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    At first, rukism was an anarchist ideology (you can see this by the skull on the flag). But then he was a market communist, and he did not like it! One day he created a cult of personality creator, and a very strong government! and every day the government grew stronger until it became the compos of the void.

    Foundations and Beliefs

    void compass

    he is very totalitarian let you understand this and not at first sight. he can literally do anything, but he won't do it as long as you worship him. for example, the big bang occurred because what came before it did not worship Rukism.

    market communism

    Rukism doesn't care about the economy. so he created communes that worship him and "play" the market.


    Rukism believes that there are too few people on earth, because it is constantly at war with aliens! And also if you are over 20 and you don't have 3 children, then this Rukism will torture you.

    Regional Variants

    in each country the colors change according to the flag of the country:)))))))))

    How to Draw

    [[File:|thumb|220x220px|Flag of Rukism ]]

    Color Name HEX RGB
    #228703 #697180 105, 113, 128
    #481160 #115973 17, 89, 115
    #300289 #740730 116, 7, 48
    #884287 #788300 120, 131, 0

    Stylistic Notes

    • make him suspicious

    Personality and Behaviour

    in short: "market Stalinism" (but more totalitarian)

    Further Information

    ho ho ho, no



    • Market Socialism I like your attempt to combine the market and socialism, but you did it wrong! and besides, you're not too totalitarian!
    • Tetrachy There is only one ruler! and that's me!
    • Posadist Primitivism survival distracts you from worshipping me, and blowing each other up is stupid! idiot!
    • Omni-Fit idiot, why kill each other if you can play the market and bow to me?! It will happen again and I will destroy you



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