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    "Help" - Still-Being-Drawnism
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    "Hey guys. lets try make this a real ideology and not a random shit page?" - Soycialism.png
    "Who put the Soycialism.png on me, im talking serious" - Soycialism.png
    "STOP" - Soycialism.png


    Sandboxism-icon.png Sandboxism believes that the actual world is somegod sandbox and the people on it isn't real persons and they can make everthing if they realize that everything is just a sandbox.
    Some atheist groups believe that this idea of the world is a sandbox of some God is false because there are no gods and exactly why we should enter the extreme chaos sandboxism because they will not have a punishment after post life.

    We put the comments here because before them is just real chaos <comments/>

    Extreme retard

    So Bad, It's Good
    "Uh-oh, Stinky Monkey" - Primalist Kakistocracy
    Bellow this warn is so bad quality that it has come back around to being good again, or no, this page is just a shit really.
    Vandalism warn.png
    Vandalism allowed bellow
    "Non-Vandalized walls are spook" - Vandalismism
    bellow this warn you can make what fuck you want (Except break the law, obvius)
    NSFW notice
    "The Party would like to remind you that public arousal is doubleplusungood." - Ingsoc

    This page has been found to be not safe for work.
    Reasons: none specified

    Anism Suicide.png
    Pls Kill Me
    "PLS KILL ME" - Anism
    This page hates himself.
    Don't do it, its a joke. pls don't delete this page

    Sandboxism-icon.png Sandboxism believes in people doing whatever the fuck they to him want whenever they feel like it, even saying slurs. Speaking of which, Typicalfan1 thought is the best ideology in the world, everyone who disagree is gay

    "I disagree" - Gigachad.png

    Oh sorry Political Subgenius above.PRAISE "BOB" I FUCKING LOVE "BOB" FUCK THE PINKS

    snnfjeeeeeeenfdjwnanakmknksnkandkwnkdnendfknszknajsjwbkenenncnjcenjecnjencjnjcenjecnjncjenecnnqiqoqoqoqoowowowkkmkwmkdkewnswjijioaaosiwjsiwjdiwnidnwjdnejndj : )

    "Doin' Your mom" -Kak.png

    Oliver (plenderplar) is homo

    Soycialism.pngThe average serious ideology fan (This guy live is sad)

    The Average Cock and Balls with Cum Characteristics Enjoyer NO DICK Gigachad.png NO DICK
    Soycialism.png I dislike the dicks, so i remove them
    Queerauth.png Too bad homophobe, there back now.
    Soycialism.png I SAIDED: NO FUCKIN' DICK cumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcum

    [Insert dead amogus joke here]


    Gay porn Gallery


    Scientocracy Small.png Pro-Tip: This seems awfully similar to those "garbage test pages" that got banned on the old wiki.
    Kak.png Noob-Tip: IdC cYeNtUcRAshit
    Apolifunny.png Random-tip: Is just to me or this page died again
    PCB-Nazi.png Nazi-tip: Really. since I'm here. NIG-

    Obamium.png Obama-Tip: Obama

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