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    Schistoism, also known as its sole shortening "Schisto" is a totalitarian, culturally far-left (with a few exceptions), ultra-humanistic, economically right ideology, it advocates for the "culmination of all form of progress and safety of the human race through a necessary destruction".

    The ideology believes in a total destruction of nature and the reconstruction of the Earth into a gigantic industrial planet in a way that the rebuilt "nature" becomes inoffensive and fully exploitable by man as well as other civilizations which adhere to the Schistoist ideology or are at least friendly to man.

    Schistoism also wants to avenge all dead humans by capturing and torturing animals for long periods (especially predators), then killing them to feed them to the people. The animals also include everyone not White, Asian nor Jewish, they can either be adopted as a pet or end up the same way as other animals. The fittest will be enslaved and become simple materials to be bought and sold.

    Temüjin Khan, who is the creator of the ideology, claims that every Gods of every religion are eco-fascists who do not really love humans, responsible for the death of millions of "innocent children" and must be fought against, in order to do that, Temüjin will take over all religions and claim himself as the new God of the universe and the sole person to be worshiped and adored by the people, everyone who refuses to love him will be brutally tortured for their "misanthropic attitudes". Everyone holding misanthropic thoughts of any sort will also be tortured for the rest of their life.

    Schistoism also wants to create a society without meaningless traditions to limit their rights, things such as gender roles and forced love are abolished and everything except for murder, gender transition, LGBT+ (except for the LGB part), and destruction of certain properties is fully legalized and normalized.

    Schistoism also wants to build a society based on corporate feudalism, in which there will be a king at the summit of the feudal hierarchy and then corporate positions will depend upon your wealth, corporation can sell items between each other, but they are still rooted within the state the consumers are below the corporations and those who cannot afford their own lives will be enslaved by the rest of the hierarchy. Last point, Temüjin is terrified of Gluttony and does not want his people to be fat, he wants them to buy as much as possible but consume very little. The right-wing stances include severe punishment against immigration and race-mixing.


    Schistoism is profoundly angry, he is desperate to create a perfect utopia for humans but the misanthropes keep bullying him.

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