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    Flag of Scientistic Aristocracy

    Scientistic Aristocracy, also Scientific Aristocracy, is a form of Aristocracy where it's composed fully by scientists, scientistics, positivists, physicalists, materialists and atheists, the term is often used to refer to the organization of the modern academia such as for criticize the massive aristocratization and elitization of the modern academia and of the scientific community as a whole.

    Scientistic Aristocracy differs from Technocracy and Scientocracy in the sense that scientists are organized in the society in an aristocratic way and can have direct or indirect intervention in the government such as even consider politics and humanities as pseudosciences at will and when it's convenient to them. Scientistic aristocracy supports New Atheism and Scientific Centrism almost all the time, even majority of the times it can also be culturally far right and economically authright.



    • Technocracy - Your ideas enabled me to become a thing.
    • Scientocracy - You too.
    • Aristocracy - You too.
    • New Atheism - You are a hardcore supporter of me, but still, you are not that majority in the scientific community as you say.
    • Scientific Centrism - You are amazing!
    • RationalWikism - You are a hardcore supporter of me! But you should stop attacking religious and spiritual people that much
    • Dawkinsism - Same as above.
    • James Randism - I liked how you debunked spiritual and esoteric people, but why did you make your tests for you have full control?
    • Neoliberalism - You are the system I am currently under.
    • Capitalism - If it wasn't you, I would never had become a thing.
    • Awtokism - You are great, some people accuse me of doing so, but even if sapient non-humans exist, we shall give them a chance to be our friends as well.
    • Human Nationalism - You are the best for humans! But just calm down your openly speciesism!
    • Homo Sapiens Nationalism - You are just human nationalism again, but please, stop using Homo sapiens identity for promote identity politics.
    • Anti-Deathism - Amazing! But, could you just put your soulism a bit down?
    • Cultural Atheism - You are really nice, but, why trying to subvert the scientific community and the scientific consensus so hard?
    • Galacticism - SPACE!
    • Transhumanism - AMAZING!


    • LGBTism - You are ok, but still there are scientists who want to debunk you guys so hard
    • Otherkinism - You are also ok, but still, you do not have enough recognition for me for you become accepted worldwide
    • Humanoscientocracy - Well, humanities can be considered as a pseudoscience, but you are still fine, I guess...
    • Marxism - There are some people who have showed you are pseudoscientific, but you still have a lot of academic support in your favor...
    • Soulism - I am neutral about you, but I still wonder how can some people on the scientific community actually support you so much...
    • Scientific Agnosticism, Techno-Agnosticism, File:Agcra.png Agnosticocracy - You are also ok, and I wonder how can a lot of people in the scientific community support you unironically...
    • Scientific Deism, Techno-Deism, File:Deistocracy.png Deistocracy - The same as above.
    • Mythicalism - Well, you might be a lot controversial... But still, there are so many people who want to find you're real or not...
    • File:Spiritualicism-icon.png Spiritualicism - Well... I do not have a strong opinion about you, maybe we should give a chance to you, mainly because some people on the scientific community strongly support you as the agnostics and deists.
    • Anti-Theism - I like how you support science... But science is not equal to atheism, and you know it.
    • Anti-Atheism - Hey, stop thinking all scientists are atheists, if it was so, we would already live under a state atheist world.
    • State Atheism - Your ideas are nice, but we shall give some chances to religious and spiritual ones to proof they are right.
    • Extraphysicism - You are just Spiritualicism again, but we are still looking for extraphysics and extraphysics can exist or not
    • Esoterocracy - Hey, stop telling I want to kill religion and spirituality! I recognize my limitations but my supporters don't!
    • Spiritocracy - You too!


    How to Draw

    Flag of Scientistic Aristocracy
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the ball in with dark blue.
    3. Add two white diagonal lines in the upper and lower side.
    4. Fill the triangles covered by the lines with dark red.
    5. Add a yellow hexagon in the middle.
    6. Draw a yellow lithium atom inside the exagon.
    7. OPTIONAL: Add a tophat.
    8. Add the green science goggles and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #8b0000 139, 0, 0
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Blue #2a334c 42, 51, 76
    Yellow #e7933a 231, 147, 58

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