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    Saoirseist flag

    Saoirseism is a Nationalist, Communist, and Libertarian ideology. It advocates a pagan revival, National Liberation from outside control, Communism, and a Pan Germanic Nation. It is Anti Muslim and Anti Christian which it views as worse than Indigenous European/Arab/Australian/American Religions which it intends to adopt because those religions are outgrowths of national culture.


    -A sense of a common identity between Germanic nations must be fostered

    -Worker cooperatives are created that only buy from other worker cooperatives

    -A boycott of Capitalist firms occurs

    -Workers arm themselves to protect against the state which being the violent arm of capital will attempt to destroy the worker cooperatives

    -Cooperatives begin to barter for goods rather than use money to serve 2 goals:

    1. Prevent the accumulation of to much wealth in the hands of the few
    2. Prevent the rich from robbing the proletariat with taxes

    -Start preforming mutual aid out of Heathen religious organizations to ensure these religious institutions are part of the structure of the new society

    -Fully collectivise the economy through religious institutions



    Saoirseism is a Far Left Anti Capitalist Ideology. This takes the form of advocacy for a Barter economy where the fundamental unit of production is the Worker Cooperative and is Collectivized.

    Buddhist Economics

    Saoirseism supports measuring Economics using Bhutan's Buddhist Economic view of "Gross National Happiness" instead of "Gross Domestic Product". This is because it is generally understood that product is not neccisarily useful unless it's applied properly to bring about the wellbeing of the most people possible. The ways that product should be used are to make sure that the people of the Nation are well fed, That they all have adiquate medical care, That they all get satisfactory education. All of this being done with a cultural mindset put on contentidness and gratitude instead of greed and consumerism will help the Nation be a happier and stronger place.


    Saoirseism believes in limited government and decentralized revolution believing that through Socialism and Libertarianism things that would normally be illegal would decrease. This being because:

    -People would have no reason to steal because their needs would be met.

    -Divorce would be less frequent because most divorces happen because of finantial difficulties.

    -Rape would be less frequent because of cultural change, better mental health, most rapists attribute parents divorce as a reason for rape.

    -Murder would be less rampant because people wouldn't murder for money and mental health conditions would be more improved.

    -Traffic violations would be less rampant because of improved public transport.

    -Abuse would happen less because of improved mental health and changes in the culture.

    -Substance abuse would be less frequent because of improved mental health, less homelessness, and studies have found that legalization of drugs decreases drug use and overdose.

    -Environmental violations would be less common because land is heald in common.


    Saoirseism is very pious and follows Religious law closely. It is very intent on liberation of the people and prideful of their Nation. It can be found meditating, giving worship to a deity, or participating in Buddhist practice.

    How to draw

    -Draw a circle

    -Shade in with #141414

    -Draw a #570000 Valknut

    -Draw Eyes

    -Draw a gray crown with cyan gems



    Natcom.pngNational Communism- Socialism strengthens Nations, the Nation strengthens Socialism.

    Cultural Nationalism.pngCultural Nationalism- Culture should be protected.

    RelNat.pngReligious Nationalism- Germania should prioritize Indigenous Germanic Faith.


    Sorelia.pngNational Syndicalism- Simmilar enough to National Communism but too centralized.

    Globnat.pngAlter Globalism- Significantly better than any type of "Nationalist" that supports free trade between Nations.

    Orthlen.pngLeninism- Pretty good but ditch the Democratic Centralism, Authoritaianism, and Globalism.

    Mao.pngMaoism- The People's Communes where really cool but Democratic Centralism, Authoritarianism, and Globalism mixed with Anti Theism is pretty bad


    Cap.pngCapitalism- A big contributer to moral decline. It allows a Nation to be dragged back and forth at the will of the Capitalists. It does not care for the Nation, Dhamma, Freedom, Culture, or Progress, it only cares for profit.

    World.pngGlobalism- A remover of National Sovereinty and places all Nations under the will of Capitalists.

    Muslim 2.pngIslamic Theocracy and Christy.png Christian Theocracy- Both destroyed previous Scientific discoveroes of Pagan cultures.

    Zio.pngZionism- Settler Colonial state.


    TAM icon.pngThird Aquarian Model- Not great but not the worst.

    Noctua.pngNoctuaism- not bad

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup Thought- Could be better but overall pretty nice.

    Ashley.pngAshleyHereism- You're not bad. I apreciate the Decentralism.

    Aldath.pngAldathism- Pretty good but would be nice if you would come further left.

    Lefthopnar.pngNarowin National Liberatianism- Be economically left and you'd be great.

    Panth.pngPantheonism- I endorse this Ideology.


    Triadism- To much centralization for me.

    Hydra.pngHydra'ism- Calm down with the Centralism, Capitalism, and genocide attempts.

    Hamburger.pngRejuvenative Hamburg thought- I like you but stop trying to break away from Germania.

    Pixil-frame-0(27).pngNew Model Of Cheesenism- I like a few of your proposals but the political executions, violence against LGBT people, and Militarization will be your undoing. Also don't further contribute to the degredation of Dharma in Indonesia with an Islamic government that will destroy the Nation speedily.


    Fant-icon.pngFantism- This doesn't seem particularily intelligent.

    AaronSH.pngAaronism- Hedonism, Markets, Anti Theism need I say more.

    InexistentIcon.pngInexistent Ideology- Too Auth, too Secular, and Democratic Centralism is bad.

    Political Tests


    • Alaois2.png ComradeAlaois - Add me.
    • Jonah.png JonahF2014 - Yo ein neuer Deutscher auf PCB? You seem based, could you add me to self-insert relations? Also if you want feel free to add me on discord (JonahF2014#1089)
    • - Add me.
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me?
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere - Add me?
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism- add me
    • Panth.png Pantheonism - Hallo, könntest du mich bitte zu deinen Beziehungen hinzufügen?
    • Jonah.png JonahF2014 - Thanks for adding me, I'll be adding you back soon. I'd like to suggest you take the CulturalValues test and put it on your page, it'll help people get a better idea of your cultural & national positions, which I especially find interesting. Also as mentioned above I'd like to get in touch, so if you have discord or anything I'd appreciate if we could talk there^^
    • Glencoe.png Glencoe- add me?
    • Triadism: Add me: Erebus Hellsing#8294, I would like to speak with you,


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