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    Sanfedismo, (from "Sante Fede", "Holy Faith" in Italian) is an Authoritarian Unity, Religious, Culturally Right and Monarchist ideology, based on the Army of Holy Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ ("Armata della Santa Fede in nostro Signore Gesù Cristo" in Italian), which was a Counterrevolutionary movement on southern Italy during 1799, against the Jacobin invasion of the Kingdom of Naples.


    Sanfedismo came to be on 1799, when the First French Republic invaded the Kingdom of Naples. When this happend, the nobles and the bourgeoisie where mostly happy with it, the lower strata detested the jacobins, due to their Anti-Religion, their imposition of high taxes, their forced conscription and the massacres they made against them, even destroying entire villages when they got in power. As a response to this violence, the lower strata and the poor people in general rose against the jacobin rule.

    The Neapolitan monarchy, without expecting it, without having put it into its calculations, saw the plebs of the countryside and the cities rise up in its favor everywhere, who bravely launched themselves into war to fight and die for religion and for the king, and they were called, then for the first time, "bands of the Holy Faith."

    Benedetto Croce

    The objective of the rebels (refered by the jacobins as "sanfedisti") was to overthrow the revolutionary government and the restaruation of the former king, Ferdinand IV of Naples and III of Sicily. The official army was formed on the srping of 1799, being it's leader Cardinal Fabrizio Dionigi Ruffo, designated by the king as his representant on Naples.




    • British Imperialism - While it's true that Nelson helped us against the revolutionaries, he also violated the peace treaty they signed and attacked them after they surrendered.

    Nemici della Santa Fede

    • Jacobinism - A lu suono de viuline Morte alli Giacubbine!


    1. Later scholarly views of the Sanfedisti have dubbed them a "counter-revolutionary" group, but not homogeneously a "reaction[ary]" one.
    2. "Tata Maccarone" was most likely a nickname given to King Ferdinand I.
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