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    Sameness is the ideology of the Community from The Giver. It is staunchly anti-individualist, trying to eliminate any sort of individualistic thought or behavior, as well as any knowledge of the past or outside world, including simple pleasures such as sledding. Additionally, the Community demands absolute trust and obedience to the Elders, who are the policy deciders.


    Government Control

    The government assumes strict surveillance over its citizens and strict control over the aspects of the lives of its citizens. Everyone is told that the Elders are always right. It is mandatory for them to take medicine which coerces them into obeying what the Elders say, as well as reduces some bodily functions such as color vision. All careers are assigned to its citizens from childhood.


    The Community's nurturing center has rules for which babies get to be part of the community and which ones are "released", aka euthanized and dropped into a trash shoot. For instance, identical twins are not allowed and the weakest of which are released.

    Infants are also biologically engineered and given to assigned mothers.

    Receiver of Memory

    The Receiver of Memory is a very rare job that can be assigned to someone, and one which requires high responsibility. The job of the Receiver is to receive memories from the Chief Elder and through books not allowed for the general populace to read. The memories they receive are memories of the past which have been discarded from the public for the sake of security and conformity. With the memories, it's the job of the Receiver to advise the Council of Elders.




    • Technocracy - This is good when it decides somebodies entire life.
    • Neoreactionaryism - Yes, take the red pill-- WAIT!! Not those red pills!


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