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    is a Nationalist, Non Marxist Socialist, Reactionary, and Culturally Right ideology that supports Pagan revivalism, Roman Empire model, and Virtue Ethics. Saoirseism believes that through proper understanding of logic one can ascertain virtue, virtue is the most important thing in the world, so people must work towards the cultivation of virtue, and the entire societal mechanism must work towards cultivating a population full of virtue.



    Saoirseism believes that each nation has a unique spirit (in the litteral sense) that is connected to ethnicity and culture. Because of this all people have a duty to their people like they have a duty towards their family or towards humanity as a hole.


    Saoirseism's economics are what can be best described as collectivised barter economy. It tends to shy away from both Capitalism and Communism citing Proudhon's reasoning that "Property is the exploitation of the weak by the strong. Communism is the exploitation of the strong by the weak." in an ideation which could be described as third position. It does not support hierarchical corporations prefering cooperatives and collectivism to cultivate a sense of selfless service to the community. This is to facilitate the creation of a true aristocracy who arive at what they have from a combination of generational wealth attained through will to power and their own wealth attained through their own will to power while still looking after and caring for the weaker and preventing them from being exploited (those with less will to power).

    Agrarian Tribal Society

    Saoirseism believes that an agrarian society is better suited to the needs of the human spirit. Agrarianism allows for communities to grow their own fresh produce which means that processed food will become basically non existant. Tribal society is better because it creates a tight knit group of people who work for eachothers benifit. It has been seen that in more collectovist societies mental illness takes upon different charectoristics for example Schizophrenia is less harmful on average to people in these societies and so by implementing these forms of societal organization we can improve mental health.


    If there are severe inheritable disabilities present in the gene pool it decreases the quality of life of the species. Further the implication of a child in an inheritable disability or illness is without their consent is amoral and wrong.

    Natural Law

    Saoirseism believes natural law governs the hole universe and that we can work in harmony with that law or we can attempt to oppose it with unsatisfactory results. Natural law can be intuited by observing the world.

    Virtue Ethics

    Saoirseism believes that morality is about coming more in line with natural law and cultivation of moral virtues. This implies the cultivation of the 4 stoic virtues: Wisdom, Justice, Courage, and and temperance as which leads to fewness of desires which leads to the gradual severing of attachments until one is no longer attatched to the physical world at which point they will cease to be reborn in the mortal plain.

    Traditionalist Perrenialism

    Saoirseism takes a large ammount of inspiration from the Traditionalist school of René Guénon, Frithjof Schuon, and Ananda coomeraswami. As such Saoirseism believes in a perrenial wisdom (Sophia Perrenis) hidden in the multitude of traditions. Saoirseism holds that this Sophia Perrenis is that of non attatchment to wordly pleasure and items. This wisdom can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Daoism, Sufi Islam, Christian Mysticism, Jewish Kabbalah, and pagan philosophies.

    Pagan Revivalism

    Non spiritual societies are more likely to decline with time considering most religious populations have higher birth rates than athiests. This may be because of the fact that spiritual values include a preservation of the bloodline. Paganism is specifically benificial in this respect because ancester veneration is a common practice in pagan religion. This has the added benifit of connecting one to their heritage and culture. Pagan faiths also typically have an animistic element and involves nature veneration which brings about respect for nature so environmental destruction would naturally occur less.

    Dharmic Traditions

    Saoirseism supports Dharmic traditions as it sees them as philosophically inclined towards truth, their methods are useful for attaining release from suffering, and their moral systems are preferable. Meditation as championed by these traditions has been shown to improve health and wellbeing, Non attachment leads to less hedonism and more contentment, and karma champions responsibility for ones actions.

    Abrahamic Traditions

    Abrahamic religions promote self hating ideology (Original sin), violence (the Tanakh and Quran advocating murder), sexual violence (sex slavory in the Tanakh and pedophilia in the Quran), slave morality (hating the strong in the new testament), destruction of national culture (claiming non Abrahamic cultures are evil), and submission (demanding submissiveness especially in the New Testament).

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    Mutualism- If it is relatively collectivist it is the best form of societal organization. This is because certain social programs such as public healthcare, transportation, utilities, and UBI are all beneficial to a nation where they are implemented. This can be done through a volantary community tax which the people of a tribe can decide on what to use the tax which would be much more effective than allocating federal tax funds because federal tax requires republican buerocracy whereas tribal tax is a small enough community to use direct democracy.

    Caesarism- A leader who observes virtue and is skilled in philosophy, much like Plato's philosopher king, advised by a council of true aristocracy is the best option for governance.

    Agrarian Socialism and Agrarian Nationalism - Agrarianism provides a way to a healthier society.


    Capitalism- Capitalism contributes to moral decline. It allows a Nation to be dragged back and forth at the will of the Capitalists. It does not care for the Nation, Virtue, Freedom, Culture, or Progress, it only cares for profit.

    Globalism- Globalism removes National Sovereinty and subjects all Nations to the will of Capitalist Globalists.

    Abrahamism- Abrahamism destroyed previous Scientific discoveries of Pagan cultures in accordance with the teachings of their religions, destroyed pagan cultures, and semented in the west a moral system built around submissiveness.


    Natural Law Theory- The best potential theory to develope a moral framework from. It represents the formation of the begginings of the great western philosophical tradition including Platonism, Aristotelianism, Cynicism, and Stoicism. It also is a parallel to the concept of Dharma.

    Virtue Ethics - Virtue ethics is supperior to Deontology and Consequentialism because it focuses on the individual charector of a person rather than their behavior and it's results so it ultimately tells you more about how moral you are as a person and how to improve.

    Roman Stoicism - This philosophy observes virtue, strongly values internal cultivation, and values self discipline.


    Anti-Theism - Actually disgusting ideology.

    Antinatalism - Thinly veiled psyop to weeken society.



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