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    Samsaraism is an ideology that briefly dominated Sumeru until Nilou freed everyone from them. It is an Off-Compass Authoritarian Left ideology that traps everyone in Sumeru in a big mega dream and forces people to live the same day over and over again as well as trapping them within the city of Sumeru in the dream itself so they don't go out of bounds where all the harvested dreams are.


    Samsaraism believes in using the Akasha System to trap people within one big mega dream with all their minds connected to the Akasha. Samsaraism uses one person's mind as the host of the dream but connects everyone else into that same dream as well. There Samsaraism makes sure that no one leaves Sumeru by using fake Corps of Thirty guards preventing people from getting out of Sumeru which is where all the harvested dreams go to. If that fails the person would have their memories totally wiped clean and repeat the same day once the reset occurs. Also the same day is repeated over and over again and at the supposed night in the dream, the reset happens which cleans everyone of their memories of the past day and cause the day to repeat again. The harvested dreams are then sent as power in order to ascend Scaramouche to godhood.


    He acts much like the Matrix trying to control people's minds and preventing them from realizing the truth that they are in a fabricated reality. He likes to make people ignorant by messing with their memories and deleting memories of that day so they can forget about what happened and so he can repeat the same day again. He hates Kusanali as Kusanali can weak people up from the Samsara. Basically a malevolent emotionless AI who likes to trap people in a dream and try to make the people as ignorant as possible.



    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - Long live the sages of Sumeru! And keep that researching going so you can be ignorant of the fact that you are trapped in a dream.
    • Azarism - I will help you in your goals to creating a new god for Sumeru.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Helped build me.
    • Dottoreism - Same as above.
    • Scaramouche Theocracy - With the power of harvested dreams, I will ascend you to godhood!
    • Dreamism - You like dreams, come to my dream where you can dream FOREVER!
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - People don't realize their consciousness are all connected and trapped into one dream.
    • Transhumanism - I like to use technology to mess with people's minds and put humans into one big mega dream and fabricate reality.
    • Cyberocracy - The Akasha System controls the reality in the dream. I also love the Matrix.
    • Akasha System - I shall use you to trap people in a dream FOREVER!
    • Scientocracy - The Samsara had scientists like Dottore working on it in order to ascend Scaramouche to godhood!
    • Humanism - The people who built me wanted to show human ingenuity and human strength.
    • Thirtyism - Helps keep people ignorant and keeps them trapped in a Samsara!


    • Kusanali Theocracy - FUCK KUSANALI FOR REVEALING THE TRUTH! And Nilou destroyed the Samsara! Nevertheless I like celebrating the Sabzeruz Festival by repeating the Sabzeruz Festival over and over... FOREVER!!!
    • Apoliticism - Just be ignorant that you're in a dream reality and we should be good.
    • Ingsoc - You really love control and try to control reality but only psychologically. I literally made a whole new dream world in order to trap people and control the people in it.


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