. But monarchism and conservatism are cringe.
  • Juan Bosch (73/100) - Taking down that pedophile dictator Trujillo was based, but you're too moderate and too liberal.
  • Gustavo Petro (67/100) - Too moderate, though I get you have to be in order to try an accomplish socialism in a corrupt, political environment like Colombia, one plagued by neoliberalism.
  • Simón Bolívar (73/100) - Long live Gran Colombia! But why did you invade Peru?
  • Evo Morales (79/100) - I love what you did in Bolivia, but what the fuck is this? Someone, please give me the context to this because I genuinely want to know what the fuck happened for this to exist.
  • João Goulart (62/100) - Improving Brazil's living conditions and economy is extremely based, but you're still too moderate.
  • Leonel Brizola (70/100) - Too moderate but otherwise based.
  • José Rodrígues Gaspar de Francia (72/100) - Freed Paraguay from imperialist chains, which is based but you do need to calm the fuck down. Also why mandatory race mixing?
  • Fernando Lugo (70/100) - Quite based, but why do you recognize Taiwan?
  • Che Guevara (73/100) -
  • Néstor Kirchner (64/100) - I love what you did in Argentina, but you should've taken a radical turn left. Also, Peronism is iffy, but understandable.
  • Salvador Allende (72/100) - While you did fail economically, you're still billions of times better than Penisshit.
  • Europe

    • Giusseppe Garibaldi (74/100) - Helping to unify Italy is based, but some of your ideas (like l*beralism) are iffy.
    • Erich Honecker (72/100) - Br*zhnevite, but you did improve living conditions in East Germany which is based.
    • Jeremy Corbyn (67/100) - Probably the only based modern British politician. But some of your political allies are questionable.
    • Edward Gierek (71/100) - Don't really like some of your economic failures, but other than that you're quite based.
    • Klement Gottwald (76/100) - Probably one of the least bad Stalinists, as Czechoslovakia actually saw improvements under you. Plus, people's democracy is based.
    • Alexander Dubček (64/100) - Too liberal, however I still support you against social imperialism.
    • Vladimir Lenin (70/100) - Your NEP greatly influenced me and you are my favorite Soviet leader, however anti-nationalism and state atheism are cringe, and you're a bit too progressive for my taste.


    • Samora Machel (78/100) - Another actually decent Brezhnevite, since you did good things in Mozambique and contributed to the fall of Ian Smith, based.
    • Seretse Khama (67/100) - Capitalism is cringe, but being against Apartheid and developing your nation is actually quite based. I say you're the least bad capitalist.
    • Sam Nujoma (68/100) - Based for fighting against apartheid, but why did you turn into a succdem later on?
    • Agostinho Neto (68/100) - Freed Angola from S*lazarism but you're just another Br*zhnevite.
    • Julius Nyerere (74/100) - Great job overthrowing Idi Amin and creating Tanzania what it is today. However, you're too liberal and not that great with the economy.
    • Marien Ngouabi (65/100) - Improved healthcare and literacy in the PR Congo and helped fight against Mobutu. Based, but what's up with the near ethnopluralism?
    • Mathieu Kérékou (63/100) - Economic failures are bad, but other than that you're actually kind of based.
    • Ahmed Sékou Touré (76/100) - Don't really like your economic failures and I think you took it too far with Camp Boiro, but other than that you're kinda based and quite similar to Nkrumah.
    • Léopold Sédar Senghor (77/100) - I like what you did in Senegal, but you're too chummy with the West.
    • Modibo Keïta (70/100) - Don't like some of your economic failures, but I do like how you pushed for pan-africanism against fr*nch imperialism.
    • Ibrahim Traoré (68/100) - I really hope you finish what Sankara started, but can you please for the love of god stop allying yourself with Putin and become neutral like Sankara did.
    • Abdourahamane Tchiani (68/100) - Same as above, but for Niger.

    North Africa / Middle East

    • Reza Shah (71/100) - Anti-communism is bad but I still prefer Iran under you that under your son or the Islamic Republic.

    Asia / Oceania

    • Mohammed Zahir Shah (73/100) - Trying to continue Amanullah Khan's path is based, but you're an irrdentist and had some economic failures as well.
    • Muhammad Najibullah (74/100) - Brezhnevite, but probably the least bad one.
    • Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (70/100) - Best leader Pakistan ever had, but your "socialism" is kinda just state capitalism, and you had some failures here and there.
    • Solomon Bandaranaike (72/100) - Why ethnonationalism?
    • Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (65/100) - I love how you freed Bangladesh and your political views are quite similar to mine. If only you weren't so corrupt...
    • Pushpa Kamal Dahal (71/100) - Overthrew the feudal Nepali monarchy and implemented great reforms for the nation. Your People's War was an actual People's War and not just straight up terrorism. However, you don't seem to be doing much to implement socialism in Nepal...
    • Long Yun (75/100) - A warlord, but probably one of the only good ones as you made great reforms in Yunnan.
    • Zhou Enlai (70/100) - I think you would've been a much better Chinese communist leader than Mao, and opposing the Cultural Revolution is based. However, sympathizing with Pol Pot is cringe (even if you didn't know how insane he was at the time.)
    • Hua Guofeng (77/100) - Titoism and national communism are based, but why do you support people like Pol Pot and Ceausescu?
    • Hu Jintao (63/100) - Probably the least bad Dengoid. Helped improve technology in China and cracked down on corruption. Probably my favorite CCP leader. Thought, of course, you're way too moderate (but I blame Jiang Zemin for that).
    • Lyuh Woon-hyung (69/100) - Wanting a United Socialist Korea is based, and I'd rather you over the Kim Family or any South Korean leader. But you're too conservative for my liking.
    • Tetsu Katayama (68/100) - Probably the only good Japanese pm, since you wanted to rebuild Japan after WW2. But why are you an anti-auth?
    • Inejiro Asanuma (74/100) - Your class colalborationism and ties with Showa imperialism are why you are down here, but other than that you were extremely based. You did not deserve to be killed.
    • Chiang Ching-kuo (75/100) - Your economy is good, but you were a bit chummy with the west and too conservative. Still the only good leader of the illegitimate state known as Taiwan.
    • Truong Chinh (79/100) - Don't like some of your failures, but you had some really good programs.
    • Nguyễn Văn Linh (67/100) - Doi Moi is bad, but I get that you had to solve the issues left behind by Le Duan. Vietnamese Hu Jintao.
    • Nguyễn Phú Trọng (65/100) - I like what you're doing in Vietnam, so I might support you, but you're too conservative and you need to take a sharp turn left NOW.
    • Kaysone Phomvihane (68/100) - Don't really like your state capitalism and Christophobia, but overthrowing the Lao monarchy was based.
    • Pen Sovan (63/100) - Nationalism, overthrowing Piss Pot, based. But like Heng Samrin, albeit better but still, you were a bit too obedient to Le Duan.
    • Pridi Banomyong (72/100) - Liberal, but you did back socialism across the world which is based.
    • U Nu (70/100) - Same as below.
    • Aung San (70/100) - Hero of Myanmar's independence from Britain. But collaborating with Imperial Japan was bruh (even if you defected later on).
    • Ben Chifley (74/100) - Fighting against imperial Japan was based and so was some of your reforms in Australia, but supporting Zionism and Anti-Auth is just 💀.
  • George Washington (57/100) -
  • Thomas Jefferson (52/100) - Liberalism and owning slaves is bad, but other than that you're alright I guess.
  • Teddy Roosevelt (52/100) - Progressivism, nationalism, and environmentalism are quite based. You would be in the same tier as Lincoln if you weren't a goddamn imperialist.
  • Franklin D Roosevelt (52/100) - Internment camps, l*beralism, and supporting shitheads like Rafael Trujillo is cringe, but other than that you're kinda based. You were probably the last decent US president.
  • Huey Long (44/100) - Wanting to care for the common man is based, but anti-communism isn't.
  • Malcom X (54/100) - Maybe better than MLK in terms of economics, but racial separatism will NOT give blacks equal rights, actually it won't give anyone equal rights, it'll just make everyone more racist. Leaving the Nation of Islam was a good move, but you still happened to keep some of your previous views even then, hence why I prefer MLK.
  • Bernie Sanders (50/100) - Maybe the best choice for America right now, but pro-abortion and zionism are just 💀. Also, why do you endorse wokeism?
  • Fidel Castro (52/100) - Liberating Cuba from the state liberal dictator known as Autista is extremely based, but supporting nazcaps like Franco and Videla, as well as being a Khrushchevite / Brezhnevite, is quite cringe. You're kinda like the Gaddafi of Latin America.
  • Forbes Burnham (57/100) - Based for freeing Guyana from colonialism and supporting third world anti-imperialist movements, but why on god's green fucking earth did you repress the working class (despite claiming to be a socialist yourself)?
  • Hugo Chavez (58/100) -
  • Rafael Correa (50/100) - Your policies helped reduce poverty in Ecuador. Good! But you're too corrupt, too conservative, and you should really move away from Putin.
  • Getulio Vargas (54/100) - Kinda alright, but you were a bit corrupt and too leaning towards social fascism. Plus, corporatism is cringe, you should've taken the socialist pill.
  • Lula da Silva (55/100) - Too corrupt, too liberal, and too dependent on Putin. Better than Bitchsonaro, but still.
  • Dilma Rousseff (53/100) - The above, but slightly worse due to being incompetent.
  • Gabriel Boric (59/100) - I do like maybe some of the things you advocate for, but libertarianism is not at all the way to do it. PLus, you don't really seem to live up to some of your promises. Better than most modern Chilean politicans, but still.
  • Europe

    • Georgi Dimitrov (56/100) - Good job for freeing Bulgaria from Tsarist tyranny! Though wanting to attack the Turkish strait is bad, and you are pretty anti-Tito (even if kinda understandable but still).
    • Enver Hoxha (55/100) -
    • Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej (51/100) - The best Romanian leader. Sending Antonescu to Hell, getting rid of Fascism and developing the country is great. But still, being both a Stalinist and a Khrushchevite, and backing the invasion of Hungary is bad.
    • Matyas Rakosi (54/100) - Good for getting rid of the Hungarist regime, though some of your policies were failures, and you are just yet another Stalinist puppet.
    • Imre Nagy (57/100) - You had some good ideas like being against Soviet social imperialism, but you're way too liberal, and kind of bad with the economy. Even then, the invasion of Hungary was not justified at all.
    • János Kádár (55/100) - Being a Khrushchevite social imperialist is horrible, but you did improve living conditions in Hungary which is based.
    • Walter Ubricht (56/100) - Wanted to improve Germany and the NÖS was based. Berlin Wall was meh, and later on you allied with Soviet imperialists and kinda failed with the economy.
    • Alexander Lukashenko (48/100) - Good for trying to solve issues in your country using market socialism, but you need to stop being so corrupt. Also, you're too conservative, and a Putinoid puppet.
    • Boleslaw Bierut (50/100) - Good job freeing Poland from the Nazis. Stalinism is of course iffy, but understandable, and I think you were a bit too harsh.
    • Wojciech Jaruzelski (55/100) - Another decent Brezhnevite, but why did you turn into a succdem later on?
    • Joseph Stalin (57/100) - Okay, there's good things about you and then there's bad things about you. The good about you is industrializing the USSR in only a few decades (something that took many non-socialist countries hundreds of years to do), creating Marxism-Leninism which helped liberate many socialist countries around the world, and fighting against Nazism. But then there's the bad things, like totalitarianism and the mass amount of people dying, as well as the near-social imperialism. Also, the whole Holodymyr thing is just bounced back and forth so much that I don't even know if it's real or not. Still prefer you over Trotsky and the social imperialists after you.
    • Gennady Zyuganov (51/100) - Some of your views are based, but you're too conservative. Also, you're leaning too much towards capitalism, and you need to stop supporting Putin.


    • Nelson Mandela (50/100) - Freed South Africa from Apartheid, which is extremely based. However, you're too liberal, and failed to fix issues like AIDs when you were in power. Plus, some of the things you did before 1990 is suspicious to say the least.
    • Milton Obote (59/100) - Corruption and economic mismanagement is cringe, but other than that you're okay.
    • Jaafar Nimeiry (55/100) - Too conservative and had some economic failures, but other than that you're alright.

    North Africa / Middle East

    • Muammar Gaddafi (59/100) - Backing terrorist groups like the Shining Path and PKK is extremely cringe, and so is Libya's economy slowly turning capitalist after the Cold War, but other than that you were a great leader for Libya, and I prefer the country under you than what it is now.
    • David Ben-Gurion (49/100) - The reason why the settler colonial ethnostate known as Israhell exists today and an arabophobe, however, I do appreciate the Kibbutz system and your socialist model of development of the Zionist entity. The only good Israeli politician; but still, Free Palestine, Allah willing.

    Asia / Oceania

    • Mahatma Gandhi (54/100) - I mean you did help India win independence, but you're too soft on British imperialists and capitalists. Plus, your initial anti-black racism is just 💀
    • Jawaharlal Nehru (53/100) - Way too liberal and kind of bad with the economy, but other than that you were a somewhat good leader for India because of Non-Alignedism, secularism, etc.
    • Subhas Chandra Bose (58/100) - Why are you an axis collaborationist? Even then, you're probably the least bad of all them.
    • Indira Gandhi (56/100) - Had great economics and freeing Bangladesh is based, but corruption and Islamophobia is a hell no.
    • Mao Zedong (59/100) -
    • Chen Yun (55/100) - Sure, being against the Cultural Revolution is based, but you're still too culturally right and barely even socialist.
    • Bo Xilai (46/100) - I like how you wiped out crime in Chongqing, but you're still a dengist, so... yeah. Also, why the hell do you support people like Jiang Zemin and Henry Kissinger?
    • Yumjaagin Tsedenbal (47/100) - Some of your reforms are good, but Brezhnevism, really? And purging nationalists, really?
    • Kim Il-Sung (58/100) - Probably the most decent North Korean leader, since the country was actually kind of good under you, and your support for anti-imperialists worldwide is based, but then you created the inheritance system which would fuck the country later on, also being kind of a Brezhnevite (even if you had to).
    • Ikki Kita (46/100) - Actually, not that bad. Sure, being a Showatard imperialist is cringe, but at least you're a socialist, plus supporting Sun Yat-sen is very based.
    • Heng Samrin (52/100) - Great job helping to overhtrow that vicious Satanic fascist known as Pol Pot, but you're still too dependent on Le Duan and didn't really do anything to improve Cambodia.
    • Rodrigo Duterte (53/100) - Slaughtering terrorists? BASED! Drawing the Philippines away from the US? BASED! Social fascism and Dengism? CRINGE AS FU-
    • John Curtin (54/100) - Cringe for leaning succdem and keeping Australia's racial policies, but you did have some good reforms.
    • Gough Whitlam (49/100) - Had some positive reforms for Australia, but you're not really the smartest in economics. Plus, you're still a succdem, and why did you support Pinochet?
  • Donald Trump (20/100) -
  • Daniel Ortega (38/100) - I hate the Somozas too, but wtf are you doing? You're extremely corrupt to the point you became unpopular in your own party.
  • Juan Peron (38/100) - Wanting to care for the common man is based, but that's probably the only good I can say about you. Harbouring Nazis and Ustašas is just absolutely shit and so was that affair you had with a 14-year-old girl. Basically a slightly worse version of Huey Long.
  • Europe

    • Ioannis Metaxas (21/100) - Built something similar to a fascist state in Greece. Still better than the Nazis, but that isn't saying much.
    • Todor Zhivkov (39/100) - Your economic policy is good, but why tf were you anti-Turkish? Plus, your just another corrupt Khrushchevite puppet.
    • Nicolae Ceaușescu (39/100) - Being an ally of Dubcek is based, and so were your early reforms, but those are the only good things I could say about you. Corrupt as shit, turned Romania into a dystopian totalitarian tyrannical police state, built a cult of personality reminiscent of the DPRK, backing dickheads like Pol Pot, Bokassa, and even fucking Pinochet (I think the irony behind that has to be the funniest shit ever), letting the people starve while you and your wife were living in luxury, are all evil and inhumane acts. So yeah. Merry Christmas, motherfucker.


    • Robert Mugabe (22/100) -
    • Jonas Savimbi (36/100) -
    • Paul Kagame (34/100) - Turned Rwanda from a genocidal hellhole into a thriving powerhouse, based. But capitalism is of course cringe, so is your near state liberalism, supporting Anti-Gaddafi groups, and also what the fuck are you trying to do with the Congo?
    • Laurent-Desire Kabila (38/100) - Taking down Mobutu was based, but what you did after was certainly not (like having child soldiers and being another corrupt dictator).
    • Haile Selassie (27/100) - Sure, fighting against fascism and being somewhat allies with Tito is based, but you're still a fatass who let his people starve.
    • Mengistu Haile Mariam (33/100)
    • Siad Barre (33/100) - Irredentism and trying to kill off Isaaq people is extremely cringe, so is bouncing between imperialist sides instead of just being neutral. However, form what I've heard, Somalia was actually quite stable under you (at least in the early years).

    North Africa / Middle East

    • Hafez al-Assad (34/100) - Anti-Westernism is based, but that's the only good thing I can say about this bitch, ruining Ba'athism, turning it into an authcap ideology, a shell of it's former socialist self. Syrian Deng Xiaoping.
    • Saddam Hussein (30/100) - Sure, you did like a few good things, but you're oppressive as hell and you turned into a state capitalist quasi-fascist later on. Being against Nasserism is also bad. You and Hafez are the reason why 90% of modern Ba'athists aren't socialist.

    Asia / Oceania

    • Deng Xiaoping (32/100) -
    • Tenzin Gyatso (24/100) - Supporting socialism is cool, but that's all the good I can say about you. CIA puppet, feudalist, kept most of the Tibetan population in poverty, just why bruh. Also, I think I heard somewhere that you're a pedo as well. Wtf.
    • Xi Jinping (36/100) -
    • Park Chung-Hee (25/100) -
    • Le Duan (26/100) -
    • Hun Sen (24/100) - You were based when you were a communist, wtf happened? Now you're a corrupt neoliberal shit that hasn't done anything to improve Cambodia.
    • Lee Kuan Yew (30/100) - Another decent authcap, since you basically built the modern Singapore, even if you support eugenicism and backed horrible people like Pol Pot.
    • Jose Maria Sison (39/100) - Good ideas, but the completely wrong ass methods.
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Henry Kissinger
  • Jim Jones - Just so you know, making a cult and poisoning people is NOT how you achieve communism. Plus, you're not even a real Christian OR a socialist, since you're an atheist in denial and a champagne "socialist".
  • Ted Kaczynski
  • Joe Biden (18/100) -
  • Dennis Prager
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Stfu, woke ass bitch. You and your SJW cult are why progress has such as bad name these days. Long live the war on wokeism.
  • Manuel Noriega
  • Fulgencio Autista
  • Francois Duvalier
  • Rafael Trujillo
  • Desi Bourtese (11/100) - Corrupt drug trafficking dictator who barely did anything to implement socialism in Suriname.
  • Marcos Perez Jimenez
  • Nicolas Maduro
  • Alvaro Uribe
  • Leon Febres Cordero
  • Francisco Morales Bermúdez
  • Alberto Fujimori
  • Abimael Guzman - I hate that bitch Fujimori too, but what the genuine fuck are you doing? Terrorism, blowing up buildings, boiling random children alive and hanging dogs on the street is absolutely NOT how you would achieve socialism. Hell, I think your "socialism" is the same as the "socialists" who support people like Pol Pot. Just fuck you. I hope you're burning in the deepest pits of hell.
  • Dina Boluarte
  • Hugo Banzer
  • Jeanine Anez
  • Plinio Salgado
  • Jair Bolsonaro
  • Francisco Solano López - Ruined whatever De Francia was doing in Paraguay and made 2/3 of the population die in war against neighboring countries for no reason at all.
  • Alfredo Stroessner
  • J Posadas - Batshit insane, wanting to nuke the earth and shit.
  • Jose Lopez Rega - The bitch who influenced Peron to become even more anti-communist than he already was.
  • Jorge Rafael Videla
  • Augusto Pinochet
  • Paul Schafer - Neo-nazi, Neocon puppet, pedophile, just absolutely disgusting.
  • Europe


    North Africa / Middle East

    Asia / Oceania

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    The Republic of Scorpistan is a micronation founded by me on January 30, 2024. It is a people's democratic dictatorship ruled by the ScoRP (Scorpistan Revolutionary Party), with a socialistic economy.

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    The Anthem is based off of the Tunisian anthem used during Habib Bourguiba's presidency, with the lyrics based off a poem.

    Scorpi, with your very adorable eyes and tail,
    You will never see me wail
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    To protect you with exactly all my might!

    I just couldn't resist your wonderful smile,
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    You always make me feel so free,
    Your cutest expression is all I wanna see!

    Verse 1:
    𝄆 My love for you will never be torn apart,
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    For Scorpi, my beloved:
    You are my one and only desire!

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    • What's your opinion on Makarios III? He was a major Neutralist in Cyprus and prevented a war in Cyprus, at least until he was couped
      • - He's alright, his initial affiliation with EOKA was cringe but he did make Cyprus neutral and tried to tone down ethnic tensions within the country which is based. I just wish he was as based as the US said he was[5]
        • His EOKAtard affiliations were indeed cringe but he certainly redeemed himself imo
          • - Yea, honestly wish he was a socialist like what the US said he was, and he should've made Cyprus more independent from Greece (like adopting an original anthem).
            • Ye he definitely should've adopted an original anthem
    • New World Socialist Model - Hey Scorpi, can you help me make the icons for spaceman/Ultravisionary/space versions of Nasserism, Indian Ocean Socialism, Lumumbism, Peruanismo, OG Baathism, Torrijosism, Sun Yat-sen/Soong Ching-ling Thought, Kemalism, Maurice Bishop Thought and Marhaenism, as well as Illiberal Democratic Transhumanism, if available.
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    • Other Stalinist puppets of Eastern Europe (Bierut, Rakosi, Gottwald, Ulbricht, Dimitrov etc.)
    • Tito's associates (Rankovic, Djilas, Koca Popovic, Ivan Ribar, Jovanka Broz etc.)
    • Other figures: Lula, the Kirchners, Rafael Correa, Mohammad Hatta, Pridi Banomyong, Tsedenbal, Chin Peng, Joma Sison, Jacobo Arbenz, Olof Palme, Willy Brandt, Bruno Kreisky
    • - Could you create an icon of a Bavarian Hitler who isn’t evil for my alternate history. This is because Hitler is in charge of Austria, and a conservative, while his half-brother is in charge of Germany, which is National Syndicalist, or basically just a slightly more leftist Nazi. The page can be found here.
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    • Terekhofism Terekball9.png Why do you think that i'm a reactionary. I'm just conservative. Maybe this GuyGenosseOwensThougth tell you some shit. But i think Conservativism is true socialism to be aganist Prostitution and Abortion is conservative and this isn't aganist communism. I'm don't reactionary i'm just christian and belive in God. I don't seculary and not theocratic but i think religios values should be in politic and society. And i'm very hate faggots and LGBTQ but what is the problem ??
      • - 1. You were a reactionary when I first added you. 2. It seems you have the absolute balls to say the f-*-g word without fear of getting banned (not that I support you saying it, thought).


      • Salah Jadid
      • Farabundo Marti
      • Jacobo Arbenz
      • Cheddi Jagan
      • Forbes Burnham
      • Fernando Lugo
      • Gustavo Petro
      • Michael Manley
      • Frantz Fanon
      • Desi Bouterse
      • Leonel Brizola
      • Gabriel Boric
      • Mirsaid Sultan Galiev
      • The 14th Dalai Lama
      • Dr. Ambedkar
      • SWRD Bandaranaike
      • Gough Whitlam
      • Modibo Keita
      • Marien Ngouabi
      • Jerry Rawlings
      • U Nu
      • Aung San
      • Pen Sovan
      • Heng Samrin
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    • - Hey, could you please make icons for Yucatán, the original Canadian flag, West Indies Federation from Kaiserreich, Brazilian Empire, Kaiserredux Patagonia, Venice, Apartheid South Africa, and Anastasia and Alexei Romanov? It’s for my alternate history. BTW, would you like to help with it? Also please add a symbol for this on this .
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    • New World Socialist Model - Hey scorpi, I'm sorry for turning to Dengism, but I just only took the good parts.. and I also view the ideology on a love-hate view. I also implemented the Asian values and heritages into my ideology. You can also take the good parts of my ideological components tho...
      • - Hmmm well you can take what you think is the good parts of it and then "isolate" them from actual Dengism (IE take the good parts and put them into your ideology while leaving Dengism out of it.)
    • New World Socialist Model - Hey Scorpi. I miss the good times together as true comrades. i'll return to the best way of socialism - advocated by the great Scorpi and all of your inspirations now... I also finally realized the similarities of Social Democracy and F*scism. (I do like Social Authoritarianism though.)
      • - Yeah I saw your new self-insert and kinda cringed a little, but I did look more into demsoc and kinda liked it. Great that you'll be going back on the path of Titoism-Sankarism-Scorpism :D
    • New World Socialist Model - Hey Scorpi. I've recently exposed to authoritarian / revolutionary progressivism... However unlike other revprogs, I still oppose SJW politics/culture and state atheism. I only advocate for a revolutionary renewal of culture and now I've recently been more open towards LGBTQIA and abortion (except hedonistic abortions)... And I also advocate for Laicism like how Ataturk did, and I'm also a full on multiculturalist like Tito. I'm now basically a more progressive version of Titoism-Sankarism-Scorpism.
      • - Eh whatever
    • New World Socialist Model - Oh i finally also discovered my inspirations from Nekoqing btw.
      • - Based. You should check out his later self-insert as well.
    • - add me please.
      • - Done.
    • CHROMATISM - Can you add me?
      • - Done.
    • - sup i came back (kind of) cus i was busy in discord rping with one of my fren named [1], i made scorpistan rebel from germania (his country) so the rebelion pretty much succeeded
      • - also u got a discord tho?
        • - Holy shit it's him. Also, yes. My name on there is Justaborrito.