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    Russophilia is the admiration and fondness of Russia, usually the current Russian government and it's political culture.
    Russophilia is particularly spread in the some AuthLeft, who some believe that the Russian government will restore the Soviet Union in its previous form. This tendency among leftists was called Red Putinism by Post-Soviet left, who generally oppose Putin. It's also fairly wide spread amongst, particularly the European reactionaries, who see Putin's Russia as somewhat of an ideal to strive towards. Many russophiles are also influenced by the Russian RT news network.

    The opposite of Russophilia is Russophobia.



    • Russia - Best country in the world.
    • Putinism - My favourite president! A strong leader for strong Russia! Владимир Путин - молодец, политик, лидер и борец!
    • Ba'athism - ALLAH! SYRIA! BASHAR!
    • Juche - Best Korea!
    • Xi Jinping Thought - China will always stand with Russia against the Western world forever!
    • Khomeinism - Give Russia more of those Shahed-136s!
    • Wagnerism (Before 2023) - Fighters that love Russia! Good job liberating Bakhmut...


    • Neo-Ottomanism - Tomato sultan who fancies himself the most cunning one in the room and wants to take away our Central Asia! Thanks for letting Russia buy tech and other stuff from Europe and America though.
    • Islamic Capitalism - It was nice of you to sell Russians some real estate and provide another gateway to buying Western goodies, but please don't block our bank accounts.
    • Zionism - The only democracy that remained friendly to Russia and does not join Western sanctions, but you're too pro-American.


    • Russophobia - My opposite.
    • Ukrainophilia - DEATH TO THE NAZIS! слава России!
    • Zelenskyism - Stop arming Nazis, arresting my participants, persecuting Russians and trying to defend your corrupt regime! Unlike Russia's Corruption-Free Government. Your Regime is already too weak to be defended, so Give it back to our Glorious Russia right now or We will do it ourselves!
    • Azovism - Least Nazi Ukrainian.
    • Neoconservatism - How dare You attempt to stand against Russia and give military aids to Ukraine!! Now, Zelensky is going to kick nearly all of us out of his country!
    • European Federalism - Gayropean Freaks who are threatening Russia! (Right-Wing Russophiles)
    • European Federalism - Neoliberal Capitalists who support Nazis in Ukraine (Left-Wing Russophiles)
    • American Model - LET PUTIN TAKE CARE OF UKRAINE!!!
    • Pro-Westernism - Stop supporting Russia's enemies!

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