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    Sílas Carrasco Thought is an constitutional monarchist and nationalist ideology,culturally right-wing and economically is centrist. Culturally this ideology is conservative, and believes that we should conserve traditions, religious concepts, the main religion of this ideology is protestantism,but it also accepts other religions. Economically it is an ideology that totally defends distributism with some corporatists ideas. It is also an ideology that is environmentalist and loves a cartoon called "Sofia The First".

    Ideological Summary

    Governmental Views

    • Constitutional Monarchy
    • Statism
    • Religious
    • Meritocracy
    • Noocracy

    Economic Views

    • Distributism
    • Corporatism(Some ideas)
    • Protectionism
    • Economic Regulations(Somewhat)
    • Welfare Statism

    Foreign Views

    • Nationalism and Patriotism
    • Anti-Globalism
    • National Conservativism
    • Anti-Colonialism
    • Diplomacy
    • Pro-ROC(-99999 social credit)
    • Pro-Ukraine
    • Interculturalism

    Cultural Views

    • Social Conservative
    • Socia Christianity(Protestantism)
    • National Conservativism
    • Civic Nationalism
    • Religious Nationalism(Moderately)
    • Anti-LGBT(Moderately)
    • Drug Criminalization
    • Pro-Life
    • Pro-Guns
    • Conservative Feminism
    • Racial Egalitarianism
    • Environmentalism
    • Interculturalism


    Under development...

    Historical figures who influenced me

    • Jesus(7-2aC - 30-33aC - Eternity),Roman Empire;
    • Dom Pedro II(1843-1889),Brazil;
    • Abraham Lincoln(1809-1865),United States;
    • Martin Luther King Jr.(1929-1968),United States;
    • Martin Luther(1483-1546),Germany;
    • Nikolas Ferreira De Oliveira(1996-Present days),Brazil;
    • Constantinus I(272aC-337aC),Roman Empire;
    • Enéas Carneiro(1938-2007),Brazil;
    • Jordan B. Peterson(1962-Present days),Canada;
    • Alexander Hamilton(1755-1804),United States;

    How to draw

    Flag of Sílas Carrasco Thought

    1- Draw a circle;
    2- Paint the circle with light green;
    3- Draw an "X" with dark green in the middle of the circle;
    4- Draw eyes;
    4,5- Draw a Viking hat and a monocle(Optional).


    Under development...



    Very H!

    • H

    Kinda H...

    • H


    • H

    Not H

    • H

    An certified G moment🤢🤮

    • H

    Based sigma males

  • Patrick Bateman Thought - The definition of a sigma male in an ideology, an absolute H moment
  • Arthurism - I really don't care that your ideology isn't the same as mine. What matters is that you are Brazilian. RATINHOOOO
  • Alpha males👍

    Me when:

    • Ron Paul Cultism - Well... kinda based, but i'm not a big fan of libertarianism, and I am no longer a capitalist.
    • Haha funi triangle goes brrr - It's not a horrible ideology, to be honest. At least you are nationalist, welfarist and pro-ROC. But the rest is not very good...

    Definitely not a H moment :(

    • Yoda8soup - Progressism is very cringe, but at least you are a distributist
    • Technocratic Yoda8soup Thought - Very similar to the guy above, but technocratic, and thats is what makes you a bit better...

    Why? This make me cry.

    • - 💀

    Test Results

    Further information

    If you want to see more information, see this page: User:Sílas_Carrasco




    • New Model Of Cheesenism - add my new ideology
      • - Of course!
    • Reactionary-Cheesenism - add me
      • - Of course!
    •  Xirlan Thought - Add me.
    • Casagonism - pls add me, active google traduction i'm french
      • - Of course!
    • Pantheonism - Yo!
      • - Yo!
      • Pantheonism - About your question, I oppose Islamism because it is very opressive towards religious and sexual minorities, violates Human rights, not to mention the many terrorist attacks Islamists have comitted and I don't think an Islamic Theocracy should fit that well in our modern world. About Ronald Reagan, oh boy where do I even start: Trickle down economics don't work, he trippled the national debt of the USA, supported far-right paramilitaries (most notably the Taliban) and dictatorships (like Pinochet's Chile) all over the world, he refused to take action in favour of the environment and bombed Libya for no reason. About drugs, I suggest you watch this video.
      • - Ok bro thanks for that information.
    • Ronwelltarianism - I added you. Add me back?
      • - Of course!
    • - Yo, I made you a new icon; . I'll also add you to my self-insert, I just ask that you add me to yours.
      • - THANKS BRO! THAT ICON IS EPIC! I will make a good use of this.
    • - Could you add me?
      • - Of course! Can you add me too?
    • Applethesky2021 - Add me?
      • - Of course!
    • Yoda8soup - Add me?

    Glencoe- add me plz?

      • - Of course!
    • Arthurism - Add me? Also, i made the brazilians navbox
      • - Of course!

    Casagon Thought - Add me, use google trad to translate French. (Yes is Casagon, I have changed ideology)

      • - Will do.



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