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    Sakulism is the ideology of Sakul with purpose is to liberate people from corporate chains and actually give individuals the power that they deserve. The ideology wants to obtain Liberty, Prosperity and Security all at once with the individual being regarded as the most important aspect. The ideology can mostly be described as a form of Social Minarchism, with it seeking to only give as little amount of power as possible to the government with them controlling what's absolutely necessary to make sure everyone has a chance to succeed.

    Establishment Requirements

    Firstly, a more libertarian government is needed so we can slowly shift over as people will not immediately be ready for this change. So change things peacefully and gradually to finally achieve this ideology.

    Political Organization

    Under Sakulism, there are directly elected officials who sit in the government but most things are decided through direct democracy. However people cant vote to infringe on others rights, so the libertarian system is maintained, basically, the democracy doesn't decide much except for small things like where the taxes go to etc. Many things are also decided more locally. Preferably just a few elected people who make sure the country stays together. A system like "Leading Council" then "Regional Councils" and then "Local Councils". The people vote on most things directly but a few things are decided by elected official, and there would be so much individual liberties that people being represented in the government wouldn't matter very much.

    Economic Organization

    Taxes are collected as a regular nation usually does, but of course at a much lower rate. Most of your taxes however must go to your local community. The tax money is used on police and military. But also to give very poor people (homeless people etc) free educaiton so they can get back on their feet and get a chance to get their life together. And also, kids who really cant afford education should be able to get help from taxes. This operates under a capitalist system without government regulation just taxation and government services provided through such, so the means of production are completely privately owned.

    Societal Organization

    Everyone should be able to live their life their own way with there being no ideal culture but a very individual one, leaving it up to everyone to decide how they want to live themselves. However the laws in place would restrict people from hurting others so the police would make sure of that by trying to stop crimes where someone is victim and also they would make sure that people their taxes. The tax rate would be small however to make sure that most people aren't opposed to it, democracy also helps ensure that the amount of taxes is agreed upon.


    Sakul has kind of always has these ideas ever since they got into politics. They were just unsure on how to describe themself as no ideology really fit. However thanks to an offer to have this page written, these political beliefs can now be expressed fully.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw the Minarchism ball
    2. Draw a torch symbol at the center that uses alternate colors like in the flag
    3. That's all
    File:Flag of Sakulism.png
    Flag of Sakulism
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #FDFD00 253, 253, 0
    Blue #021AFF 2, 26, 255

    Personality and Behavior

    Sakulismball is kind of introverted but definitely have a creative mind and wishes to change the world. They're also very appreciative and thankful of people who do favors for them and also doesn't want to force people since they want everyone to be free. They're also very good at appealing to everyone especially by defending the freedom of speech.





    Political Test Placements

    Art Gallery

    Further Information

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