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    Sajtireism or SajZeal Satireism is a satirical form of SajZeal that is basically just him but joking and having fun around. Sajtireism often talks about Sajanistan



    Unlike the Regular SajZeal Model, Sajtireism only supports Liberal-Democratic values and equality for and between Sajanstanis. Sajtireism hates other ethnicites and wishes to become its own ethnostate. And it would only allow other ethnicites to reside in Sajanistan as foreign ambassadors, political leaders meeting with each other, or tourism.

    As for Feminism (Pro-Equality) and LGBT, would only be allowed for Sajanistanis. However he doesnt support trans rights and body fluidity as he sees them as unnecessary.

    For more details about foreign ethicities, he believes that its best for civilians of other ethnicites to lose their citizenship to be deported to other places except a country that has is 3rd world or has a huge crisis.


    The SajZeal Model economy has a Mixed-economy Capitalistic framework, but that the economy would be strongly regulated to keep the economy from crashing and to keep the businesses from becoming rampant. It mostly believes in Keynesian economics.

    But the most important thing is that the Technics must largely assist businesses, unions, and the industry by giving advanced technologies of any kind to all of them, and sending tech, distribution, business, union, and advertising experts to volunteer in businesses/unions and make really advanced technologies from the Technic organization available and extremely cheaper for the public to use. As well as progressive tax codes to distribute money whether to social programs to help the poor, Free Healthcare, Free Education, Good Social Security etc. In the case of climate change, the Technics and the government must step in to make the system environmental friendly. Inherited from SajZeal

    He also believes in labor rights and living wages to stabilize workers health through regulation within the economy.

    About labor unions, they should be allowed, although at least 30% of the economy mainly directed at some basic industries would be democratized to at least have some collective bargaining. Which is sizable enough to improve the economy a bit, but he believes democratizing the entire economy would lead to disaster. Technics would assist them so these unions can do better and union leaders' performances would improve instead of electing random people which can lead to union kakistocracy.


    Sajtireism supports Technic-assisted welfare in a way much like SajZeal. However, he doesnt support welfare for other ethnicites and believes Sajanistans should only have welfare.

    Technic Organization & Others

    See SajZeal Model for info instead of wasting my time on this part.

    Physical Removal

    Sajtireism strongly supports physical removal for the following:

    • Communists
    • Primitivists
    • Luddites
    • Anarchists
    • Everyone in the LGBTA wiki.


    In General

    Sajanistan is a fictional country in eastern North America. It is a rip-off of Kekistan, but center-left, techno-democratic, and north-american. It's enemy is western north america because WNA is plagued with SJWs and "liberals". It often allies itself with Kekistan to defeat SJWs and "soy" normies.




    • Oofitism - FREE HELICOPTER RI- Wait! You are a kekistani?
    • Pinochetism - Kinda Based, just have Socdem economics, I like your idea on death flights and authoritarianism maybe?
    • Right-Wing SJW - You are incredibly based, unfortunately we have conflict when I occupied the eastern U.S. Why not join me to fight and kill soyboys, SJWs, and LGBTA wiki users?


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