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    Schachterism is an ideology that emerged from the economic practices adopted by the former minister of economy of Nazi Germany, Hjalmar Schacht. It is socially Nazi (or almost), and economically capitalist.


    He believes in a capitalist economy with lots of privatizations and little state interference in the economy. Socially, he's quite patriotic, he doesn't have much connection with Nazism, as he wasn't a member of the NSDAP, and other reasons.

    In short, capitalist economy, mass privatizations, nationalism and many banks

    Personality and Behaviour

    He is not very aggressive, loves banks and hates to be confused with national capitalism.

    How to Drawn

    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Color the ball red.
    3. Draw a white circle in the middle of the front of the ball.
    4. Draw a black swastika, tilted at a 45 degree angle, in the middle of the circle. Connect the vertices of the swastika to form an angular S-shape, and add a vertical line down its middle to complete the dollar sign.
    Flag of Schachterism



    • Capitalism - My best friend
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - This works very well
    • National Capitalism - I'm a nationalist and a capitalist too! But people keeping confusing me>:(.
    • Patriotism and Nationalism - I'm going to make Germany a superpower.
    • Bankocracy - BANKS!!!!!! The most important thing in my life


    • National Socialism - Thank you for giving me the job of minister of economy, but I wasn't from the NSDAP and I disagree with many of your ideas.


    • Pol Potism - You live by destroying banks and you are anti-capitalist and that's why I hate you.
    • Stalinism - Soviet lawyers wanted to arrest me.

    Further Information



    By Hjalmar Schacht


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