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    Russian Fascism refers to the various applications of Fascism that were devised by Russian individuals, most notably the Russian Fascist Party lead by Konstantin Rodzaevsky.


    Russian Fascist Party/Rodzaevskyism

    Among Rodzaevsky;s proposed polices included the "liquidation of Jewish rule in Russia", the re-establishment of the Eastern Orthodox Church as the state religion of Russia, rejection of the "tendency towards cosmopolitanism", "Russia for the Russians". and a call for "class co-operation" instead of "class conflict", which would be achieved via an Italian style corporate state within some kind of federated government under a " temporary dictatorship"

    Uniquely, Rodzaevsky's definition of Russian nationalism did not define Russianness in ethnic terms so much as in terms of a "common historical destiny", which meant that provided that they were loyal the Russian state, all non-Russian ethnic groups were to be considered "Russian". (with the exception of the Jews).

    In The New Order: Last Days of Europe

    in The New Order: Last Days of Europe mod Rodzaevsky has control of the Amur, a Russian warlord state in the Far East, however in the 1950s the Russian Fascist Party schismed between the (relativity) reformist Matkovskyites (who control their own warlord state called the Free State of Magadan) and Rodzaevsky's loyalists called Rodzaevskyites

    If Rodzaevsky successfully unifies Russia the new government has the name the Russian National State.

    Vonsiasky.png All Russian Fascist Organization/Vonsiaskyism

    See Vonsiaskyism

    Russian Fascist Organization

    The Russian Fascist Organization was a minor fascist organization that looked to Italian fascism for inspiration and produced the 'Theses of Russian Fascism' In 1931 the RFO absorbed into the Russian Fascist Party.

    Mladorossi.png Mladorossism

    While associated with Monarcho-Socialism, The Mladorossi also considered themselves a Fascist organization (for a time at least) going as far as to declare themselves the "only true Fascists left" after Mussolini aligned with Nazi Germany in the 1930s.




    • Vonsiasky.png Vonsiaskyism - a fellow Russian fascist, but why are so lenient with the Jews?
    • Anticap.png Anti-Capitalism - Based but too close to communism.
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - On second thought, you might be sort of good after all... please don't kill me!!


    Further Reading


    The New Order: Last Days of Europe



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