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    Samikakoism is the ideology of Samikako.


    Samikakoism is an ideology based on the personal interests of Samikako. It is essentially Anarcho-Communalism with A LOT of personal touches.


    Stays in a dark room the entire day, never showers and is always smoking a juul.

    Establishment Requirements


    Our strongest tool at the moment. The possibilies are infinite for a skilled hacker.

    Queer Rights

    100% gender equality and LGBTQIA+ rights


    We need to make the primary goal of the judiciary system to be rehabilitation, prohibiting the use of any and all forms of punishment for lawbreakers and for that matter anyone at all.


    The first step towards equality


    Reject any and all forms of hierrarchy.


    This has never really worked before, but maybe we can achieve it in anarchy?


    Reject any and all forms of nationalism.


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    OK so now that everything is as it should be it's time to advance technologgicaly to make our lives more pleasurable to live, to minimize pain and suffering and to enhance our minds and bodies


    At this point the only thing you should be worried about is living life as pleasurably as possible. After all the final goal of every decent ideology is to ensure the best possible life for everyone so just, try and enjoy life.

    Utopia for Everyone

    with the technology of the future, everyone will have the option to live a life suiting them, everything is fully automated so no one has to do anything but can do anything they want with the exception of activities which hurt others in any way shape or form, but even those activities will be possible in a virtual world which you can choose to live in and can also exit it at any time.

    Economic Organization

    How to draw

    1. draw a ball
    2. add epic red hair
    3. for eyes draw an angry one and and a post humanism symbol
    4. add a juul with smoke coming out of it





    Further Information

    Flag of Samikakoism



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