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    Scientistic Totalitarianism

    Scientistic Totalitarianism, also Scientific Totalitarianism, is a form of totalitarianism where it's full composed by scientists, scientistics, positivists, physicalists, materialists and atheists. It supports that natural sciences, naturalism, physicalism and scientism are absolute and should be imposed to everyone else in form of totalitarianism, where all politics and everything inside or related to the state must be based on natural sciences and on scientistic values as well.

    Scientistic Totalitarianism supports State Atheism, Scientific Consensus Totalitarianism and full persecution on any kind of opposition or person against it, going since the ones of Epistemological Anarchism and Post Positivism until everyone that's religious, spiritual or even that opposes scientism or totalitarianism. Scientistic totalitarianism also supports that everyone that's opposition to scientistic totalitarianism or even against scientism itself, should be labeled as "scientific denialist", "pseudoscientific", "charlatan", "irrational" and son on. It does not even tolerate studies related to multiverses and extraphysics, except if they are heavily state controlled and no one is allowed to practice it as a religious thing, so, basically, scientistic aristocracy actually support the development of a heavily state controlled and scientistic controlled development of Spiritualicism, Extraphysicism, Esoteric Transhumanism and Techno-Agnosticism, even being a hardcore supporter of Classical Transhumanism studies related to Quantumism, Techno-Quantumism and Dark Matter Transhumanism should also be encouraged, since they respect the hegemony of classical transhumanism itself.

    Scientistic Totalitarianism also supports that LGBT, Otherkins/Therians, Mythicals/Supernaturals and sapient non-humans as well, should be put into heavily state security and scientistic security and shouldn't be allowed to do anything against scientistic totalitarianism, always obeying the state and science themselves, and even allowing that the ones who rebel against scientism or against the totalitarianism or against both, should be put into heavy psychiatric treatment until they are "cured" or until they finally decide to respect the state and scientism.

    Scientistic Totalitarianism supports full suppresion of culture, traditions and all languages as well, where all human species should have one single culture, tradition and language based on natural sciences, scientism and on scientistic totalitarianism, and all religious should turn into one single scientistic humanist religion and spirituality only if it's based on scientism and supports scientistic totalitarianism.

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