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    Scaramouche Theocracy is an ideology of Scaranation in sumeru being an autocratic and nihilist and sometimes cultist ideology. It advocates for replacing the current archon of Sumeru with Scaramouche as the new god of Sumeru.


    Scaramouche Theocracy generally believe that Scaramouche shall become the god of Sumeru replacing Kusanali and he shall rule Sumeru for all eternity. This is done through science and technology as well as magic in order to build Scaramouche into a divine status by any means necessary even if it means killing people and causing all kinds of atrocities to build this god of Sumeru. Some even believe that it shows human ingenuity of building a god for them.


    Scaramouche experienced three betrayals according to Scaramouche Theocracy, first one was a god who disposed him due to valuing strength above all. Second was a human who betrayed him after seeing him as an abomination. Third was a child who died breaking his promise. As such Scaramouche Theocracy believes the world is cruel and that human and mortals in general can never be trusted along with gods. That's why Scaramouche Theocracy wants to be a new god as only power matters in this world due to this world being cruel doing whatever it takes. Scaramouche Theocracy wants to reenact the archon war to fulfill this world's only philosophy that strength is the only thing that matters.


    Scaramouche Theocracy is practically a jerk and is best not to be around as he despises literally everyone. Scaramouche Theocracy isn't afraid to betray people although it is more due to the fact that Scaramouche himself felt betrayed by everyone else. Scaramouche Theocracy practically distrusts everyone and seems to really love to flaunt his power and to show how weak everyone else is to him.



    None because he literally hates everyone

    Tolerable People

    • Autocracy - I shall become god and rule!
    • Noocracy - I AM THE ALL KNOWING GOD!!!
    • Kraterocracy - This is the final truth of the world!
    • Archoncracy - I shall take the gnoses and become god!
    • Nihilism - REALITY IS PAIN!!!
    • Authoritarian Nihilism - I shall rule as god!
    • Misanthropy - HUMANS... THEY CAN'T BE TRUSTED!
    • Transhumanism - I shall augment myself to become divine!
    • Post-Humanism - I am a puppet and shall transcend those mortals!
    • Cyberocracy - I was created for the sole purpose of being a vessel of a god to rule, but that was taken away from me so I shall take it back.
    • Samsaraism - The dreams of everyone shall help me gain divine knowledge to ascend to godhood!
    • Cultism - You saw it right? You felt it right!? Such a majestic god, such a noble will, such sublime emotion!
    • Azarism - If humanity cannot attain omniscience and omnipotence, then we shall create a god to reveal them! This is the pinnacle of human wisdom.
    • John Doeism - I see you are just like me! Betrayed by this world and now want to show your fury against it.
    • Jokerism - We two both believe that this world is just cruel and a tapestry of lies


    Literally everybody else but especially:

    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Once I'm finished you I will destroy you as well!
    • Dottoreism - YOU TOO!
    • Kusanali Theocracy - Let us reenact a scene of the Archon War. Come and inaugurate my birth as a god!
    • Ei's Eternity - The first one to betray me was a god, valuing strength above all else she saw no worth in me and I was discarded!
    • Humanism - Humans consumed by fear we see me as an abomination and betray me as well!
    • Childhoodism - Powerless before his mortality he BETRAYED ME AS WELL!
    • Sexocracy - How the hell did I become a tumblr sexyman!
    • Dreamism - Dreams won't save you Buer!

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