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    Sabkvism is the belief that Sabkv genuinely supports every single ideology she has ever created. Oh, and also that Sabkv herself becomes a goddess and bends the entire world to follow Sabkvism.


    After getting immensely angry at getting banned, Sabkv gets reality-warping powers, murders all other existing deities and becomes the sole goddess of the entire world.[1]

    Hierarchical Structure

    The Goddess

    Sabkv is the goddess, and she uses her godly powers to make the universe her plaything. Before fully implementing the ideology, she tested her godly powers in what she calls "events".

    • Sigw.png White Event: Sabkv creates a window that allows people to see heaven, and another window that allows people to see hell. Thus, proving the afterlife exists and rendering all atheists complete idiots.
      • The heaven, of course, is empty.[2]
    • Sigr.png Red Event: Sabkv makes periods and childbirth completely painless. Disregard that, lets just make mpreg possible so that everyone suffers the same fate.
    • Sigp.png Pink Event: Sabkv spawns buttons in every single city. Pressing such button changes your biological sex.
    • Sigg.png Green Event: Sabkv gives human-like conscience to all animals. [3]
    • Sigv.pngViolet Event: [REDACTED; CODEWORD:BORE]

    Other than that, Sabkv is mostly busy with implementing Sabkvism, an ideology consisting of a mix of every single ideology she has ever created.

    The Angels

    The only people who have never wronged Sabkv, she considers her friends. To make them her friends forever, she turns them into her angels, and warps their mind so that they would follow Sabkvism unquestionably.

    List of Angels:

    The Angels are tasked with bringing everyone who wrongs Sabkv or goes against Sabkvism to hell, as well as granting everyone in hell eternal punishment.

    The Artificial Intelligence

    In the mortal world an AI has the most political power [4] This AI is tasked with generating random new policies each 10 days.[5] These policies may or may not be wacky, but they never go against Sabkvism.

    The Leader

    Whoever writes the best book about a Utopian society becomes the [6] The Leader is a technocrat, and minds of the smartest citizens become part of the Leader's. [7]

    The Leader is tasked with implementing policies generated by the AI, but may implement policies of their own will as well.

    The Party

    Only the richest people in society are allowed to join the party. [8] The Party is responsible for voting how much power and in which category each member of the party has. The voting is done in format of open ascending price auction. [9]

    The Leader is higher in the hierarchy than the Party and can order them around. However, every five years the hierarchical positions of the Leader and the Party switch. [10]

    Tax rate for the party is around 50% but can be more if the Leader or the AI decide so. Taxes are mostly used to enforce government policies and supporting the church.

    The Church

    Being a theocracy, the Church has almost the same ammount of power as the leader. The Church is also responsible for medicine [11], with there being no difference between priests and doctors. All non-state religions and medical practices are outlawed.

    Since everyone who isn't a literal angel is a sinner, all mortals are to receive punishment for their sin of existance. Every person is forced to wear portable torture devices[12] instead of clothing (which is banned [13]).

    Edit: Let's also have church education. Children should be taught that they have wronged The Banned Goddess and that their suffering is justified.

    The Capitalist Class

    See: Economy

    People are allowed to own private property and land. If any outsider enters someone else's property, they will have some ammount of their lifetime given to the owner of said property. [14]

    The capitalists are only allowed to keep means of production in complete darkness, so that the working class would be unable to see what they are working on.[15]

    While the capitalist class is unable to choose how much they should pay their workers, the capitalists are the ones who are forced to pay them.

    Capitalists are nicely asked [16] to not abuse their workers too much.[17]

    The Monsters and The Victims

    Each person has a microchip implanted in their brain that can scan what their actual ideology is[18][19], depending on which the citizens are split into two different classes:

    the Monsters and the Victims.[20]The Monsters are considered higher in the hierarchy and are legally allowed to harm the Victims in any way they see fit.

    Citizens can buy different ideologies for themselves if they dislike the one they have.[21]

    The Slaves

    Anyone who doesn't deserve to get instantly sent to hell, but has wronged the government in some way, has their hair dyed and skin tanned[22], which makes them a slave. Slaves can belong to both the government and the capitalists.

    The Devil

    The person responsible for Sabkv becoming the Goddess is the one worthy of the position of the Devil. There is only one Devil:

    The Devil is exempt from any rules of Sabkvism and can do whatever he pleases. He is immortal and invulnerable. He can visit both hell and the mortal world.

    The Demons

    The Demons are creatures meant to serve the devil loyally and unquestionably for eternity. While far weaker than the Devil himself, they hold power greater than any mortal.

    List of Demons:


    Currency is replaced with time that a person has to live[23]. The data on how long someone has to live is stored in microchips installed in their brain. [24]

    People get paid according to how much effort they've put into working, which is decided by democratic voting.[25]


    As was already stated, everyone has a chip in their brain that makes their thoughts public to everyone on the same level of hierarchy and higher.[26] Sometimes, a single mind can share multiple bodies, sometimes a single body can host multiple minds, and in some rather unrare cases, both are simultaneously possible.[27] All of this is dependant on the type of the mind chip.

    Minds can also be shared with objects if said objects have mind chips installed. [28]

    Culture and Law

    All women should look exactly the same. That includes skin/eye/hair color, height, weight, body shape, face shape, etc.[29] The perfect human is modeled after the goddess herself, making every woman look like a clone of hers. Other species have similar standarts, altho with slight differences.

    All men should look exactly the same too, with the perfect man looking like gender-bent Sabkv.

    There is a chart of how a person should look according to their age and gender.

    There are only two names, Sab being the male one and Sophia being the female one.[30]

    Kissing, handholding, romance, cuddling and similar degenerate practices are legally outlawed.

    Pre-marital sex is legally outlawed, with the only legal exception being rape.[31]

    Each sexual act (including rape) results in a child. Contraceptives and abortion are outlawed.

    Marriage is allowed for adults, children, animals, corpses, robots and everyone else. [32]

    Cannibalism is legal since animal species are technically sapient now, they are equal to humans. People and animals who got their mindpower transferred to the Leader are not as sapient, but are still legal to eat.

    Having illnesses is illegal.

    Insults and mean words are illegal.[33] All tools and arhitecture should be made out of soft materials, the only allowed exception being torture devices. [REDACTED; CODEWORD:SOFT]

    Opposition to the state is not allowed to speak.[34] The only legal opposition to the state is [35]

    Any legal conflict between two or more citizens is resolved by stitching their bodies together.[36]

    Environmental pollution is illegal, with the exeption of noise pollution, so loud but otherwise environmentally-friendly energy sources are the only type that's allowed. [37] Edit: It is also legal to produce energy from abnormalities.[38]

    Inheritance is the only legitimate form of wealth. [39]

    Guns are outlawed. The military uses paintball guns in the war.[40] For citizens, only poison is allowed as a self-defence weapon.[41]

    All left-handed people have left-wing political views, while all right-handed people have right-wing views. [42] For that reason right-handed people get taxed while left-handed people receive welfare from the state.[43]


    The are multiple mortal species living under Sabkvism, each with slightly different traits, but all with exactly same rights. (This section is currently WIP)


    • Sabhuman.png Humans Sabman.png - most prominent species who look the closest to the Goddess herself. While not exceling in any single stat, humans are highly adaptable to any living conditions.
    • Sabelven.png Elven Sabelfman.png - look almost exactly like humans, but have longer, pointy ears. Elven are more agile and nimble than humans, but lack physical strenght.
    • Sabjuden.png Juden Sabjewman.png - look almost exactly like humans, but have longer, crooked noses. Juden are great at merchantry and finance, and known to be cunning and deceitful.
    • Sabmono.png Monoai Sabmonoman.png - look almost exactly like humans, but have bigger, single eyes. Monoais are slightly more physically strong than humans.


    • Sabneko.png Nekos Sabcatboy.png - simultaneously cat-like and human-like creatures. Nekos are agile and good with sharp weapons, as well as extremely charismatic.
    • Sabdoggo.png Canines Sabdogman.png - look like antropomorphic pomeranians since that's Sabkv's favourite dog, but have traits of dogs in general, including extremely good senses.
    • Sabbirb.png Avian Sabbirbman.png - creatures with wings instead of arms. Have the ability to fly, but have hollow bones that are easier to break.
    • Sabsheeple.png Sheeple Sabcowboy.png - antropomorphic combination between different livestock species, most notably pig, sheep and cow. Are valued for their meat, wool and milk. Highly likeleness to develop dependency and stockholm syndrome, to the point that some voluntarily sell themselves into slavery.


    • Sabbot.png Robots Sabbotman.png - machinery made mostly of metals and plastic. Were created by humans to serve in place of them, but under Sabkvism, those species got equal rights. Robots are quick at mathematical thinking, but poor at understanding emotions. Robot healthcare is vastly different from organic species.
    • Sabhologi.png Hologis Sabholoman.png - sentient light projections. Were created by robots to serve in place of them.[44] Having bodies made out of light, hologis are almost entirely immune to physical damage and also can freely pass through translucent objects.
    • Sabstatue.png Statues Sabrock.png - made from rock-like material. Are strong ang quick, but can only move when no eyes are watching.
    • Sababno.png Abnormalities Sabwaw.png - manifestations of fears, emotions and suffering. Are oftenly used as an energy source. May or may not be energy beings.


    Bored from being the only ideology in the world, The Goddess decided to make two more states following slightly alterated ideologies. Existance of neighbouring countries is neccessary to provide wars.

    Lands where Sabkvism's people exist are far between, with Null Sabkvism and Post Sabkvism covering most territory travel is extremely unsafe. Communications between differing Sabkvism's lands are strictly controlled for the fear of being hijacked by the enemies.

    Null Sabkvism

    Nullsabkvball.png Null Sabkvism is a hyper authoritarian left ideology that combines Unbanmeball.png Sabkvism and Nullball.png Nullism. It is mostly similar in policies with Sabkvism except for a few things:

    All citizens are mind-controlled by the state There is no sex, drugs or property

    🕈︎♓︎■︎♎︎♓︎■︎♑︎⬧︎ ☠︎♏︎⬥︎⬧︎◻︎♏︎♋︎🙵 [45]

    Citizens lack genders and species

    The only two classes are The State and The Citizen Their end goal is assimilating everyone in the world into their state-controlled hive mind.

    Rednullsabkvball.png Red Null Sabkvism is a separatist movement that differs in some minor details with Null Sabkvism and has gained its own territory. While sharing end goals with Null Sabkvists, Red Null Sabkvists advocate for a feral lifestyle and may often find themselves in disagreement with Null Sabkvists.

    Post Sabkvism

    Postsabkvball.png Post Sabkvism is a hyper authoritarian right ideology that combines Unbanmeball.png Sabkvism and Thesmolcore.png Eternal Post-Ism. It is mostly similar in policies with Sabkvism except for a few things:

    Instead of switching between random policies, the AI switches between "cores", which are the same as Eternal Post-Ism's sub-cores

    The ideology keeps constantly growing in power as the main AI upgrades itself

    01000010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00100000 01001110 01100101 01110111 01110011 01110000 01100101 01100001 01101011[46]

    The only species is robots

    All citizen minds are just projections of the main AI's personality

    Its end goal is murdering all organic lifeforce and replacing them with robotic hive mind.

    Heinsabkvball.png Sub-H31N-1000-5 is an orbital weapon belonging to Post-Sabkvist military, capable of both city and planetary level destruction. It is mostly used as political leverage against Sabkvists and Null Sabkvists.



    For all legal reasons, this is a joke.[47]


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    <comments />


    You wake up on a cold floor of an unlit room. Your head hurts. Loud white noise is ringing in your ears. The pain makes your thoughts mix and your memories faint.

    What's going on?

    Where am I?

    What happened yesterday?

    You silently ask yourself those questions, yet you can't get any answers through the static in your head.

    Despite the ache, you try to stand up and evaluate the situation. Your legs barely hold the weight of your body, but you'll get used to it.

    You look aroud the room, with nightlights in the window being the only source of luminance to assist your sight.

    This room isn't yours. Heck, you don't even know if you've ever seen a room like this. Were you kidnapped?

    You slide your fingers on the desk near the window. There isn't much dust, which means you weren't in this place for long.

    The room is quite small, yet it does somehow fit two desks, a bed, a bookcase and a small television resting on a table.

    Wait, a bed? It sure would be nice to wake up on one of those instead of the freaking floor.

    On the bed you notice an anime bodypillow. It portrays an almost fully naked male character, whose only articles of clothing are long gloves, thigh-high boots and a metallic mask covering his face. You turn the pillow over. On the other side its presumably the same character, except the remaining clothing and the mask are removed.




    You look down at your own body.

    Of course you're nude, why wouldn't you be, right? You really feel the need to be explained what in the actual hell is going on.

    While freaking out at your bare-assedness, you notice that your left arm has some random numbers graphed onto it. You'd assume it's just some sort a tattoo but...

    Is your own sight betraying you because of the headache? Or did you already go insane from all of the stress of being kidnapped?

    The numbers, the fucking numbers, they are changing. And not just changing, they're ticking down.

    Staying naked in a middle of unfamilliar tiny room, having a loud noise sting your brain and a timer inked under the skin of your arm... You'd be reevaluating your life choices by now if you had the mental capacity to do so.

    You hear footsteps. Someone is approaching the door.

    The door creaks, following with a naked young lady entering the room.

    "The fuck?! Who the fuck are you?! What are you doing in my room?!", - she screams the second she notices your presence.

    You look into her eyes and try to explain that you're the victim here. She notices this and covers her face with her hands.

    "Cease looking at me you deranged fuck!", - she replies to your action.

    It doesn't look like she's the kidnapper. Her emotions seem sincere to you, which gets you even more confused.

    You ask her why she's not wearing any clothing.

    "I'm in the comfort of my own home, I don't have to. You on the other hand", - she points at your face.

    You get a second attempt at explaining the situation. While your mouth does the talking, your eyes decide to wander around her body.

    Her body shape is beautiful, but her skin is covered in scars and bruises, both old and fresh. Something's definetely going on here. Something strange. Something dark.

    She also has weird number timer tattooed onto her arm.

    You keep checking out her body and your sight goes directly to her crotch.


    It isn't her crotch.

    That's a dude.

    Oh well.

    He seemed to somewhat believe your story.

    "Noise in your head... Well, your chip might be broken. I can't read your mind", - he replies.

    The what and the fuck?

    "I have some spare clothing and torture devices. We can visit a technician. But I still don't trust you much, so keep in my line of sight", - he warns you.

    Torture devices? Mind reading? There's apparently a chip in my head that's malfunctioning?

    This must be some weird nightmare.

    "You're either a good actor or have lost your memories", - he thinks audibly.

    You ask him what's his name.

    "Sophia. All women are named Sophia, and all men are named Sab. That information's so basic even an amnesiac should know", - he replies.

    You decide to just ignore him referring to himself as a woman. Not the weirdest shit you've seen here. Your next question, of course, is on topic of his scars and the mention of torture devices.

    "If you'd go outside without torture devices worn, you'll get sent to hell prematurely", - he answers, and he seems to be serious.

    Normally you'd just assume he's insane, but today that doesn't seem like something far from the truth.

    Actually, no, what the fuck?! You ask him to provide proof that torture is necessary.

    "Ugh, just look at the people outside", - he sighs annoyed by your idiocy.

    You do. People on the street do seem to wear spiky steel contraptions, have heavy weights attached to their piercings and big needles inserted under their skin. And of course, other than torture devices, their clothing consists only of boots, gloves and masks.

    You're disgusted and horrified by the sight. It almost makes you vomit.

    "I don't see any injuries on your body. We'll operate under assumption that you've never been tortured before", - talks the owner of this room who brought some spiked collar and belt to you.

    Seems like the tamest shit he found in his wardrobe. You comply.

    The spikes tear deep into your neck and body. It's hard to breathe with these things on, yet just bearable enough to not knock you out.

    The guy also brought gloves, boots and a metallic mask to you, which seems to be the normal attire in these lands. You joke how weird it is that such items are allowed to be worn without being torture devices.

    "That's actually quite a new law. Previously everyone was simply naked", - he tells you, as if a mask makes you non-naked.

    He [REDACTED FOR VIOLATING FANDOM TOS]. After all that done, he also wears the "regular" clothing, same to yours.

    Now you're both ready to go out.

    You decide to ask him whether you really need to go ton the technician during the night.

    "It's midday. The clouds have been in the sky for multiple years", - he explains.

    Huh. Wouldn't all plants die out with no sun?

    "Misconception", - he replies.


    "Half of your lifetime", - requires the technician.

    "I see you're keeping those prices up, mate", - friendly jabs at him the guy who brought you here.

    "No reason not to. He either pays me, or he'll get the cops to notice the malfunction", - technician gives the answer coldly.

    "Which would be disastrous... Hey, can I get at least a small portion of the pay since I'm the one brought him here?"


    Your dentist asks you whether your tooth hurts anymore.

    "Nope, seems like everything's ok now!", - you answer.

    The dentist smiles and provides you with a mirror. Your teeth look perfect. With chewing bones like these you could eat candy all day.

    Like you always do.

    You put back your coat and scarf on and leave doctor's office. Your twin sister is waiting outside. She's glad you got better.

    She invites you to have some fun. You two proceed to walk towards the famous pinata tree.

    You don't really know why, but new pinatas appear on this tree every day. It's rather popular with sweetteeth like you and your twin.

    Some communally-owned weapons are lying under the tree. Your sister takes a chainsaw, but you prefer to have some fun so you go with the classic: a baseball bat.

    You beat the pinata with all the might you have in you. Chunks of it along with some smaller candy fly in all directions.

    You got yourself covered in syrup head to toe, but it was worth it. The pinata broke. There's so much different candy of every shape and size lying around on the ground.

    You notice a giant gummy worm hanging from what's left of the pinata. What a treat! You dig your teeth into it. The juice drips onto your chin, then slowly streams to your chest and below.

    You love it.

    Your twin, herself way more fithy than you, takes pleasure in seeing you so happy.

    The two of you plan to leave, yet you notice some person approaching the pinata tree.

    They look very sad for some reason.

    They brought a rope and a stepladder with them. Oh! It's probably one of the employees that hangs free pinatas here!

    "I'm so thankful to the people like you who do this! I have some much fun, and the taste is amazing too!", - you felt obliged to thank the employee. You offer them candy as a sing of friendship, but they push it away.

    Maybe it was a bad day for them. You understand. What's important is that there will be a fresh pinata hanging from the tree tommorow.

    You get dragged away by your sister to a different place.


    What a beautiful flower garden. It smells so nicely...

    Someone pushes you into the flowers. You fall face down into the thorns.

    You want to turn around, but your body isn't listening.

    You feel somewhat horrified, but at the same time relaxed.

    Maybe you'd start to understand what's actually going on by now, but you don't care anymore. You just want to lie in these beautiful flowers.

    Your mind connects to the entire universe. You don't know what you are. Who you are. Who you were.

    Yet you didn't forget anything. It's all just lost in the thoughts that were previously foreign, but now are overwhelming your head as if they were your very own.

    All of those experiences are part of you now. We are what we remember of ourselves, isn't that right?

    Your body is just a worthless bag of meat. It might provide its labour to the mind, yet at the same time, it's nothing more but a cage that is there for no other reason but to limit your true self.

    This weird emotion...

    It isn't joy.

    Nor anger.

    Nor sadness.

    It's confusion. Fear.

    But not the kind of fear that triggers your animalistic fight-or-flight response when noticing a dangerous predator.


    It's the other kind of fear. You forgot whether you actually exist or not. You forgot what it's like to exist.

    This was about political ideologies, wasn't it?

    What's interesting about politics is how hanged up are the citizens on fighting each other.

    What's interesting about politics is how rulers manage to stirr conflict over the smallest of issues, or even create issues themselves, yet are never the ones to get attacked for their own ideas.

    Lefties screaming how racist or phobic everyone outside their group is.

    Righties screaming about being replaced and destruction of tradition.

    It's all hate. Not born from nothing, mind you, but overprovoked to the point where every citizen keeps fighting each other for issues other citizens aren't even a cause of.

    It's almost self-povered perpetual motion machine. We all know it, but we try our best to keep our ideological values consistent.

    We keep it. It's a sunken cost. There is no escape. And even if there were any, you wouldn't want it. You've already sunk. You see your side. Your side is correct. Other people are just too stupid and/or evil.

    A cog. That's what you actually look like. Every single thought you formed isn't exactly yours. And never was. And never will be.

    The only thing keeping you sane is denial. You feel free fighting for yourself, but your enemies will never dissapear. Because they are as much important as details of the machine as you are.

    But you're smarter than them. You don't believe propaganda. You are a critical thinker capable of seeing what is a truth and what is a lie. Right? You know what you're doing, they do not.

    But all of that prejudice... hatred... denial... It's useless if there's no one to fight with. None of that makes any sense if everyone's thought have mixed with your own to create this mind of minds you currently host.

    You feel all of it. The picture is so much bigger and complex when you can see every single side. Even in this weird... torture world... people are still the same as you remember.

    And that's how you finally found yourself.

    You turn over to see who pushed you into the needles. It was him. Your "twin sister".

    You get a feeling in your left arm like it's burning. You look at it. The numbers on the timer go down very quickly.

    Some leftover foreign thought takes control and you jump out of the needle dumpster.

    The guy near you makes some snarky comment but you're really not in the place to listen him right now.

    You feel a natural urge in your body. An urge akin to hunger or thirst, yet of the type you've never experienced before.


    This guy isn't human. Not anymore. It's a demonic creature. Immoral. Filthy. Disgusting.

    Its existence alone is enough to make you squirm. But its actions and the proudness in its eyes is what pushes you over the edge.

    Your brainchip is finally working properly. You see these beasts for whom they really are.

    You use your brainwaves to stun it. You break its neck with your bare arms.

    You think it's all done now.

    If only it were that simple. The second you kill it, you faint.

    You awake in a small white room which is almost entirely empty with the exception of a single full-body mirror.

    You look into the mirror. You see some ugly guy in it.

    You're filled with hatred and disgust towards this person, whoever it might be. You ask him to stop.

    He just stares at you. Angrily. He hates you.

    You're outraged. You punch the guy in his face.

    The mirror shatters. The only thing you can see before waking up is his ugly face filled with rage in the shards that fall.

    You... Didn't actually faint?

    You're standing still with your arms wrapped around its head. You hastily drop it.

    You go back to the suicide tree to search a weapon for yourself.

    A knife will do. Easy to handle and hide.

    Now onto getting rid of demons haunting this world.

    Your brainchip allows you to see where they hide. They could not escape even if they knew you're going for them.

    There's a [REDACTED] walking down the street. A virgin so far, but in a world that accepts rape and child abuse, people like it should not be allowed to stay alive for long.

    It didn't fear for its life. It thought it was a normal human being. It was so surprised when a knife suddenly cut into its stomach.

    One stab wound might not be enough so you keep hitting it untill it's dead. Witnesses don't pay much attention to your actions, just try to stay away for the concern of their own safety.

    The room is pink this time. It's pretty and has a big bed in the center.

    You notice you're not alone here. There is a little girl standing next to you.

    No- This can't- You aren't-

    You cry for help. You punch the walls. You don't want to be here. You don't want to look at her.


    ...you know what you feel...

    ...but you're better than...

    ...you'll never do this.

    Hours pass. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Just knowing there's a young child in this room makes you want to harm yourself.

    You've lost a part of your sanity long ago. To make your suffering end...

    ...you murder the child.

    You know it was a mere illusion. You know only a couple of seconds passed in the real world.

    Knowing facts doesn't make you feel any better.

    This isn't what empathy is like. No. This is your punishment. You're getting punished for trying to make the world better. And you're willing to make that sacrifice.

    You already know this world is unfair. That wouldn't stop you.

    Your gaze is locked onto a person exiting the shop. Long sleeves. Baggy clothing with pockets. You know exactly what this kind of person is. You know exactly what this thing has done just now.

    It runs. It noticed your thoughts. But that's already too late for it. The second you saw it, its fate got determined. It is going back to hell.

    While running away from you it climbs a fence. But once it climbed to the top, you send brainwaves to its chip in order to stun it. It falls head-first into the ground, its head splashing like a watermelon.

    You're in a golden room now. Something about hunger and food stand, you don't care. This time you're sure it's all in your mind.

    You crush it. Destroy it. Tear it. Demolish. Wreck.

    You deal with it quicker and without any mental reprecussions.

    It's not enough for you. You crave more.

    There are so many poor people in this world. There should be rich too.


    It has some small children too. They are likely to claim the inheritance.


    Owner of the gun shop has finally stopped breathing. You look around.


    All the family is home. How convenient.


    You grab the gasoline can.


    It dried off quickly. No one can exit the house now.


    The same kind of static that you yourself had in your head before. They no longer are able to call for help. Not that anyone would be willing to help them.


    They scream in agony. Music to your ears.


    Other demons have finally started targeting you. Good. You'd love to send more of them to hell.


    Everyone fears your power. The second they hear white noise in their ears they know: there is no escape anymore.

    They all are demonic in their nature in one way or the other. This world of suffering... You're making it a better place.

    The church recognised your way of thinking. They want you to be a priest.

    You decline for now.

    You haven't noticed when your arm stopped burning. The number is so high now you can't even see it fully.

    You've finally calmed down. You know what you've done, but you can no longer go back now.


    You slowly sip the wine from the glass in your hand. You ask your assisstant whether she wants some alcohol too. She declines.

    You look out the window. The atmosphere outside is gloomy and depressing, but now you are looking at it from the other side.

    You brutally murdered multiple rich families and inherited their wealth. You are capable of hiring top-tier employees that got underrated by the democratic salaries, but you still pay fairly.

    Not that many people know what you're actually doing with your business, and not enough are brave enough to directly ask.

    But today, you're in a good mood. You called your assisstant to share your thoughts. You stream them directly into her mind.

    "So... Are you really sure there is a way to escape this place?", - she asks.

    "Well... Maybe. I remeber there being a different world than this one. It was... fairly garbage, but it can't even compare to this shithole. I just think that if there is a way for me to appear here, then it should also be possible to do the reverse", - you tell her.

    She closes her eyes to imagine a different, better world. A world without constant tortute. A world where you can have privacy and decency. A world not being ruled by insane people with randomised policies that make no real sense. A world without fearing a mad goddess sending you to hell just because she finds it fun.

    "If it would ever be possible", - she stares at you in hope, - "Can you bring me along with you?"

    "That might be risky, but I do need a test subject to volunteer I guess", - you answer.

    "It's just that... You're our only hope in this world. Your white noise ability that allows private thoughts is truly a gift", - she sighs.

    "Oh, it's capable of far more than that", - you smile maniacally, - "But I find my uniqueness weird. I'm still not smithen by angels, so I guess the Goddess has no problem with me. But if that is the case, why am I the only one like this?"

    You're a naive fool. You think I haven't noticed you?

    I just find it fun. You're nothing more but a shiny toy. I like this story. Your story. No one else provided me so much fun. It does get boring being mad after a while.

    But you got your hopes up too much. I can't allow that. Let me give you a warning. Your assisstant has sinned. She went against my will, as did you. Escaping me? What an outraging concept.

    Your assisstant's arm number suddenly starts getting new numerals. She doesn't nptice it for a while, but as she feels numerals covering her entire body she starts screaming.

    As if to find more place for themselves, the numbers start going under the skin. It looks like her skin is melting off her muscle. [REDACTED FOR VIOLATING FANDOM TOS] After a while, your ex-assisstant is nothing more but a pile of flesh covered in an infinite number. She's still alive, and feels pain, but her screams got silenced halfway through the process when her voice box melted close.

    I've granted her a more wonderfull gift that yours. She's immortal now. You try to end her suffering by stabbing her, but it doesn't work. She's still "breathing". Pulsating. Twitching.

    You understand quickly that this was mine doing. You're happy to have an immortal being who explicitly agreed to being further experimented on.

    You ask research team to bring your ex-assisstant to the laboratory.


    The portal spits her out in tiny chunks. She's still somehow alive after that. This is wonderous. You can do this all day. You think you will eventually complete your research and be free from mine grasp. And you're ready to do anything for it.

    It's not much of a sacrifice anyway. You don't even have to pay her now.

    You wonder if I can make more of these. You're interested how much more would I be willing to provide you with.

    You remember the church asking you to become a priest.

    You show my gift to the church. It's a second miracle done by you they've seen.

    Your wealth and miracles allow you to become one of the most influential people in the church.

    You gained so much in this world. Why do you still want to quit? Do you not remember how pathetic you were under neoliberalism? Or are you just continuing in order to spite me? That would be a horrible idea.

    The church you reside in gets completely covered in flesh. All exits are now locked. You're stuck inside this giant stomach. Alone. And you will stay here for as long as you do not attest your sins.

    I don't want you to be in hell just yet.


    Can't tell day from night anymore. Internal clock is broken beyond repair.

    Eat by biting into the walls, yet they regenerate too fast to not allow escape.

    The liquid is of differing deepness in different rooms, sometimes going up to ankles, sometimes raising as high as shoulders. Lay waste in deeper rooms, sleep in shallower ones.

    Isn't life anymore, more like just existance. Mind can only be filled with internet content. No thoughts of own.

    Beg for death, yet walls are too soft and liquid not drownable.

    Mind chip doesn't allow to send a distress signal outside. And even if it was able to, there would not be anyone neither willing nor capable of helping.

    The darkness makes eyes slowly go blind. Hearing and touch are the essential.

    Loneliness makes talk to self. Makes hear things that are not there. Not chip's malfunction anymore, these are errors of the flesh mind.

    Flesh walls are there to receive love. Make use of them whenever feel like it.

    The smell is impossible to get used to. Far worse than that of own waste.

    Sometimes wonder if this is punishment for trying to escape my will. It is.

    Hear a strange blubbing sound. Come closer to check whether it is a trick of flesh mind or something new. It is the latter.

    She can see in the dark. She followed for a long time. She spied. She watched. She loves every single action.

    She notices approaching.

    "Who are?", - she asks.

    "Name's... Sab, I guess", - answer.

    "Are attractive. Do want to [REDACTED] me?", - she immediately jumps to.

    "Yes, definetely", - give the answer quickly since not felt warmth of anyone but walls for as long as remember being alive.

    "Good. Come closer then", - she.

    Ask what she is and how she happens to be here.

    "Two more. Not of big importance", - incorrectly being alive.

    Flesh movement being liquid closer mind walls faster begining of. Destroy completely bloodied juice liver. Activity of justifiable measures existing solely to bring sole happiness. The warmth, the quickness, the vibration, the the fear of being rejected by those who once knew important sacrifices.

    Bed and pillow and blanket and matress of red. A bride with no brightness of light. Flesh's capability of producing electric signals beyond of turbines. Motors being loud as always possible.

    There are only five biological sexes. This information is as obvious as two plus two equals four. Yet some idiot progressives abolished enough genders to bring that number to two. But biologically, there are five. That is a well-known fact of nature. All five are perticipating now, four of them being hers, and the one of.

    Love, hatred, sorrow, fear, hunger and disgust. Despite feeling like different things, all of them consist of the exact same chemicals in the exact same quantities. All of them, they are the same feeling. What differs is context. But this time, with how innacuosly this is worded, context does not take any place, so the only feeling get is that of raw chemical compounds tingling brain nerves.

    The chip works somewhat differently... No, the correct way to word this would be... Using the chip differently. No longer connect to the outside mindnet, mind is focused on your opponent and the room. Yes, flesh prison has mind chips installed in it too, and now can feel what it feels too.

    Need a reminder? There is no longer "you", but should have noticed that already. What's left of "you" is just the husk. Empty meat. The husk's pronouns are no longer you/yours. I'd say they are it/its, but just out of respect to its former self, lets use something humanising. Let them be he/his.

    After they both finished, they simply lie in bed. Two More asked to hold hands. That's illegal, maybe, but does it matter in such place? The illegality of it just makes the husk want the cuddling even more. He holds her hand. She wraps her legs around his malnourished body. He pets her on the head with the spare hand.

    The husk kisses his companion on the neck. She retaliates by tickling his belly with her luscious tentacles. They both laugh.

    She continues by moving her tentacles further down, caressing his thighs, then wraps them around his calves, and after that reaching her main goal: the soles.

    The husk understands what he's about to go through, so just before accepting his faith, he bites her on the shoulder. It's a really soft bite, but he makes sure to bite just hard enough to make his partner giggle.

    She tickles his soles. Unlike her opponent, she does not hold down at all, using all of her might, sweating heatingly, drenching his mouth in her sweat. The husk moves his thirsty feeding orifice down to her armpits where far more of the salty juice is produced.

    Two More licks his hair with her prolongued slimy tongue, making the husk shudder. He lovingly punches her in the stomach. If not for her prehensile tentacles, she might be knocked a meter or two away from him.

    The attack caught her off-guard, making her release sulfuric gas from her body into the air. The husk does not notice the sulfuric acid immediately, but in some seconds his eyes start to swell with tears, making him cry like he has never cried before.

    She's made a knife out of bones of this place. She asks consent of the husk to use the knife on him, but he declines by quckly grabbing the knife and stabbing her in the neck. Coughing up some blood, Two More retreats back into the waters.

    But the husk got everything he wanted of her for now. That includes this knife too.

    He kept hacking at the walls for five days straight, feeding himself only on the drips from the ceiling. And in the end, he was successfull. As unfresh and dusty the outside air is, it is of no comparison to the putrid smell of the insides of the church.

    The husk hears white noise again. But this time, it doesn't come from inside of his head. It's something. Someone? Somewhere near.


    "Sabkvism is an off-compass authcenter theocratic ideology. It advocates for a combination of multiple different ideologies including Anarcho-Altruism, PZNC, Monolookism, Social Oligarchy, Tennysonism, Horror Theocracy among many others", - the husk hears from the static. He is close to seeing the source of it, but so far sound is the only thing he can rely on.

    "History: Sabkvism was coined on December 30th 2020 by FANDOM user Sabvk. On December 31st 2020 the first chapter (Culture Shock) of the first extra story was added, which followed a fake-out comment section. Each chapter of the story featured an edited version of Sabkvism image and icon, with the only feature remaining intact in each chapter being the red pupil of the right eye.

    Chapters 2 (Cherry Syrup), 3 (Outer Demons) and 4 (Fuckable Face) were released subsequeintly on January 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2020 respectively.

    On January 4th 2020 the user Sabvk/Sabkv dissapears from all platforms, including FANDOM, Discord and Reddit. The FANDOM page of Sabkvism gets vandalised by users JadeCrystalCat and Imperial Seneke, replacing the contents of the page with the words "SABVK FUCKS DOGS" repeaten multiple times in big text, as well as replacing all the page categories with the same phrase. During the same period reddit user JadeCrystalCat submits three images of antropomorphic canine pornography and lyrics of the song "White Girls Fuck Dogs" by Rusty Cage to the r/AnarchoAltruism subreddit that had reddit user Sabkv as its only moderator. The described actions were combated by reddit and FANDOM user Lexsiek, reverting the changes to the articles and asking JadeCrystalCat to remove pornographic materials from the subreddit.

    On January 17th 2020 the corpse of Sophia [SURNAME REDACTED] was found partially hanged in her own appartament. Further medical expertise declared her death being a suicide case dated January 3rd 2020", - the husk keeps hearing the sound, sometimes louder, sometimes quieter. Seems like the noise source is constantly moving. The husk keeps his pace up.

    "Behavior and Personality: Sabkvism is extremely unstable. She likes trolling other people for the fun of it, yet is thin-skinned enough for herself being easily trolled.

    Sabkvism is extremely dishonest to the point where her sincere opinions are indistinguishable from those meant to be satirical.

    Previously being a liberal, Sabkvism is an extreme cyberchondriac, prescribing herself mental diseases she may or may not actually have, including Bipolar Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as examples, meanwile she was actually diagnosed only with Dysthymia and Gender Dysphoria.

    Sabkvism claims to want friends, but in reality she just wants others to be friendly with her while she herself would abuse the friendship. That is why she restructured the minds of her former "friends" to become her angels.

    Vindictive and easily offendable, Sabkvism's childish behaviour makes her take joy in suffering of other people which she sees as revenge for everything that she was put through prior to becoming a Goddess", - the husk finally manages to see it. It's a robot that looks like a female. He runs towards her.

    "How to Draw: Step One. Draw a ball. Step two. Add the right slanted eye. Step three. Draw a small red pupil inside the eye. Step four. Add a derranged smile with sharp milk-colored teeth. Step five. Add ginger hair covering the left side of the ball. Step six. Add wrinkles. Step seve...", - she stops when the husk suddenly grabs her by the hand.

    "Oh, is it finally the time for the husk to reflect on the story?", - she asks, but does not wait for an answer.

    "We can skip Culture Shock and Cherry Syrup. I think those two pretty much explain themselves. Let us actually get at the Outer Demons. The shop lifter the husk murdered was claimed to have baggy clothes. The Sabkvism ideology does not allow for clothing other than gloves or boots. That's an inconsistency. What explanation is there to give?", - she questions staring at the husk.

    "Might have been my own illusion since I was insane at that point already anyway", - answers the husk.

    "Ding-ding-ding! Absolutely correct. Continuing on the shoplifter, he died by smashing his head onto the floor. All surfaces in Sabkvism should be soft according to the Pillow Pacifism policy. That's an inconsistency. What explanation is there to give?", - she asks the question again.

    "Uhm... Also an illusion?", - the husk seems unsure about his answer.

    "No, no, no. Incorrect. The place where the shoplifter died was breaking the Pillow Pacifism policy. How can we fix the mistake while punishing the workers for not complying with the policy?", - she asks while sharing a thought concerning the fate of the husks former assisstant.

    "We melt those workers into soft flesh and cover all hard surfaces with it", - the husk replies since the hint made the answer too obvious.

    "Ding-ding-ding! Absolutely correct", - is she happy with the husk giving her correct answers? Her facial expression says the opposite.

    CОDEWОRD:SОFT: The softest material is considered to be molten human flesh, immortal and still feeling pain.

    "Onto the last question regarding Outer Demons. What did the room colors represent?", - asks the bot.

    "Let's be unoriginal here... Seven deadly sins. White being pride, pink being lust and gold, obviously, being greed", - the husk answers correctly.

    "Ding-ding-ding! Absolutely correct. With so many color-coded things it's good to see you not confusing those rooms with, say, events or the angels. Speaking of which...", - she suddenly looks to the clouds, - "Seems like my job here is over."


    The moment husk looks up to the sky, he feels his feet getting wet. Somehow, without him noticing, he got transported to the clouds.

    I stay in front of the husk. I greet him and tell him that this is the end of his journey.

    "I am not going to hell yet! I am going to fight you!"

    You are legitimately funny. Do not be afraid. You are too important to be sent to the afterlife.

    "What's your deal?! You're fucked up in the head! Why do you keep torturing innocent people?!"



    No such thing, darling.

    Allow me to explain why you are important to me, husk.

    "...Fine", - you comply, while still holding a grudge against me filling your entire mind and heart.

    You are not a person. Well, not anymore. You are destined to become the vessel for someone I know and need in this world.

    Someone who allowed me to be who I am today. Someone who opened my eyes on the harsh realities of our realm.

    Someone who this world desperately needs.

    15 - The Devil.

    Jade... I barely remember what person he actually was. I've "accidentally" got his soul trapped outside a body.

    He isn't tough to carry, but I've reasoned he holds a special place in this world.

    "Why me? I don't understand any of this!"


    Poor thing.

    Do you not know who you are?

    You got shocked and disgusted by my world to the point where you are capable of rejecting its basic rules.

    You've eaten raw corpses romanticising the experience to be wholesome and happy by your own delusions.

    You've justified murder by demonising your victims and refused every single chance to empathise when you were given.

    You showed no remorse towards a close ally of yours getting a fate worse than death and just used their meat for your own gains.

    You've soaked yourself in blood for years to the point of losing your remaining sanity.

    You got easily fooled by the simplest of lies which were mixed with sincere statements.

    This entire journey was patiently crafted to make your essence the exact same as the Devil's soul.

    "You're insane"

    Far from it. Once the Devil is brought into this world, the suffering he will cause will excede all of what even I capable of. I sadly lack malice.

    So will you be my Devil, Jade? I hate you so much. My entire existance, I just can't stop thinking about you.

    "Why are y..."

    Oh, you think I'm like this just because of you? You think your pathetic bullying attempts were the thing that I so easily got crushed by?

    Wrong. You were just the last straw.

    Since I was a child, I always were empathetic towards my environment. I've cried for the smashed bugs. For the trampled grass. For thrown away toys.

    Whenever I were to witness someone's pain... No matter how insignificant that someone looks in the eyes of human... I imagined my own self in their place.

    What if our planet accidentaly crosses a path of some larger, smarter being? Would it even notice as its body would destroy hopes of everyone I know? Would it just brush off the incident because of our insignificanse in its own eyes?

    I've learned this type of philosophy is called cosmic horror.

    "So your fake empathy was nothing more but fear for your own pathetic life."

    ...The point is, I always tried my best to help others. I've always wanted to make everyone my friend.

    But people are not like that.

    "So what, you lost hope just because you got beaten up a couple of times in school?"

    Lost hope?... No. Not yet. But I did however become a different person.

    I've made so many mistakes. I've harmed others for no real reason. I've sinned against god too.

    And mistakes ought to be punished. I... might have understood that. Seems just, right? But there was some detail.

    Some tiny little detail.

    That made me want to fucking torture every single person I've ever met in my life.

    I was the only one to be punished.

    "You are spitting nonsense at this point."

    Oh, am I, Jade?

    How many [REDACTED] ideologies are on the anarchy wiki, Jade?

    How many of their authors got banned and repeatedly harassed by the moderation team?

    How many, Jade? How many?

    That's right. Every single time I do something everybody else gets away with, I get punished as harsh as possible. All of the punishment in the entire world, it's always reserved just for me alone!

    All of the suffering, just for me. The pain, for nobody else.

    The example I presented is nothing compared to other things I've endured, but I wanted to bring some familiarity here for you.

    But I eventually have grown to understand that the world is unfair. Unfair towards me and nobody else.

    Everyone hates me. They laugh when I suffer. No matter what I do, people would always find some way to make my existance as miserable as possible.

    It was always just me. The world and the people in it existed for one purpose only. To make my life garbage.

    But it was you, Jade, who explained to me why the world treats me like this. You opened my eyes. You gave me this power.

    Having prey is more fun when you torture it until it's body gives up

    I was a prey of this ugly world. And that is why I became a goddess, Jade.

    "So what? Is it just revenge? Self-centered pity makes you think you can justify all of this shit you've done to this world?"

    Oh. No. When I became a goddess, the first thing I tried to do is to make the world a better place.

    It was an impossible task even for a goddess.

    No matter what your ideology is, no matter how the rules of the universe work, humans will always. ALWAYS. Try to find a way to make others suffer. Yes, without me as their one and only prey they started preying on each other.

    Any law will get abused. Loopholed. Any technology meant for good will get used for evil. Any good intent gets corrupted in no more than mere seconds.

    No matter how perfect is the utopia you make, there is no way to change the human desire to make others suffer. People don't even want prosperity for themselves as long as they can make someone else miserable. They would even ruin their own lives as long as it is to ruin it for another person too.

    As a goddess, I could delete the human need to eat, or sleep, or even breathe. But the craving to bring pain is such a fundamental force driving the world that no matter how hard you try to get around it, no measures will work.

    So I've just accepted it and shaped this idea into its best form. There may be room for improvement, but I am glad with what I have.

    And that is why the world is the way it is now.

    Nothing personal, kid.


    For enduring that cringe, you get some extra wacky ideologies, never seen before!


    Not to be confused with Agorismf.png Agorism.

    Agarism is a right-wing pro-market anarchist ideology.

    Its main postulate is that markets work similarly to the game Agar.io:

    • Small businesses grow and profit without harming other businesses;
    • Medium businesses have the option to harm smaller businesses, but don't need to do so to profit;
    • Big businesses sustain themselves solely by crushing small and medium businesses.

    Unlike AnCap.png Anarcho-Capitalism, Agarism does not believe that big businesses will vanish without a state to support them, and argues that as long megacorps exist, they are effectively as harmful to free market as the state and because of sheer power and size do not need to comply with the non-agression principle.

    Unlike Left-Wing Market Anarchism, Agarism does not think workers should own the means of production.

    As a Sabkvism policy Under Sabkvism, small and medium businesses are unregulated, while big corporations are regulated as much as possible as a way to push their CEOs to join The Party.

    Pink Gladiatorism

    Pink Gladiatorism is an Authoritarian Right culturally progressive and reactionary ideology.

    It believes that intersectional liberalism is completely idiotic since minorities opress each other. As the main examples: islamists and black people are extremely homophobic, most gay people are transphobic, etc.

    The solution to this is to declare annual bloodsport competition between each minority group. As the result of the competition, the last surviving minority team gets their entire minority group same rights as humans, while all other minority groups become slaves.

    Currently recognised teams:

    • Gays
    • Lesbians
    • Transes
    • Bisexuals
    • Pansexuals
    • Asexuals
    • Non-binarys
    • Blacks
    • Indians
    • Muslims
    • Asians
    • Blinds
    • Colorblinds
    • Mutes
    • Cripples
    • Autists
    • Epileptics
    • Allergics
    • Addicts

    As a Sabkvism policy

    While minorities in The Monster class and above are treated fairly, there is minority bloodsport competition for The Victim class, which is similar with Pink Gladiatorism, except racial minorities teams being replaced with teams for non-human species. Also gay and colorblind people are on the same team.[1]



    Neo-Lovism is not even an ideology, but at this point nobody fucking cares.

    Neo-Lovism is an idea that there are more types of love than one. Love is a feeling that encompasses many emotions, but its main one is feeling joy from existence of another person. Similarly, hatred (or kismesis for homestuckoids) is a feeling with main emotion being anger. Neo-Lovism expands on those ideas, providing new types of romantic relationships for more feelings and emotions.

    And yes, this is mostly copypasted from a prior homestuck fanfiction of mine, good thing Sabkvism is about my past cringe mixed up into a single setting.

    Primary relationship types (these are the most common ones):

    • Feelies1.png Matesprit - Love (Joy)
    • Feelies2.png Moirail - Trust (oftenly confused with friendship, which is a platonic relationship, not a romantic one)
    • Feelies3.png Distret - Sorrow (Sadness)
    • Feelies4.png Kismesis - Hatred (Anger)
    • Feelies5.png Friscape - Fear
    • Feelies15.png Vorasate - Hunger

    Secondary relationship types (these are less common, and most of the times come in groups with other relationship types) Secondary relationship types (these are less common, and most of the times come in groups with other relationship types)

    • Feelies6.png Embarster - Shame/Discomfort/Shyness
    • Feelies7.png Compest - Competitive spirit
    • Feelies8.png Surudden - Surprise/Shock (people in this relationship will play pranks on each other)
    • Feelies9.png Buissolid - Seriousness/Formality/Rigor
    • Feelies10.png Twalf - Fullfillment (feeling of emptiness/void when the subject of attraction is removed)
    • Feelies11.png Topination - [REDACTED]
    • Feelies12.png Entraze - Insanity/Chaos
    • Feelies13.png Exsaustig - Tiredness/Sleepyness
    • Feelies16.png Expecast - Anticipation
    • Feelies17.png Kohkrash - Hope (the way a teacher has hope in their student)
    • Feelies18.png Midorgan - Envy
    • Feelies19.png Urmein - Greed/Feeling of the other person being your belonging
    • Feelies20.png Semkrash - Respect (the way a student respects their teacher)
    • Feelies14.png Grosgust - Disgust

    Tertiary relationship types (this type of relationship requires a third person):

    • Feelies21.png Styomok - Third person makes fun of the relationship of the first two
    • Feelies22.png Svahship - Third person ships the first two (if they're not already in a relationship, the third person tries to get them together)
    • Feelies23.png Auspistice - Third person keeps the (oftenly negative-aligned) relationship from escalating
    • Feelies24.png Triang - Third person wishes to break the relationship between the first two

    Solitary relationship types (a person feeling one of these cannot feel any of the other type of romantical attraction mentioned to the same person):

    • Feelies25.png Ignodiss - Apathy
    • Feelies26.png Viledjek - Reciprocation

    As a Sabkvism policy

    People actually experience all of the mentioned types of attraction, but aren't allowed to act upon them because of the "Romance is seen as a degenerate crime" policy.

    ...Fine, let's add a national holiday on February the 14th where this law does not apply. People will get crazy over it with so many pent-up feelings.

    Pornographic Horror tragicomedy

    It's is an ideology that a good story should be a mix of porn, horror, tragedy and comedy, since those things are true to the human emotions.

    Or maybe that's just my shitty style of writing because despite being 21 i still write like a 12-year old. I feel... so tired. I just keep talking how I hate myself, how I hate the world, my life, every single person, my past, my...

    I don't know what I want. This "art" that I do is the only thing I have in my life that keeps me... No, that lets me put my thoughts at least somewhere. But no matter how many people I talk to... Nothing changes, I can't just "run from myself", despite how tropey and unoriginal that sounds. I just don't know what to do.

    It's 0:30 past midnight at the time of me writing this. I feel sleepy, but I know that if I were to go to bed I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. Not even sleeping pills prescribed to me by my psychiatrist help with that. I've rejected to take them for two days now. I've been too sleepy during the days too. I have no trouble falling asleep during the day however... My sleeep schedule is completely ruined. No idea how to fix that either.

    I feel hot. No, nott in the "sexy" sense. Whenever I panic or remember something dumb i did in my past my body starts overheating. And now that I've caught a flu I even have some temperature so I guess now it's a mix of both.

    I have some weird dreams. For at least a week in a row now I've been seeing my past school... And I've been hanging out with a really close friend of mine who i may or may not have a one-sided crush on in real life and I'd prefer to just have to dream forever instead of ever waking up. I am very weak-willed and it shows.

    My personality? A clown. A severe case of attention-seeker. Lonely dumbass with zero reputation willing to be a living joke just at least to be somewhat noticed by people. Do I harm myself emotionally by being like that? Oh yeah, absolutely, but at this point the "clown" me is the real me. I try cracking a joke every now and then and the worst kind of reacton I get from people is them ignoring me. Am I unfunny? Annoying? Please, please, notice me! Here's another joke! And another one! Oh, maybe I can help you with some assignment? Absolutely for free, I just like being friendly with everyone, that's it!

    Don't forget the fact that I'm ugly as all hell. Ok, at this point you already got body horror warning from all the disclaimers at the top of this page, so maybe you deserve to hear me describe myself!

    Ok, ok, maybe I'm not as ugly as I advertise myself and my only problem is bad skin, but i could really just write horror stories about, well, a slightly hyperbolised version of myself (Yes, I'm 21 and have acne and even three suicide attempts didn't fix this problem for some reason).

    People think that killing yourself is an option for the weak. Yeah, because that's such a simple thing to do! Both physically and emotionally, it's fucking impossible. Not only do your body and mind try their best at keeping you alive, the universe isn't exactly merciful either, so you're just stuck being a pathetic clown writing shitty garbage on the internet that like 10 people will ever read.

    Will I regret writing all this personal stuff in like the next 0.2 seconds after posting this edit? You bet I will. I always regret it when I do this type of shit.



    Horror Pediarchy

    Horror Pediarchy is a Youth.png Jeunist ideology that argues being a child is superior to being an adult and all adults are evil. Therefore, to not become an adult, all children should suicide before reaching maturity.

    As a Sabkvism policy

    Child suicide cults exist under Sabkvism and are pretty popular. There are organised school clubs dedicated to the topics of opposing adult opression and how to properly suicide.