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    Santaism is the ideology of the legendary Santa Claus. It believes in rewarding well-behaved children globally with the naughty or nice system. It pursues a policy of moral Merit.png Meritocracy and extreme secretism.


    Extreme Isolationism

    Vast measures are taken to ensure the secrecy of the North Pole's Workshop. Santa's place of operations resides in the North Pole, but in a completely unknown location. Santa himself is also highly protected through the use of double, triple, quadruple, etc. agents, as well as with shielding magic and technology.

    Naughty or Nice list

    All children who celebrate Christmas are eligible to be on Santa's Naughty and Nice list. Children who are behaved and nice will be put on the nice list and will receive presents on Christmas Eve that they will open the next day. Children who are misbehaved and naughty however will be put on the naughty list and will receive coal.

    Santa has an archive and database of all children which he reviews twice every December before Christmas.

    Workforce & Funding

    Santa employs thousands of elves in his workshop to produce and manufacture toys year round. Santa's exact funding methods for labor and resources is not known, resulting in several theories and conspiracy theories. Some argue that the economy of the North Pole is a GE.png Gift Economy, or could be a massive corporate-type entity, while others argue it could be a Slaveism icon.png Slave Economy. Other claims include it is funded by the Illum.png Illuminati or that parents pay Santa Claus for the toys or that corporations pay Santa to promote their toys more.

    Santa's official method of payment/tipping is with milk and cookies.

    Personality & History

    Santaism is extremely charitable. When he started his gig he was just an old man within the Caesar.png Roman Empire who decided to put all his effort into creating toys to give away to all the children.

    Later he was canonized as a Saint by the Catheo.png Catholic Church and became the more recognizable figure we all know him as, Santa Claus, after the Christianization of pagan religious festivals.

    Santasism loves children and is easily recognized by his "HO HO HO!". His favorite drink is Coca Cola.





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