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    Sakamotoism is an ideology based off ronin samurai and influential political figure Sakamoto Ryōma.


    Ryōma started out as a low ranking samurai, in a time of great political turmoil. The Cball-Tokugawa.png Shougun military government signed an unfavorable treaty ending Japanese policy of Isolationist.png Isolationism, which was forced through by the United States Navy. This was wildly unpopular, and brought them into conflict with the Cermon.png Imperial Court, sparking a civil war. Originally on the side of the Emperor, the staunchly traditionalist, anti-western Sakamoto Ryōma had his mind changed when he meet a high ranking military official, Katsu Kaishū. Despite the fact he allegedly had planed to assassinate his mentor, Kaishū manged to convince Ryōma that the only way for Japan to survive was through modernization, seeing as it's isolationist polices had left it desperately behind in terms of military technology, especial there navy.

    After that, Ryōma became a supporter of Japans modernization, and switched sides to support Cball-Tokugawa.png the Shougun. This didn't last long however, as by bringing together two powerful clans with a deeply held gruge against each-other, Ryōma was actually able to force the Shogon to surender, mostly due to fears that this new allince would be able to defeat both the Shogon and the Emperor if the fighting continued. He help to the bring about what would later become the Meiji.png Meiji Restoration, which unfortunately, Ryōma was never able to see. In 1867, he was assassinated.


    Ryōma admired countries like Cball-US.png The United States and Cball-UK.png England for there democratic principles, and the ideas of a nation without Caste.png caste. He is remembered as having outlined a vision of a modern, democratic Japan, as well as being an early advocate for a strong Japanese navy. He said that Japan must open up more to trade in the west, with government regulation of exchange rates between gold and silver.


    Sakamotoism can generally be seen mixing Japanese and Western styles of fashion, wearing a kimono and carrying a revolver (in real life, he also wore cowboy boots, but that's hard to draw on a ball.) This is reflected in his attitude towards his country, being very passionate about Japan and wanting to preserve it's culture, while at the same time acknowledging the need to modernize and adapt; preserving what he can of Japanese culture while taking helpful ideas from other countries, and even acknowledging that some of the ideas in his culture are better off left in the past. He is a peaceful and diplomatic ball who none the less recognizes the need for military force when his powers of persuasion fail him.




    • Trad.png Traditionalism - I understand where you're coming form, but we can't cling blindly to the past.
    • Strato.png Stratocracy - I supported Shogun over the emperor for a while, but now it's time to step down.


    • Caste.png Caste System - I've struggled all my life as a low ranking samurai, but no more! Now we will have a soceity based on merit!
    • Isolationist.png Isolationism - You have only made Japan weak.
    • Abmon.png Absolute Monarchism - The Emperor is to out of touch to rule!


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