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    Russophobia, also known as Anti-Russianism, is hatred or bigotry towards Russia, Russian people and their culture also It wants to destroy Russian culture, Russian as a language and Russia as a state, and often advocates the balkanization of Russian Federation.

    Possibly the first notable modern instance of Russophobia is when a Polish General by the name of Michal Sokolnicki wrote a xenophobic book called "The Testament Of Peter The Great" in 1797 and sent it to France, which was later used by French Historian Charles-Louis Lesur in 1812 as Anti-Russian propaganda in the lead up to Napoleon's invasion of Russia and would resurfaced several times over the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Russophobia has been prominent in the United States, especially during the Cold War. This was mainly due to the red scare.

    Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russophobia reached peak levels globally, from America and Europe.




    • Orthodox Theocracy - Russian Orthodox oppresses the Eastern Churches!
    • Hippieism - If you're against Russia we're good!
    • Neo-Ottomanism - Long Live The Ottoman Empire!!!But why are you friendly to Putin??
    • Trumpism - Sanction the Russians!!! Still too soft on them
    • Slavophobia - Like me, but hates Slavs in general.
    • Objectivism - Libertarian Moskal. But at least a self-hating one.
    • Novodvorskism - Same as above, but better.
    • Vlasovism - Nazi Moskal,but at least self-hating.
    • Marxism - Your ideology was implemented in Russia but some Western communists oppose Russia.
    • Maoism - Soviet puppet but later you opposed them.
    • Jihadism - Hamas and Hezbollah are cringe because they are Moskal puppets, but the Caucasus Emirate and the Islamic State were based because they fight against Russia.


    • Russia - Worst country in the world. Land of Kats*ps and Moskals.
    • Russophilia - Worst enemy.
    • Putinism - Dirty Moskal who wants to impose his tyrannical agenda on the free world.
    • Russian Opposition - You are not much different from the person above.
    • Yeltsinism - Your reforms were a lie. You suppressed the self-determination of the Chechen people and brought Putin to power.
    • White Movement - Where is the guarantee that the small peoples of the former Russian Empire will be free?
    • Leninism & Trotskyism - Bolshevik Moskals
    • Stalinism - Communist Moskal who starved and killed Ukrainians. And even though you are representative of an ethnic minority; the Georgians, you were the leader of Russia and your policy was in the interests of the Russian majority.
    • Khrushchevism - Corn Moskal
    • Brezhnevism - Don't ever forget the Prague Spring, you old marasmatic!
    • Gorbachevism - Pizza Moskal
    • Tsarism - Prison of Nations
    • Zyuganovism - Dengist Moskal
    • Zhirinovism - Rightist Moskal
    • Russian Fascism - Fascist Moskal
    • Black Hundredism - Reactionary Moskal. You're even worse than tsarism.
    • National Bolshevism - This is literally what Russians are! Сombination of Bolshevism with Russian nationalism and conservatism.
    • Fourth Theory - Neo-Bolshevik Moskal and Nazbol 2.0
    • Mladorossism - Mixed Moskal
    • Hyperborea - Schizopheric Moskal
    • Menshevism - Socialist Moskal

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