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    Sandersism is the ideology of American Social Democratic politician Bernie Sanders.


    Bernie Sanders self-identifies as a democratic socialist. He is a progressive who admires the nordic model of social democracy. He advocates for universal and single-payer healthcare, paid parental leave, as well as tuition-free tertiary education, lowering the cost of drugs by reforming patent laws to allow cheaper generic versions to be sold in the U.S, and the Affordable Care Act.


    How To Draw

    Flag of Sandersism
    1. draw a ball
    2. fill it with white
    3. draw a red line with a slight curve on the bottom of the ball (#ff2144)
    4. draw a blue line above the red line with some white space in between (#0070cc)
    5. write Bernie (in the same blue)
    6. replace the dot on the "i" with a star
    Color Name RGB HEX
    white 255,255,255 #ffffff
    red 255,33,68 #ff2144
    blue 0,112,204 #0070cc




    • Bidenism - My great friend Joe... but why did you have to betray your own egotistical fanbase?!
    • Castroism - Sure Castro definitely did bad things, but he also did some good.
    • Democratism - Fuck, better luck next time I suppose.


    • Trumpism - I’m tried of wasting my time with you. I have already established that all Democrats MUST defeat Donald Trump! Now, I have to focus on getting more support.
    • Neoconservatism - Stop with the pointless wars already.
    • Hillaryism - Says nobody likes me, at least my wife actually enjoys my company unlike your husband lol.
    • Neoliberal Burgundian System - I was waving you idiot.
    • Putinism - We need to stop Putin and his oligarchs!

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