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    Santa Clause Denialism is the off compass kakistocratic ideology of those who refute the existence of Santa Clause.

    How to debate a Santa Clause Denier

    • Ask them how presents get under the tree.
    • Ask them where all the cookies went.
    • Tell them to read/watch some theory (ex: The Santa Clause, ELF, and The Polar Express are great movies which provide explanations for Christmas magic)

    You will leave them speechless.


    Santa Claus Denialism is disgruntled and grumpy, alcoholic, and a jerk who has become absent from Santa's eternal love and grace. He hates Santa Clause and doesn't believe in him and he loves to make kids cry by telling them he's "not real".



    • State Atheism - You don't believe in anything either.
    • Anti-Christmasism - I don't have any opinions on Christmas itself really. I just like that you dislike Santa.
    • Islamic Theocracy - It sure is fun when we go on walks to tell kids Sant IsN't ReAl pEpEEpOoPoO I AM THE DUMB!
    • Jewish Theocracy - Santa won't come down your chimney, but believers in him will put you down their chimney.


    • Childhoodism - SANTA ISN'T REAL YOU DUMB KIDS!! and no I'm TOTALLY not being cruel because of that one time Santa gave me coal and I never forgave him!
    • Edwinism - Stupid kid probably believes in Santa Claus.
    • Kakistocracy - Only people this dumb would believe in Santa.
    • Christian Theocracy - You know Santa isn't real and it's against your beliefs to worship other gods, so WHY DO KEEP LYING TO KIDS ABOUT SANTA!!
    • File:PagTheo-icon.png Pagan Theocracy - Santa is a pagan god and screw you for creating him!
    • Shillism - Stop using Santa as a ploy to sell products. He is not real!
    • Santa Theocracy - Ewwwww....
    • Santaism - F!CK YOU! JERK! You're not even real!! *sobs*


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