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    Satanic Marxism is an economically left wing, civically variable, and culturally left ideology that combines Marxist ideology with satanic beliefs.


    Uniting beliefs of Satanic Marxism:

    1. Replacing Capitalism with Socialism
    2. Supporting satanic values
    3. Internationalist and Anti-Imperialist foreign policy
    4. Cultural Progressivism

    Satanic Marxists can vary in their religious beliefs, with some being theists and some being atheists. Most are agnostic and/or esoteric. As for civic beliefs, some are authoritarian and others are more libertarian. And of course, they are those who favor reform while others support revolution and still others who support both.


    Satanic Marxism-Leninism

    Satanic Marxism-Leninism is a variant of Satanic Marxism that supports a global revolution led by the working class, guided by a satanic vanguard party. The state would be a one-party state run as a dictatorship of the demonic proletariat.

    Satanic Centrist Marxism

    Satanic Centrist Marxism is a variant that's neutral on the question of revolution versus reform, supporting both at times. They're a little less authoritarian than SatMarxLen.

    Satanic Libertarian Marxism

    Satanic Libertarian Marxism is a variant that supports a global revolution led by the working class. The difference between SatMarxLen and SatLibMarx is that the latter eschews a vanguard party. This variant is the most culturally progressive.

    Satanic Reformist Marxism

    Satanic Reformist Marxism is a variant that supports reform and revisionism as opposed to a revolution. They support working within the framework of a liberal democracy into to transition from capitalism to satanic communism.


    Demonic Comrades

    • Marxism - My father. From you, I have learned the importance class struggle and communism. But you should embrace satanic philosophy.
    • Satanic Theocracy - My other father. May Satan guild the working class and the revolution.
    • Secular Satanism - Theist, atheist, what does it matter? You do a good job at trolling the Christcucks. Just start being more socialist.
    • Marxism-Leninism and Libertarian Marxism - We will go forth and crush the angelic bourgeoisie under the iron heel of the satanic revolution!
    • Reformist Marxism and Transitional Social Democracy - Maybe reformism isn't all that bad, as long as the reforms are swift and heavy. You're also the only liberals that know that the free market can't actually solve everything, which is a bonus.
    • Revolutionary Satanism - Me, but more nationalist.


    Bourgeois Angels


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