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    Satanic Liberalism is the ideology that the goal to life is by practicing the ideas of Satanism and supporting the policies of liberalism.


    • Satanic Liberals can be theistic, atheistic, or agnostic in terms of their religious beliefs.
    • Satanic Liberals support compassion towards all living beings (within reason).
    • Satanic Liberals promote equality and individual freedom.
    • Satanic Liberals prefer to use scientific evidence and rational thinking when choosing their belief systems.
    • Satanic Liberals support religious freedom, and are opposed to those who want to take that away from people.

    Personality and Behavior

    Satanic Liberalism is often very edgy around Christian Theocrats (though he loves Muslims and Jews due to the fact they're religious minorities). He also says that "Satanism is about worship of secular and theistic knowledge ....that is what the black flame is between the horns of Baphomet...knowledge...also Baphomet wasn’t meant to be worshiped it was meant to be a meditative representation of the all....this is what the templars hid.”

    whenever someone calls him out.

    btw I’m not Satan so fuck off with the “Q-Anon” shit

    How to Draw

    Flag of Satanic Liberalism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with black
    3. Draw the logo of Liberalism but make it a shade of red.
    4. Add red horns.
    5. Add eyes, make them the same color as the horns and you're done!



    • Satanic Democracy - I like your style.
    • Liberalism - Where I get my political views from.
    • Deism - Values religion while also supporting and encouraging scientific evidence.
    • Secular Satanism - We are pretty close to each other, not going to lie.


    • Anglo-American Secularism - While you do support separation of church and state, you also allow for religious fanatics to violate the rights of others. I like your French variation a little bit more.


    • Christian Theocracy - This is what happens when the separation between church and state is not maintained.
    • Jihadism - Same as above, but for Islam.
    • State Atheism - You're no better than those Christian Theocrats!

    Further Information

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