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    Sapphic Titoism is an authoritarian left, culturally revolutionary, socialist ideolgy It is the progressive version of Titoism. Focusing heavily on LGBTQ rights, as well as fighting against homophobia.

    Due to her own interpretation of Marxism and how to apply it (which is in opposition to Pink Stalinism), she usually does not get along with other LGBTQ Marxists, especially Lesboxhaism. Even though she shares their thoughts on cultural and social issues.

    Flag of Sapphic Titoism




    • Anna Wintour Thought - Rich bitch. But Strong ally of the LGBTQ community. And I love to wear good clothes too, and she's gives expert advice.
    • State Liberalism - Drop the liberal crap. However, you do handle bigots very well.
    • Intersex Xi Jinping Thought - You are weird. Your social values are very based. But you are this weird hybred of socialism and capitalism
    • Conservative Socialism - I mean, its great that you love socialism. But real socialism is not achievable if you cling to your stupid traditions.
    • Transjuche - You're a socialist like me. And I will fight for your right to exist. But you hang out with him . And you are really rigid in your thinking.
    • Transilminism - First, I prefer Your Sister . Second, capitalism hurts minorities, including LGBTQ people. But you do deserve equal rights and I can't stand to see people mistreat and misgender you.
    • Pink Capitalism - **Gigantic eye roll** Yep ever capitalist in June.
    • Libertarian Feminism - I recognize you as a feminist . But you are misguided. Capitalism exploits women!
    • Third Way - I can tolerate you I guess. But you really annoy me.
    • Pink Theory - Man, you are weird. But there are SOME things I agree with you on.
    • Pink Maoism - You and your friends call me a "fake socialist" which really gets under my skin. But I do admire your stand against capitalists, bigots, and imperialism.
    • Bi-Khrushchevism - You are much nicer to me than him . But you still irritate me a lot.


    • Lesboxhaism - My CRAZY Ex-Girlfriend! She calls me a fake socialist all the time! I'm sick of it!
    • Pink Stalinism - Stop sending people to try and kill me! And stop saying I'm not a true Marxist! I'm going to kick your ass!
    • Reaganism - You destoryed the lives of an entire generation.
    • Radical Feminism - You're not a feminist. You are just a man hating. transphobic moron.
    • Paleoconservatism - You say you're Pro-Life? That's nice. Get one and stay out of mine.
    • Paleolibertarianism - You don't want liberty. You just want to be a bigot without any consequences.
    • National Distributism - We may have similar economic ideas, but you’re an obnoxious reactionary bigot! And stop pretending you aren’t a Nazi! YOU ARE NAZI GARBAGE!
    • Klansmanism - Man, racism is not just evil, its also stupid.
    • Homoconservatism - Ah yes, the Rainbow Bourgeoisie. A self-hating moron who thinks maintaining the status quo somehow helps oppressed minorities.

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