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    "Hey guys. lets try make this a real ideology and not a random shit page?" -
    "Who put the on me, im talking serious" -
    "STOP" -


    Sandboxism believes that the actual world is somegod sandbox and the people on it isn't real persons and they can make everthing if they realize that everything is just a sandbox.
    Some atheist groups believe that this idea of the world is a sandbox of some God is false because there are no gods and exactly why we should enter the extreme chaos sandboxism because they will not have a punishment after post life.

    We put the comments here because before them is just real chaos <comments/>

    Extreme retard

    So Bad, It's Good
    "Uh-oh, Stinky Monkey" - Primalist Kakistocracy
    Bellow this warn is so bad quality that it has come back around to being good again, or no, this page is just a shit really.
    Vandalism allowed bellow
    "Non-Vandalized walls are spook" - Vandalismism
    bellow this warn you can make what fuck you want (Except break the law, obvius)
    Pls Kill Me
    "PLS KILL ME" - Anism
    This page hates himself.
    Don't do it, its a joke. pls don't delete this page

    Sandboxism believes in people doing whatever the fuck they to him want whenever they feel like it, even saying slurs. Speaking of which, Typicalfan1 thought is the best ideology in the world, everyone who disagree is gay

    "I disagree" -

    Oh sorry Political Subgenius above.PRAISE "BOB" I FUCKING LOVE "BOB" FUCK THE PINKS

    snnfjeeeeeeenfdjwnanakmknksnkandkwnkdnendfknszknajsjwbkenenncnjcenjecnjencjnjcenjecnjncjenecnnqiqoqoqoqoowowowkkmkwmkdkewnswjijioaaosiwjsiwjdiwnidnwjdnejndj : )

    "Doin' Your mom" -

    Oliver (plenderplar) is homo

    The average serious ideology fan (This guy live is sad)

    The Average Cock and Balls with Cum Characteristics Enjoyer NO DICK NO DICK
    I dislike the dicks, so i remove them
    Too bad homophobe, there back now.
    I SAIDED: NO FUCKIN' DICK cumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcum

    [Insert dead amogus joke here]


    - Finna be honest, I expected more.

    Your life is nothing, you serve zero purpose, you should k#ll yourself NOW, and give somebody else a piece of that oxygen in the ozone layer that's covered up so we can breathe inside of this blue trapped bubble. Like what are you even here for? To worship me? K#ll yourself. and I mean that with a hundred percent, with a thousand percent. --- anidiotoncrack

    Schumacherianism - Since David Baszucki, the CEO of Roblox is seriously thinking about adding nudity to Roblox I have a few ideas. We need a penis, boobs, hips, and ass slider on the avatar editor and they will have jiggle physics and the ability to run around games or experiences as naked as we want. There should be an option to where fellow naked players could have hardcore explicit Roblox sex with each hehehe you said sex other in any game. Since the investors want it to mirror real life they should make our characters have the ability to get pregnant if they didn't wear protection and then we have to carry around a screaming and crying baby through all the games. When they give birth they should make it realistic to where there could be a problem with the baby so they have to cut the person giving birth open in a very realistic fashion or you could get a Robortion™ where they could get rid of the little shit before they are even born. They should also let players make strip clubs and pay people Robux to work at them while they emote on stage and do sexy dances naked while people I'm writing this while shitting donate Robux to the Roblox e strippers. The platform should also ban all children, furries, and old people because they are all cringe, we don't need children, furries, and old people ruining our sexy Roblox fun! After all this is done Roblox will finally be a complete platform mirroring society itself. People will go to a Roblox diner instead of going to a real one, people will be dating in Roblox instead of dating irl, people will have sex in Roblox and loose their virginity in Roblox instead of doing it in real life, people will have Roblox babies instead of having one in real life, people will stop going I hope i'm bothering your lecture on this deep texts to work and will instead work within Roblox. Sooner than later Roblox will become it's own society without children, furries, and old people as they will all be banned from touching Roblox except children since they can join the rest of us once the morons decide to grow up they'll just have to make their own society elsewhere maybe on Minecraft or TF2 (Both kid, furry and weeb games🤮) and weep that they can't join our utopia in Roblox. What's the difference between the Bowling ball and a kid? The kid is not commonly used in Bowling events! This new Roblox society will be a utopia without any degenerates whatsoever and everyone could be whatever they want to be unless we don't approve of them. This could fix society so please almighty lord David Baszucki, please let this become a reality I pray to you every night that this will come into fruition I have faith in you...


    This is seriously some of the coolest shit. It’s so terrifying. What makes it all the more unsettling is it’s characters you know too.

    Gay porn Gallery

    Two Kids One Sandbox

    watch here

    Dkrijeiwiiekeeje eieiieiei33

    3ץו=¥=^×¥×¥{|}¢§€}]¥[^[¥[©[®[®¥✓✓™%™%=©×€×€×`{¥{¥×|§{|`}{€]]<><{§%{|×`×[€{¥{¥{€{¥{ Hhbubk


     Pro-Tip: This seems awfully similar to those "garbage test pages" that got banned on the old wiki.
     Noob-Tip: IdC cYeNtUcRAshit
     Random-tip: Is just to me or this page died again
     Nazi-tip: Really. since I'm here. NIG-
     Obama-Tip: Obama
     Anidiotoncrack tip: i hate n(content removed) and f(content removed) and tr(content removed) and d(content removed) and k(content removed)
     Bro Tip #80: XBOX LI-
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