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    Scientific Outlook on Development

    Scientific Outlook on Development or Hu Jintao Thought is a Dengist ideology that represents Hu Jintao's ideology of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. It incorporates scientific socialism, market economy, sustainable development, social welfare, a humanistic society, increased political openess, and, ultimately, the creation of a Socialist Harmonious Society.


    Scientific Outlook on Development believes Chinese socialism should depart from the unbalanced growth of the coastal provinces and cities, and instead focus more on rural areas and emphasis the needs of the masses, instead of the elites.

    Humanism is the center of scientific development. It has 4 main points:

    • On the basis of economic development, continuously improve the people's material and cultural living standards and health standards
    • Respect and protect human rights, including the political, economic and cultural rights of citizens
    • Continuously improve people's ideological and moral qualities, scientific and cultural qualities and health quality
    • Create a social environment where people develop equally and maximum the utilization of their intelligence

    Personality and Behavior

    Scientific Outlook on Development is your average school professor and loves reading books on how to develop a country and make it prosperous.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it with red.
    3. In the center, draw a yellow human figure with his arms lifted.
    4. Draw yellow stars in the lower half around the figure.
    5. Draw the eyes.
    6. (Optional) Add glasses and you're done!



    • Humanism - Economic development should be the betterment of the people.
    • Social Capitalism - My goal is a harmonious socialist society under the transition of a market economy.
    • Populism - Economic development should serve the people, not the elites.
    • Globalism - China opening up to the world is very beneficial for Chinese culture.
    • Deng Xiaoping Theory - Deng handpicked me as Jiang's successor due to our shared opposition to both Maoist communism and Liberal Democracy and one could say I'm his most loyal follower.
    • Technocracy - Sustainable development under a socialist technocracy is based. Also, I am a science nerd.
    • Huism - Wen Jiabao still supports you, and tbh you were kinda based. Don’t let Jiang know it though.
    • Revisionary Tridemism - My administration increased contacts with him as we both love Sun Yat-sen and 1992 Consensus.


    • Jiangism - You favored the elites too much and was also too corrupt. You also tried to control me by stacking my administration with your cronies to make me your puppet.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - He's too nationalistic and conservative, and doesn't like opening up that much. However, I like how he deals with extreme poverty, the environment, and tackling monopolies. Could you give Li Keqiang a bit more say?
    • Tridemism - You are a great leader who founded China but I don't like your excessive nationalism and democracy. However, I can still use you to improve the cross-strait relationship and strengthen my relationship with Taiwan's KMT government.
    • Neoconservatism - We cooperated during the War on Terror against East Turkestan Islamic Party but Liu Xiaobo deserved his fate.
    • Neoliberalism - I'm no "true communist" in any sense of the word but this is too far. However, Li Keqiang and Wang Yang have shown sympathies for your beliefs and we both agree global capitalism brings peace and stability and prevents war among nations.


    • Maoism - What you did to my father was unforgivable so now I'm persecuting all your modern followers and dismantling your legacy. The Cultural Revolution was a disaster of unthinkable scale that must never be repeated.
    • Separatism - "We will never allow anybody to separate Taiwan from China."
    • Chiang-Kai-Shek thought - You are the Right KMT reactionary chauvinist who destroyed the United Front and massacred the communists. But again, my administration is more objective in terms of recognizing the contributions of the NRA in the Sino-Japanese War. Still, your reactionism and nationalism really sucks.

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