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    Scarletism is the self insert of Scarlet. It is an economically center-left to left wing, generally center on cultural issues, but somewhat right leaning in the west, and center-statist ideology, although it may reluctantly be authoritarian depending on where it’s implemented



    Scarletism is an economically center-left to left ideology. He supports a public sector of big businesses, major industries, and essential services, which would all be unionized and/or collectivized, in addition to a private sector consisting of small and medium businesses, and although would encourage co-ops in the private sector, won’t enforce it

    Markets vs. Planning

    Generally speaking, Scarletism calls for a market economy, believing that the market has many benefits such as freedom of choice between products and encouraging innovation. There would be some level of local planning and an even smaller amount of central planning.

    As for regulations, although he sees excessive regulations as a bad thing, he does think that an unregulated/minimally regulated economy would be, at best, just as bad. He believes that regulations are needed, such as laws ensuring that workers are treated well and are paid minimum wage, or making sure that products are safe for consumption

    That being said though, he does support sone degree of decentralized planning, and smaller amounts of centralized planning, but generally speaking, he’s pro-market


    He supports the right to join a union. He thinks this because of how it can be a safeguard for workers rights and how it is a part of the free market, as it is a worker exercising his right to work. Although he is aware that unions can become corrupt at times, and wishes to stop such incidents, but sees billionaires as bigger and worse offenders.

    His support for unions also extends to police unions, although the police should be reformed as well. The reason he supports such is because he believes that police are workers too, in addition to how they can 1: collectively enforce laws and 2; fight back against rioters or attempts to defund/abolish the police


    Scarletism supports Georgism and Land Value Tax, and believe that one should have proper shelter.

    Scarlet opposes landlords, seeing them as those that profit off of essential services, and wishes to eliminate landlordism. And this is in the US, a “better” country when it comes to this thing. In pre-Mao China, landlords mistreated the Chinese peasants.

    That being said though, housing would go to those that work. And as for management, public housing would be managed by local governments. The owner would pay a subsidized amount for said housing.

    He is strongly supportive of tenant unions, in general, but particularly in the current situation where landlordism is very much present

    Welfare and Taxes

    Scarlet supports the welfare state, believing that the government should give those below a hand. However, one must be working to receive welfare benefits.

    As for taxes, the rich would be taxed more than the poor for 2 reasons: one being that the rich make more money and therefore we could use more money for social benefits, and another being that trickle down economics would only worsen things for those below. However he is alright with a flat tax, provided that it’s just as efficient.

    He also wishes to cut down on tax loopholes for the rich, in addition to tax breaks. He sees tax breaks for the rich as a bad action that will incentivize them to mistreat their workers.

    Social Views

    Although not a hardcore traditionalist, Scarlet became rather conservative in the first world later on. He always despised woke culture and wishes to combat it. Generally speaking, he is technologically progressive, culturally always in the middle area but slightly conservative in his last days. In addition he opposes special protection and affirmative action for any group, believing that by doing such, the government will inherently favor one group over another


    Scarletism firmly believes in gender equality, and believes that one thing that’s great about the west is gender equality.

    However, he dislikes Third-Wave Feminism and onwards, seeing it as a degenerated and identity based variant of feminism. He supports all of the first wave and most of the second wave (although hates how it supported abortion). In addition, he thinks that men and women must be paid the same amount of money for the same amount of work.

    He rejects any notion of a Patriarchy existing in the west, although he does believe that it exists in the Third World, mainly Africa, The Middle East, and South Asia, which lack gender equality. In short his ideal variant of feminism is a blend of Conservative Feminism (excluding Karens, and primarily in the west for “Conservative”), Socialist Feminism, and Postcolonial Feminism.


    Scarletism opposes racism and believes that one should be equal regardless of race.

    He hates woke obsession with race, and believes that they want to focus on race, rather than the main divide - class. In addition, he believes that one must be seen not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, in addition to merit. He sees diversity quotas as racist.

    He aims for a colorblind society which aims for the above, and opposes white guilt and Critical Race Theory, although not justifying what their ancestors did in the past, but not creating a sense of guilt over it either.

    That being said though, he still believes that there are problems with systemic racism, mainly police brutality. He initially supported Black Lives Matter after the death of George Floyd, but turned away from them due to the riots, in addition to the movement being infested with woke activists and to an extent, racial supremacists.


    Neither hardcore "TrAnS rIgHtS" nor "HaNg aLl f**S". He simply acknowledges their existence. If you're a guy who's into guys or a girl who's into girls, then he ABSOLUTELY doesn't care as long as you don't revolve your personality around your sexuality.

    That being said though he hates the current LGBT community due to them being infested with wokes, in addition to the constant flamboyance (which would also apply to straights). He’d allow civil unions and transitioning (provided that the one transitioning is an adult). Although his traditional view of marriage didn’t occur until his later stages


    Marijuana will be legalized and he has no issue with it due to how tobacco and alcohol killed more in the past 5 years than marijuana ever has. However he opposes the vast majority of drugs and will crack down on smuggling.

    However he opposes punitive justice for drug use, believing that it should be treated as a medical condition, and wishes to have rehabilitative justice for drug users


    Scarletism is against abortion, and sees it as murder, as life begins at conception. He believes that it should be banned unless it’s to save the life/health of the mother/baby, or in the occurrence of a premature pregnancy.

    As for rape/incest cases, while he sees those actions as one of the most evil acts one can do, he opposes the notion that recovery should involve killing the baby. He instead offers raising the baby as a recovery method.

    However he is aware that it won’t happen instantly, and as such, wishes to have the ban be gradual, in addition to providing more assistance, welfare, and other such programs to mothers and improving conditions of adoption centers.

    Pornography and Prostitution

    Scarletism sees pornography, prostitution, and sexual liberation in general as a force of evil, believing that it has led humanity to abandon morality, in addition to how pornography and the sex industry in general are exploitative. As such he believes that pornography and other forms of sex “work” should be banned. That being said though he wouldn’t punish one forced into such, believing that they should be rehabilitated and then integrated back into society, but a more punitive approach would be taken towards those that voluntarily take part in such industries

    Gun Rights

    Scarlet believes that every law abiding citizen should have a right to own a gun. However, he still believes in background checks and closing loopholes, as he wishes to have a safe society and one being able to own a gun.


    He believes that climate change is a serious threat and must be countered. He cares deeply for the environment. views clean environment as important because clean environment is safe for human. In clean environment, human can breath and survive. He wishes to ban littering and sanction someone who has caught littering. He wishes to keep the city clean. He believes that climate change and global warming are both real and the biggest threat to humanity. He views climate change/global warming denial as stupid. He supports environmental regulation and carbon tax. He strongly opposes fossil energy and wants to replace them with nuclear energy/electric. He would call enviromentalists hypocrites if they oppose nuclear energy because he views nuclear energy as renewable energy. He believes in zero emissions by around 2040-2050, and wishes to take the following measures:

    • Implementing carbon tax

    Replacing unrenewable energy with renewable energy

    • Promotion of eco-friendly products
    • Replacing plastic products with biodegradable plastics or any plastics products that are friendly to environment
    • Creating eco-friendly jobs
    • Creating tree plating program
    • Lowering tax rates for renewable energy sources
    • Replacing of petrol motor vehicle with eco-friendly motor vehicle
    • Total replacement of fossil fuel with renewable energy by 2045
    • Mass production of electric or other eco-friendly vehicles, with the goal of banning the sale of gas/diesel cars no later than 2035
    • Placing harsh sanctions on countries that are both already industrialized and actively destroying the environment, and monitoring those that are industrializing

    In addition, he sees plastic pollution as a problem, and wishes to stop that by requiring plastic products to be made out of at least 50% recycling material, requiring plastic products to be reusable or biodegradable, and requiring companies producing plastic to make the transition.

    In addition he wishes to make recycling more common and fine those that fail to use it


    Scarletism is a Cultural Christian, and likes a lot of Christianity’s cultural influence and values, however he has doubts about a god existing. Nonetheless, he still supports Anglo-American Secularism, and is against both theocracy and Laicism/State Atheism, and supports freedom of religion. He will tolerate Christian Democracy though

    Technological Views

    Scarletism is a novelist, believing that technological advancement will make our society more advanced and developed, which he sees as a good thing. He believes that technology will solve a lot of our problems. That being said though he is against the notion that machines should replace humans in the workforce, but will let machines provide assistance that humans can’t.

    Eco-Friendly Tech

    He believes that technology will solve the climate crisis, although renewable energy, mainly solar and wind, aren’t fully developed yet. He wishes to accelerate the development of renewable energy in general but especially the aforementioned forms. He wishes to use nuclear energy for the time being. He also wishes to build new habitats and revive old species, as was done briefly with the Pyrenean Ibex

    Space Exploration

    As a long term goal, Scarlet wants to make space colonization possible by terraforming planets. He thinks that Earth will run out of space and that we will have to move elsewhere

    Foreign Policy

    Generally speaking, Scarletism is pretty nationalistic and to a lesser degree, isolationist. That being said though he still believes in maintaining good relations with all nations of the world. In short he supports international cooperation, but is overall nationalistic, especially in domestic affairs, and sees Globalism as evil.


    Unless there is a threat to the nation, he opposes foreign intervention, and opposes the notion that democracy should be spread to other countries. He wishes to keep democracy at home. That being said though he would implement sanctions in a few rare cases, such as if a country is committing genocide. He’d rather have a monster stay than accidentally create a worse monster, and sees interventionism as evil



    Socdem.png Social Democracy - see, capitalism isn’t always bad

    Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - democracy and socialism is based I mostly use you for rhetorical purposes

    Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism cultural balance is needed, even though I became more leaning conservative later on

    Consocf.png Conservative Socialism - based but sometimes you can be too extreme


    Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism - I still love you and thanks for helping me be freed from a Novoganyuism icon.png certain quasi-rightist phase. But you’re too radical and revolutionary


    Novoganyuism icon.png Novoganyuism - I became what I swore to be against during then. A reminder to anyone, don’t abandon your leftist pride. If not for a few irl factors, things could’ve gone much, much worse…

    Cap.png Capitalism - the evil of the world…

    World.png Globalism - fuck off, sovereignty killer.


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