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    The SajZeal Model is a centrist ideology slightly leaning on the authleft quadrant, strongly regulated capitalist, nearly a liberal democracy, and Technocratic inspired. The SajZeal Model is a made up political ideology by SajZeal who loved Social Democracy and interested in Technocracy. Instead of picking one, SajZeal made up an ideology very similar to Social Democracy and inspired from Technocracy. It is currently was SajZeal's Ideology, but has been replaced by the newer, longer and girthier NeoSajism.

    SajZeal Model's 4 Fundamentals

    Universal Rights and Suffrage/Democracy (Fundamental I)

    In a SajZeal Model country, everyone is treated equally regardless of their cultural background, ethnic background, gender, income, social status, and religion, SajZeal Model has liberalistic freedoms, and both positive civil liberties/civil rights (The government protecting them) and negative civil liberties/civil rights (The government not interfering in them) is balanced seriously. The government must address problems of systemic racism, interference with liberalistic civil liberties, and corruption.

    The model is a technically a liberal democracy with a multi-party system, basic human rights, private property, the right to choose a career, and a constitution protecting the values of the model.

    Because if there are only positive civil liberties/civil rights, the government will interfere in them. and if there are only negative ones, it would be very possible like a various community (church, organization, Technics, etc.) would interfere with those civil liberties/civil rights. This is inherited from Social Democracy.

    The Economy (Fundamental II)

    The SajZeal Model economy would be Primarily Capitalistic, but that the economy would be strongly regulated to keep the economy from crashing and to keep the businesses from becoming rampant. It believes in Keynesian economics, which is that we society as a whole saving money is bad for the economy, so keeping interest low during booms and government spending high during busts, but the most important thing is that the Technics must largely assist businesses, unions, and the industry by giving advanced technologies of any kind to all of them, and sending tech, distribution, business, union, and advertising experts to volunteer in businesses/unions and make really advanced technologies from the Technic organization available and extremely cheaper for the public to use. As well as progressive tax codes to distribute money whether to social programs to help the poor, Free Healthcare, Free Education, Good Social Security etc. In the case of climate change, the Technics and the government must step in to make the system environmental friendly. Mostly inherited from {{PCB|Social_Democracy|SocDem]]. but inspired from Technocracy.

    Advanced Welfare state & Unemployment Benefits (Fundamental III)

    A large welfare system is a system whereby the government undertakes to protect the health and well-being of its citizens, especially those in financial or social need, according to SajZeal, the welfare system should also not just give money, but largely assisting the poor on security, getting a job, food, and many other things. The foundations for the modern welfare state in the US were laid by the New Deal programs of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The reason for a large welfare stare is to reduce poverty as much as it can reduce. The welfare system is funded by the government and taxpayer money from the rich. And assisted by the Technics, mainly to use tech to measure poverty and to find and share ideas, address issues, and find solutions while having Technics the right to volunteer to share ideas and solutions to enhance the welfare system. This part is mainly inherited from Social Democracy, but inspired from technocracy.

    The Technic Organization, STEM education, and the Technic Court (Fundamental IV)

    In STEM education, it is taken very seriously because STEM education teaches self sufficiency (Which correlates to the individual), handing real world applications, creativity, innovation, how to get into lucrative careers, improves problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and science literacy, and can be the key component to the U.S winning in the future. Student of all ages must have STEM subjects as top priority or 2nd top priority. In the Technic organization, people must have a High school degree/college degree in STEM classes to Join. There, you can Innovate privately or publicly (with a group) but the most important thing about the Technic organization, is that it has to largely assist the economy, industry, businesses, unions, social programs, the government, society, agencies like NASA and FBI, etc. As well as addressing issues whether in the organization but mostly the country's issues and finding their own solutions. And also make advanced technologies cheaper and available for the public to use.

    Bills and Laws will have to get through the Technic Court, the court will be controlled by the Scientific and STEM elite and are not influenced or chosen by political parties, they are chosen by their knowledge of STEM.

    Misc (Other political stances)


    Transhumanism is one of the goals of the SajZeal Model. According to SajZeal, one of the ways to achieve transhumanism is have the Technic organization advance technology while finding ways to enhance the human body using technology.


    SajZeal doesn't have opinions about abortion, though it is called pro-choice by right wing ideologies. He still doesn't care about abortion.


    The SajZeal Model believes that racial, gender, religious, and sexual social constructs is insignificant in society and it believes society has the right to change and advance culturally. He also believes in progressive tax, the largest corporations gets 45% tax while the poorest pay 12% tax. And the middle class gets 25% tax.


    SajZeal doesn't have much opinions on diplomacy, he believes that it depends on the military, economic, and political environment around the country.


    In the case of climate change and harm to the environment, the Technics and the government must step in to make the economic system more environment-friendly.


    Like Social Democracy, SajZeal can be a bit protectionist. Outside foreign products and businesses could be dangerous, so SajZeal would need to regulate those businesses and put tariffs on some products that could be too much of a danger. However, SajZeal can allow foreign businesses to be placed as long as the follow by the rules.


    SajZeal Model in the fandom is sometimes around asking people to put his ideology in the relationships section. He is really cocky about his ideas and believes that if U.S had this system, it would become semi-permanently dominant over its rivals (Russia and China). (This mainly when he controls the USA). He is portrayed by some people as a "succdem" with a nerdy atheistic. SajZeal thinks being one is a good thing.

    In real life, he acts very average but he has a changing persona but would most likely have his views unchanged unless so. He is very cautious about misinformation and things he thinks is wrong, and would metaphorically nuke people with his constructive information (like proving how covid-19 was not made in a lab) to prove them wrong.


    Since people keep comparing my ideologies to other ideologies like Socialism and Neo-liberalism inaccurately, I will have to make comparisons of my ideologies to other ideologies.


    Socialism is a economic system where it allows a worker-owned industry, workplace democracy, and self management. However, the SajZeal model is primarily capitalistic. Since regulation doesn't matter which economic system you lean to since there is Laizeez Faire-Socialism (Market socialism) and Regulation Capitalism. SajZeal is somewhere in between since it allows both private and public industry to exist.




    • Techno-Social Liberalism - *Breathes in* BAAASEEED!!!!!!
    • Technoliberalism - Very similar to Liberalism, but inspired by Technocracy,Based!
    • Regulationist Capitalism - Now thats the way I want it!
    • Eco-Capitalism - You are good at keeping the environment healthy while accepting private industries!
    • Neo-Technocracy - AYYY.
    • Social Democracy - You made the basis of my ideology! Thanks!
    • The Best Smart Team - Thank you all for your knowledge and making the basis of my ideas! Although some of you need to be a little more liberal and democratic.
    • Transhumanism - I found it interesting that we can overcome the challenges of the human body, nice! I might have the transhumanist label soon.
    • Nordic Model - All I can say is, you made your countries more developed and happy.
    • Social Liberalism - BASED, also, the old me. FDR did so much for our country!
    • Capitalism - Well your getting restrained. But hey! You're getting assistance from the Technics.
    • Democratic Transhumanism - BASED.
    • Progressivism - BASED, has excellent views on social issues that I adopted.
    • Kenyesian Economics - Mr. Keynes, my man!
    • Anti-Anti-Centrism - Based! Lets find an extremist to- okay not now.
    • CentNull - I think you need to be taught by me to fill in the blanks of you. You seem so empty but your great!
    • - - - My religious friend.

    Kinda Friends

    • Ethnic Welfarism - DONT CREATE THE ETHNOSTATES, otherwise you're cool.
    • Liberalism & Neoliberalism (Should be on kinda friends but who cares): Good but not good enough in some cases. Also, glad that Biden won. But your still my friends a bit anyways, Besides, you inspired me by your liberties and some of your economics.
    • Social Technocracy - Your cool but you are a bit too left.
    • Techno-Capitalism & Techno-Socialism - If both of you believed in Social Democratic economics, you would be 100% based
    • Bull Moose Progressivism - Has good relations with Social Democracy, Technocracy, Progressivism, and takes care of the environment very well, we are like a bit similar, but his nationalism, eh.
    • Neoclassical Geoliberalism - He's just a bit based.
    • Tomassciism - You are cool, even if I'm not a socialist, all of the other attributes make us similar.


    • Brenstienism - You need Mr. Keynes.
    • ModCon & LibCon - I mean, they are more moderate than the crazier ones.
    • Social Authoritarianism - Why no democracy? Why isn't it inspired from technocracy? At least you have welfare and free social benefits.
    • Socialism - Your views on social issues are reliable, but the economic part is stupid.
    • Technocratic Minarchism - A Libertarian, but hey, Technolarp gang.
    • Gamerism - People are allowed to play games but they shouldn't have political power by playing games.
    • Swag Dogism - Socdem but extremely edgy.
    • Anarcho-CryptoCapitalism - Well, we should regulate the markets because we dont want corporations to rule individual lives and society. Nether we should have anarchy either.
    • Bidenism - You arent the real Biden, this one is a stereotype thought by Libertarian like views. How could these guys fall for Trump's fake news?
    • Classical Liberalism - Laissez-Faire aside, you made the true roots of liberty!
    • TDRHism - Meh, idk why you got labeled as centrist anyways.
    • Jd2842ism - This ideology is so, normal.
    • National Keynesianism - Kenyesianism is good, but your authoritarianism isnt.
    • Feminism - Im fine with you, but stop getting plagued by idpol, SJWs, and TERFs.


    • Conservatism - What is the point of having social norms and moral codes when they would interfere with the freedom to think/say and choosing whatever they want to be?
    • Paleocon - Worse than conservative, FDR good, paleocon bad.
    • Marxism - Your. Economic. Plan. Does. Not. WORK!!
    • Libertarians - Just as bad as Marxism, the country would turn into a Corporate Oligarchy as a result.
    • Authoritarians - No, The people should be free to elect a leader and had have freedom. their civil liberties should be protected but not interfered by the state.
    • Trumpism - Thank god your man is ousted and replaced with Joe Biden. Orange man bad!
    • Alt-Lite - You are still oppressive and bad, not for racial matters, but for Cultural and Religious matters.
    • Conservative Socialism - Trash economics with pro-Status quo? Smh.
    • Left-Wing National Conservatism - Your Conservative Socialism but nationalist, literally the same.
    • Systemism - I hate you for everything you are. You are a person who hates my welfare.
    • Christian Theocracy - Never, and creationism is not a science theory. What a Nut Job.
    • Islamic Theocracy - Same thing as your christian counterpart.
    • Edwinism - Is authoritarian and has trash economics, though I do admire his Eco-Trans-humanist part.
    • SJWs - You are just too extreme and sensitive T_T. Not only that, you ruined the reputation of Liberals, Progressives, and SOCIAL DEMOCRACY!
    • Right-Wing SJW - You are a big part of the reason why the reputations of my favorite ideas are given a bad name.
    • Second-Lifism - Wrong way of government. Stop, get democracy.
    • Radical Feminism - Trash.
    • Authoritarian Traditionalism - He must be a Nut Job and some crazy meijer man.
    • Pragerism - This guy is just being like the people he hates. I'll give you 1000 videos of people ranting on prageru and how he sucks. Here, Here, and Here.
    • Shapiroism - And this guy told me to commit suicide.
    • Afunhumaninterism - If this guy has his policies full on, he is REALLY not going to like what happens next.
    • Airisuism - That does not mean you have to abolish capitalism and the state. But having a couple of good intentions keeps you from being worse.

    Greatest Enemies


    These quotes are reactions to SajZeal's post about it.

    "Literal self-insert. Also,

    >Technocratic >Democracy



    "'I've made up a new ideology today' please go outside."

    -Smethan for me, Smethan for you


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