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    Savitrism is an authoritarian unity, culturally far-right, esoteric and extreme environmentalist ideology which is a synthesis of Nazi.png National Socialism and Hinduism created by French-born nazi spy and later Greek neo-nazi underground leader Savitri Devi.


    Savitri rejected Judeo-Christianity and believed in pantheistic monism with energy-matter composed at its core. Influenced by Nazi.png National Socialism, she believed that the discovery of swastikas on Ancient Greek architecture was a sign that Ancient Greek were aryan in origin and later acquired Greek nationality. She believed that Hinduism in India was an example of an alive pagan Aryan culture and formally converted to it, seeing the swastika as an important symbol of unity between Germans and Hindus.

    She believed that Adolf Hitler was the ninth Avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu and that Hitler's death was a sacrifice to end the Kali Yuga which she felt was being created by the Jews. She saw the Caste Icon.png Caste System as a system to govern racial segregation and secure the supremacy of light-skinned aryans and the survival of the minority of light-skinned Brahmins.

    She strongly opposes Abrahamic religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

    Envi.png Evironmentalism, being that ecology was a key part of Savitri's esotericism, was another core belief of hers and supported vegetarianism, animal rights and the death penalty for people who disrespected animals or nature.


    Savitrism has a fascination for Nazi.png National Socialism and paganism, while abhorring Abrahamic Unitism.png Abrahamic faith. She will even go as far as to campaign missionary work against it. Her relationship with her parents is complicated at best due to their differing beliefs politically and religiously and her rejection of French allegiance. She always loved nature and is a vegetarian, and also thinks people who disrespect nature and animals should receive the death penalty.

    After the defeat of Hitler in WW2, she became more vocal about her views and became a founding member of the World Union of National Socialists.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Savitrism
    1. Draw a red triangle.
    2. Draw a white circle with a black Swastika in it.
    3. Draw a north pole-facing projection of the Earth inside the swastika.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. Give it an orange bow.

    You're done!





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