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    Scientologist Theocracy is a theocracy based on the religion of Scientology. They are known for rejecting psychiatry, exploiting their followers, forcing staff to get abortions, and being attacked by hacker group Anonymous. The Word scientology is latin for the study of knowledge since "Scient" means Knowlege and "ology" means "the study of". Scientology has no real political theory except for the actions of the Sea Organization, so as a political entity it's purely hypothetical.


    Scientologist ball is often mysterious and strange and when you get to know him he's cocky and thinks he knows everything. He will often ask for things like money with nothing in return. He when getting to now him seems like he doesn't care about other religions but after spending time with him he will denounce the other theocracy ball claiming that they are just mislead R6 Implants.

    How to draw

    Flag of Scientologist Theocracy
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it deep blue.
    3. Draw the 6-pointed Scientologist cross in yellow.
    4. Add the eyes.

    You're done!


    The Founder

    Scientology is the theory's, beliefs, and teachings of US navy lieutenant L. Ron Hubbard. His followers will abbreviate his name to LRH. He has several world records for his writing having 1000+ published works. He joined the navy with a substandard record. He would get claim that he got crippled and blinded during his service and he used Dianetics to cure himself from such afflictions, in reality he had stomach ulcers and pink eye and never received a purple heart. After world war 2 he regrouped with his old writing buddies and joined the Church of Thelma a black magic sex cult that wanted to summon the antichrist. Post war America witnessed a new revival and interest in religion, like Buddhism, Billy Graham spiritualist movement, and interest into alternative medicine. With the new spiritualist movement on the rise LRH released dianetics and it caught fame and attention.

    The Movement

    Dianetics was released may 9th 1950 by L Ron Hubbard. It uses a early version of the lie detector machine called a E meter and will search for engrams in your body and measure its charge. Hubbard claimed that Dianetics would cure basically everything. The sessions of dianetics would cost a lot of money to do any eventually people sued Hubbard after not getting any real results stating he was Practicing medicine without a license. Later on scientists would claim that dianetics isnt based on facts or has any real evidence and that dianetics is fictional science.

    The Organization

    After Hubbard would have many law suits filed against him and dianetics programs shut down. He would go on to establish the Church of Scientology. Marketing itself as a non religious help program.

    Sea org would be established later in 1967, theocratic navy led by LHR himself in which he would assume the title of Commodore. The goal of this sea org is to "Clear the planet". In the 60s they would go around the Mediterranean and search for lost treasure also getting themselves kicked out of a lot of Mediterranean nations. Allegedly they would participated in coup attempt on the Moroccan government in 1971.

    The Enemy

    Suppressive person or SP's are people who have spoken out against the church, L Ron Hubbard's divorced wives, or people who have left the chruch. Being a suppsive person opens them up to the now disclosed fair game policy. Fair game policy basically means that scientologists can do anything to stop you. An example of this is L Ron Hubbard calling the CIA and stating SP's are communists during McCarthy's reign of terror.

    Another Group Of suppressive people are Rockstar games, they earned this title for making the Epsilon Program in the Grand theft auto series. Appearing in the san Andres first the epsilon program is a mysterious creepy organization that wear blue all the time. In San Andres its revealed that the epsilon program doesn't believe in semen and dinosaurs. The Program would later be expanded in GTA 5 where one of the three main characters Michael De Santa can join the program in a side mission. Michael in the Epsilon side missions will do annoying and general tedious task, like donating 80k+ to the program, walking 28 miles threw the Desert, and wearing ugly baby blue robes for ten days. The Similarity of the epsilon program and scientology is intended as criticization and mockery.

    South Park Would gain Ire from the church after releasing the episode Trapped in the closet. In the episode it talks about scientologist beliefs and there version of the creation myth, with the famous text during the explanation of the Zenu story saying "This is what scientologists actually believe". This was important regarding that mainstream knowledge about the scientologist beliefs was not well know at the time and this let the common man who never even been to dianetics know about it what they actually believe. Incidentally The voice actor for Chef being Isaac Hayes would leave the cast of south park siting that the show crossed the line from satire to bigotry.

    Anonymous after the south park episode the internet group anonymous would form Project Chanology where they would protest the church of scientology calling for there tax exempt status to be removed. The first protest was the "message to scientology". In the next protest was in January 25 2008 when they temporarily shut down the scientology website. The first in person protest was in 2008 February 2nd in Orlando Florida.


    The Beliefs of scientology state that zenu ran a intergalactic evil empire which ran into a population problem around 75 million years ago. To Solve this problem Zenu the evil man decided to first lure aliens in one method of doing so was asking them to come in for a income tax investigation then second freeze alien bodies and load them into his intergalactic cruisers that look like DC-8's but with rocket engines. Third he would unload the alien souls into a volcano in Teegeeack, Teegeeack being earth. After dumping the alien bodies in the volcano the souls of these aliens would float up, but Zenu always the forward thinker had giant soul catchers installed to catch the alien souls. Fourth the souls of the aliens would be brought to a brainwashing camp. Here at the camp the souls would be Indoctrinated to believe illusion such as old religions, culture, beliefs, and history these illusions are called R6 Implants. After indoctrinating these poor alien souls he would release them to wonder the earth. These souls would cling onto humans and cause all of the problems in history, and in modern life as we know it. These souls are called Thetans.

    As well as having thetans in our body we also have Engrams. Engrams can be many things such as alcoholism, drug use, gender dysphoria, homosexuality, ADHD, ticks, bipolar disorder, phobias and so on. The only way to cure these engrams is not therapy and medicine but instead Dianetics. Dianetics is like thinking about a thing until that engram, thetan or parts of the reactive mind has no influence or control over you.

    The Reactive mind is a theory that LRH( The Name scientologists say for L Ron Hubbard) wrote, stating that we have two states of mind. First the Analytical mind, our inner machine, something to the effect of a computer recording large sets of data and remembering it perfectly and our Reactive mind, which is our emotions basically.

    In summery we must use dianetics to cure everything bad in our life. Everthing bad being Engrams: Memories and thoughts, Thetans: Alien souls, and the Reactive Mind: Our emotions. After purging all these we will become a ubermencht Clear, a fully analytical human with no alien souls and emotions.

    A prominent Symbol of Scientology is the eight pointed cross. Its supposed to symbolize the 8 state of survival. In HRL humans regardless of how primitive or technologically superior it is have the main instinct to survive. The Essence of survival in order go like this:

    Survival Of Self (Self Preservation)

    Survival Of Sex And Children (Family)

    Survival Of the Group (Race and country)

    Survival Of Mankind

    Survival Of life

    Survival Of the physical Universe (Matter, Energy, Space, and Time)

    Survival Of The Spirit

    Survival Of The Infinity (The Higher Power)

    Its unclear if protecting these things are a belief of Scietology or just a symbol.

    As A Political entity

    Scientologist theocracy is purely a hypothetical concept if scientologist forces created a new country, coop d'état or took over a old country and so on. The closest thing to real world political entity is Sea Org, HLR's personal navy. Besides that Scientologist theocracy hasn't been a political ideology so anything talked about in the section below this paragraph is pearly hypothetical and for just for fun and if you have any fun ideas surrounding scientologist theocracy list it below:

    The Nightmare state

    From Doctrine and real world example would be the rule of the church leaders or at least a council of church higher ups. Most likely establish church/state run corporations and national industry to ensure that the state gets the most money possible. Workers rights can be either not good or horrible seeing how the state wants to make tons of money. socialist trade unions most likely being banned, if not illegal probably only allowing religious state run trade unions. LGBTQ+ right are probably nonexistent due to LRH's stance on homosexuality, most likely forcing gays and people who suffer from gender dysphoria to go to re-education centers and force them to do dianetics. Due to the fair game policy its safe to assume that a secret police similar to that of the gestapo would be used to quell threats to the state, and probably also deal with threats outside of the state such as escapees and people critical of the regime. Healthcare will probably be extensively regulated or state to ensure only scientologist methods are permitted, psychiatry and other alternative forms of medicine are likely banned. As for religious tolerance only scientology most likely banning all other religions since they are R6 implants. Education would be altered to serve the state most likely basing the curriculum off of scientologist myths.




    You Are Either With me or against me, there is no middle ground, grills will not be tolerated.


    • Anonymous - Cyberterrorist Communist scum who hate America and religion!
    • Psychiatrism - "Medicine" and "therapy" are lies, Dianetics is the only cure for our problems.
    • LGBT- Your Engrams must be cured.
    • Positivism - You definition of "pseudoscience" is problematic and a pseudoconcept, dianetics are a science but your methods must end for this happen!
    • Neo-Positivism - Positivism but so many times worse!
    • Neuroscientism - Same of Psychiatrism, and you oppress people using neuroscience.
    • New Atheism - You are the biggest proof that engrams are actually a thing.
    • Houserism - Please remove the epsilon program from GTA its religious intolerance!
    • South Park - Stop making fun of us or we'll sue you.
    • File:Xemug icon.png Xemüg Theocracy - STOP MOCKING ME!

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