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    Schneiderism was the ideology of General Gustavo Schneider, a fictional character/OC, brainchild of Gustavo Henrique (the founder of Gustavoism) the dictator of the fictional Republic of Paraná, based off the Brazilian state of same name, but englobating the whole southern region of Brazil. It supports a social democratic economy similiar to the Nordic countries, together with a strong civilian-military benevolent dictatorship, a powerful Military, Nonalignment between the US and China, and conservative social values including opposition to gay marriage, pornography and abortion in most circumstances. Schneider had several odd characteristics for a 69 year old, such as playing videogames and test driving sports cars. Schneiderism based social democracy off the Bible.


    Social Democracy

    Schneiderism supports a centre-left economy grounded in Nordic countries' and the Bible. It endorses private property and charity while also supporting wealth redistribution, public spending, universal healthcare and free, mandatory education.


    Schneiderism believes in Paranense Nationalism, and believes there should be little foreign interference in Paranense affairs, also opposing taking in illegal immigrants. It is also economic nationalist, supporting fair trade.

    Social Conservatism

    Aside from believing Christianity will bring a just social order, Schneiderism believes it helps people take decisions in a rational way. It opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest, underaged pregnancy or when the mother's life is in danger, aswell as LGBT rights, pornography and racism.

    Benevolent dictatorship

    Benevolent dictatorship

    Schneiderism supports a presidential republic with a strong executive power and a legislature that rubber-stamps decisions made by the president. The only censored speech would be obscenity and outright anti-government propaganda. Political opponents that aren't jailed are "physically removed" as in Hoppeanism, and given their own cities de facto independent from Paranaense jurisdiction.


    Despite Gustavo Schneider's antiamerican rethoric, Paraná has decent relations with the United States, Russia and China, although militarily it's closer to the last two.


    Despite Gustavo Schneider's disdain for modern enviromentalism, it takes environmental protection very seriously and is very protective of its pine trees and other wildlife. Palmettos and pine fruits are produced as GMOs.

    Land Reform

    Paraná's government has distributed farmlands in the poor state of West Santa Catarina.


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