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    Schubertism is the ideology of Schubert Lawrence and his ideas of ruling Mondstadt and how Mondstadt society should be like. Schubertism is a Neo-Lawrencarchy ideology which means he's nostalgic of the Aristocracy of Mondstadt and is the most extreme for of Neo-Lawrencarchy literally the only member of the family actively plotting to overthrow the Knights of Favonius to bring a new era of aristocracy to Mondstadt. He wasn't successful as Eulaism figured out his plot and arrested him but if he did succeed it would probably be the greatest disaster Mondstadt has seen in years.


    Schubertism like Neo-Lawrencarchy is nostalgic of the Lawrence Clan times and believes that the aristocracy was the best era of Mondstadt. Now Mondstadt is ruled by the knights who caused Mondstadt to lose all its etiquette and manners and anything noble about Mondstadt. As such Schubertism wants to bring back the era of the Lawrence Clan by plotting with the Fatui to overthrow the Knights of Favonius and allow the Fatui to install the Lawrence Clan rule back into Mondstadt. Schubertism wants to enforce the traditions and the respect the Lawrence Clan deserves especially by force on commoners and bring back proper etiquette and manners into Mondstadt forcing them onto others and make sure the commoners obey the rule of the Lawrence Clan.


    Schubertism is extremely snobby like all other Lawrence Clan members in modern times glorifying the Lawrence Clan and Mondstadt during the aristocrat times as well a detesting any commoners he sees. Schubertism will literally not talk to you if you don't have the right etiquette and manners and likes to speak in a very etiquette fashion and gets offended when you don't speak with etiquette to him. However once you speak with him with proper etiquette, he basically trusts you with all your heart and considers a true loyalist of the Lawrence Clan. He's more crazier than most Lawrence Clan members as he actually plots to overthrow the Knights of Favonius instead of complaining and even work with the Fatui in order to restore the Aristocracy of Mondstadt.



    • Aristocracy - The true rightful rule of Mondstadt and how it should always be before the Knights ruined it all!
    • Lawrencarchy - Mondstadt under you knew proper etiquette and manners and the commoners were even whipped into submission if they dared question the prestige of the Lawrence Clan!
    • Traditionalism - Once the Lawrence Clan is restored, I will properly enforce the proper traditions and etiquette these commoners have disastrously forgotten thanks to the Knights!
    • Autocracy - I will look down upon the Knights and commoners in there disgrace and lack of respect for the nobility.
    • Caste System - In former times when people knew their place and respected traditions, such conduct was only basic courtesy when greeting a nobleman!
    • Counter-Enlightenment - The end of the aristocracy brought such degradation to society, we must stop this degeneracy and bring back the mannerism and etiquette that was legitimately put in place by the Lawrence Clan!
    • Reactionaryism - We both agree that the modern times brought degeneracy and degradation of rules and manners and must be brought back and instilled back into society!
    • Kakistocracy - I can trust anyone faithfully if they have the proper etiquette!

    Those in question

    • Neo-Lawrencarchy - You too want to bring back the glorious times of the Lawrence Clan but most of you just sit around and complain while I actually have great plans to bring back the golden era of Mondstadt! Not to mention you also harbor that rebellious daughter!
    • Conservatism - You do conserve some traditions but not good enough for me!
    • Totalitarianism - With so much degradation among the common folk and the lost of etiquette and mannerism, I might need you to truly enforce those back into the common folk and get rid of those that dare neglect the manners and etiquette that are properly put in place by the Lawrence Clan!
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Nothing more than foreign ruffians with power and the ability to flaunt it... But they are favorable business partners.


    • Favoniusism - The Knights are what caused this degradation and degeneracy and lack of rules and respect to spread into Mondstadt! I shall stand on top of the Favonius headquarters and rebuke their pathetic rule and Mondstadt will be under the rightful rule of the Lawrence Clan!
    • Stratocracy - Aren't you just the Knights again?
    • Populism - These peasants are out of their minds rebelling against the Lawrence Clan and bringing degeneracy into Mondstadt.
    • Right-Wing Populism - You claim to want to bring back tradition but all of you are just common folk and shall know their place that the nobility are the rightful rulers of the Lawrence Clan and show proper etiquette or there will be a proper whipping to put you in place!
    • Left-Wing Populism - Same as the one before but he's even worse and openly wants to destroy the rightful traditions and proper etiquette put in place!
    • Progressivism - You are a disaster to Mondstadt and a disgrace, rules have been thrown to the wayside and all proper etiquette and mannerism gone!
    • Enlightenment Thought - You brought disaster to Mondstadt, now nobody in Mondstadt knows their rightful place in Mondstadt! Ignore that the Lawrence Clan once was you back then.
    • Barbatos Freedom - I do not care about your freedom... What Mondstadt needs is a swift return to the rightful rule of the Lawrence Clan where everyone knows their place and rules and etiquette were strictly followed or there will be a whipping that will follow.
    • Barbatos Theocracy - Barbatos was a traitor to Mondstadt who founded the dastardly Knights of Favonius!
    • Eulaism - Oh, the disgrace of it all! How could such a rebellious monster emerge from our own family!?

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