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    Sansepolcrismo is a Third Position, Italian, economically left-wing (though opposed to the Italian Socialist Party), revolutionary nationalist and culturally alternate modernist ideology that characterises the principles of the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento, the organisation led by Benito Mussolini immediately before the formation of the National Fascist Party in 1921. Sansepolcrismo derives its name from the Piazza San Sepolcro in Milan, Italy, where Mussolini held the rally that founded the movement on March 23, 1919. The movement proposed a pro-worker program with strong influences from nationalism, syndicalism and anti-imperialism, incorporating more radical and progressive policies compared to the later Fascist regime. Sansepolcrismo generally refers to the more syncretic ideology held by the movement from March 1919 to November 1919, before the Fasci's ideological shift closer to the political right.


    The Sansepolcrimso originated with a statement published in Benito Mussolini's newspaper Il Popolo d'Italia on March 2, 1919, outlining a meeting for March 23 that year. News of the upcoming meeting spread through Italian World War I veteran circles. A further statement from the newspaper proposed the creation of a Fighting Fascist "anti-party" that stood against the "reaction of the right and the destructiveness of the left". The meeting was set to be chaired by Arditi commander Ferruccio Vecchi, with Michele Bianchi, a nationalist syndicalist who would go on to lead a leftist faction within the National Fascist Party during the early to mid-1920s, to act as Executive Secretary.

    On the morning of March 23, 1919, the meeting that led to the eventual founding of the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento took place in the Industrial Alliance building in the Piazza San Sepolcro in Milan, Italy. Mussolini was the first speaker to outline policy, paying tribute to those who fought on behalf of Italy during World War I, opposing imperialism, making a claim to Fiume and Dalmatia and a commitment to sabotage neutralist political candidates. This was followed by the futurist Filippo Tomasso Marinetti, who used his speech to criticise the revolutionary action of the Biennio Rosso and attack the Italian Socialist Party, and subsequently by futurist fascist Mario Carli. The rally was followed by the establishment of the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento and the publishing of the Manifesto dei Fasci Italiani di Combattimento (often simply referred to as the Fascist Manifesto) on June 6, 1919 in Il Popolo d'Italia.

    The Fasci would go on to commit acts of political violence against their opponents, including the ransacking of the office (including the destruction of printing equipment) of socialist newspaper Avanti! by an assorted group of Futurists, Arditi and other nationalists led by Marinetti and Vecchi. The movement also vocally supported Gabriele D'Annunzio's Endeavour of Fiume and the Regency of Carnaro. The Fasci Italiani di Combattimento would go on to participate in Italy's November 1919 parliamentary elections, with local branches deciding on their own electoral policies: Mussolini's own Milan branch would campaign on a left-wing and anti-clericalist campaign. The election proved disastrous for the Fasci, and beginning with the summer of 1920, Mussolini would align the group closer to the established political right of Italy, abandoning the syncretic, socialist and Futurist elements of the group's political ideology.


    Manifesto of the Italian Fasces of Combat


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    4. Draw five white curved lines, on each side of the circle, branching upwards.
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!
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    • Corporatism - Profession-based groups deserve representation within the new revolutionary government!
    • Feminism - Women will be given the vote!
    • Futurism - One of my best friends and fellow lover of revolutions and violence. Try not to alienate our slightly more conservative allies though, okay?
    • Fiumanism - Long live the Endeavour of Fiume!
    • Irredentism - Fiume and Dalmatia belong to Italy!
    • Progressive Fascism - My other best friend and proud defender of real fascism.
    • Secularism - To hell with the clergy!
    • Ultranationalism - Italy will be strong once more!
    • Utopian Socialism - Socialism minus the Marxist doctrine? Based!


    • Conservative Liberalism - You and me both don't like mainstream socialists, albeit for entirely different reasons.
    • Democracy - I want to expand democracy! But stop getting on my case for sabotaging my political opponents, okay?
    • Socialism - I like you, with the exception of the Italian Socialist Party.
    • Social Liberalism - Ultimately another tool of conservative reaction, although... perhaps we could lead a coalition against the communists, Giolitti?
    • Stratocracy - Yes, we should have war veterans in our new government! I don't like militarism or dictatorship though.


    • Fascism - Traitor who sold out to the conservative bourgeoisie, stole my name and purged my followers!
    • Imperialism - "This assembly of March 23 is opposed to imperialism at the expense of other peoples of Italy and Italian imperialism to the possible detriment of other peoples."
    • Marxism - Anti-nationalist Bolshevik scum!

    Further information

    1. A slogan used by the Arditi during World War I. Many Arditi members would go on to be involved with Sansepolcrismo.
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