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    Salvinism is an economically and culturally right-wing ideology that is the child of Right-Wing Populism and Federalism, used to represent Matteo Salvini and his followers.


    Salvinism is portrayed as the personality of Matteo Salvini and his supporters. He is nicknamed ''The Captain'' by his supporters, and tweets pictures of himself eating random food.


    Matteo Salvini was born in Milan in 1973, the son of a business executive and a housewife. In 1985, at the age of 12, he took part in game show Doppio slalom (the Italian version of Blockbusters), hosted by Corrado Tedeschi on Canale 5 and in 1993, at the age of 20, he participated on Il pranzo è servito, hosted by Davide Mengacci, which was broadcast by Rete. Salvini studied at the Classical Lyceum "Alessandro Manzoni" in Milan and later attended the University of Milan where he first studied political science and then moved to history; however, he interrupted his studies in order to start his political career and never graduated. During his youth, Salvini used to visit the left-wing self-managed social centre Leoncavallo , although the nature of this relationship is controversial. He stated he used to go to Leoncavallo in his late teens and he embraced those ideas. However, in his autobiography, he writes: "I went to the Leoncavallo just one time. For a concert. When I wasn't even interested in politics". An investigation of Jacobin scaled down his relationship with the centre.

    Early Political Career

    In 1990 Salvini became a member of Lega Nord, a separatist party that strived for the independence of Norhtern Italy. He was an active member of Young Padanians Movement, LN's youth faction, of which he became city coordinator for Milan in 1992 and city secretary in 1997. In the same year he began to write for his Party's newspaper, La Padania. In 1993 he would be elected as a member of the city council of Milan, a position he would hold until 2012. With the creation of a ''Padanian Parliament'', a legislative assembly of Lega Nord, he would join Padanian Communists to protest Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile. It won 5 seats out of 210. At the time Salvini continued to keep libertarian socialist ideas, supporting wealth redistribution and the legalisation of cannabis.

    Career in the European Parliament

    Salvini was elected with 14,000 votes in the European Parliament for the North-West Region in 2004 as a part of Non-Inscrits. In 2006 he lost that office to Gian Paolo Gobbo. In 2006, Salvini was re-elected as member of the City Council with over 3,000 votes. In the same year he became Deputy Leader of Lega Lombarda. Salvini ran in the Italian Parliament in 2008 and won his seat, however he would have to resign as he won his MEP seat again in 2009. Salvini would embrance more right-wing positions on economic and social issues by then, and would embrance euroskeptic positions opposing euro currency (though he said he would like the North to have euro if it meant the South had its own currency). On 2 June 2012, Salvini became the federal secretary of the Lombard League, defeating Cesarino Monti with 403 votes against 129. Following the election, on 12 October he decided to leave the office of group leader and city councilor after 19 years. Salvini was later elected deputy in the 2013 general election, but he renounced his mandate on the first day of the legislature, and was replaced by Marco Rondini; Salvini maintained the position of MEP. In 2014 Salvini was re-elected as MEP with ENF , an identitarian and right-wing populist group which included National Front. After he was re-elected in 2009 as an MEP, he sat on the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and was a member of the delegation for relations with India, and the delegation for relations with the Korean peninsula. He was a substitute on the Committee on International Trade and the delegation for relations with South Africa. In 2014 he also created ''Us with Salvini'', the Southern and Central Italian wing of Lega which lasted until Salvini's re-election as federal secretary in 2017

    Federal Secretary of Lega Nord

    Salvini won the position of Federal Secretary in a leadership race, in which he won 81.66% of the vote against the incumbent Bossi. Under Salvini, the Party took a highly critical view of the European Union, describing euro as a ''crime against humanity'' Ahead of the 2014 European Parliament election, Salvini started to cooperate with Marine Le Pen, leader of the French National Front and Geert Wilders , leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom. These moves were criticised by Bossi, who called attention to Salvini's left-wing roots, and Tosi who represented the pro-EU wing of the Party. In April 2014, Salvini presented his Party's logo with ''No more Euro'' replacing ''Padania''. The Party included candidates from other separatist and anti-euro political movements, such as Freedomites, a right-wing political force in South Tyrol. In the European Parliament election, the party obtained 6.2% of the vote and 5 MEPs. The LN were third with 15.2% in Veneto (although Tosi obtained many more votes than Salvini, a fact that demonstrated Tosi's popular support and that the party was far from united on the anti-euro stance), ahead of Forza Italia . The party's federal congress, summoned in Padua in July, approved Salvini's political stance, especially a plan for the introduction of a flat tax and the creation of a sister party in central-southern Italy and the Isles. Salvini was still in favour of independence for regions such as Lombardy and Veneto. In Emilia Romagna Lega Nord won 19.4% of the vote, making it the Region's second largest party. In March 2015, after a long struggle between the two main Venetian party's leaders Flavio Tosi and Luca Zaia, backed by Salvini, over the formation of the slates for the upcoming regional election in Veneto, Tosi was removed as national secretary of Liga Veneta and ejected from the federal party altogether, he was replaced by Luca Zaia . The party also came second in Liguria with 22.3%, second in Tuscany with 16.2%, third in the Marche with 13.0% and third in Umbria with 14.0%. The LN had never polled so high in those five regions before. After the 2016 local elections, in which the party ran below expectations in Lombardy (while doing well in Veneto—thanks to Zaia—as well as Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany) and the NcS performed badly, Salvini's political stance came under pressure from Bossi, Maroni, and especially the recently elected leader of Lega Lombarda, Paolo Grimoldi, who criticized the party's right-wing turn and its focus on the South, while reclaiming the federalist and autonomist identity of the LN. In 2017 he was re-elected defeating Giovanni Fava and re-affirmed his Party's shift to the right. In 2018 general election the Party rebranded itself as ''Lega'' ditching the word ''Nord'' and replaced the slogan ''North first!'' with the slogan ''Italians first!'', wanting Italian natural-born citizens to have a primacy when it comes to public housing and other services. Salvini also supported traditionally conservative policies, like support for school choice, 'legitimate defence' , flat tax, opposition to drugs, same-sex marriage and abortion and a hybrid public-private system when it comes to healthcare. He also ran a protectionist campaign on trade issues wanting to protect ''Made in Italy'' over ''Made in China'', wanting to introduce tarriffs ''like Trump''

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior

    The 2018 General Election resulted in the victory of the ''Center-Right Coalition'' with 37% against 32% of M5S and 22% of the Center-Left Coalition. After a hung Parliament and several negotiations, M5S and Salvini's Lega created a Coalition appointing Giuseppe Conte as the Prime Minister. Salvini would be appointed as DPM (together with Luigi di Maio) and as Minister of Interior. As Minister of Interior he pushed for legitimate defence laws which were passed in both chambers. Those laws allowed the lethal use of force against aggressors in own property and made it easier to purchase certain weapons. He also pushed for deportation of members of Roma community who reside in Italy illegally and blocked certain NGOs from bringing immigrants in (he is going to court because of that because he was accusing of violating International Law). The Government also passed laws which increased worker protections from being fired and created a citizen's income for unemployed citizens

    Success in 2019 European Elections

    In 2019 European elections, Salvini ran a campaign (with infinite ads raping everyone on YouTube 24/7) emphasing Lega's policies and successes of the Government (increased industrial growth, lowering illegal immigration and a reduction in taxes). Salvini defeated Zingaretti's Democratic Party winning 34.3% against PD's 22.7% and M5S' 17.1%. It was a great swing compared to the 2014 election. He joined ID, the successor of ENF which included AfD, PVV, NR and VB.

    There were many divisions within the Coalition, especially when it came to negotiating a free trade deal with China (which M5S supported and Lega opposed) and special autonomy for Lombardy and Veneto (which Lega supported and M5S opposed). Those divisions ended up with the government collapsing. Salvini proposed a no confidence vote which ended the M5S-Lega government, though the Prime Minister would find an alternative majority with M5S , PD and LeU and continue his term

    Lega in Opposition





    • Eurocommunism - Lega continues the battles of Berlinguer! I need votes from the left.


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