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    Rozyism is the ideology of a user on the Polcompball Discord server known by the name 'rozyputin'. Previously, her claimed generic ideology was Clerical Fascism, believing in a political framework that is religious, upholding Christian values and also fascist. Notably, this is one of the only AuthCenter Female characters on the wiki apart from Sabkvism.


    From what is known, this ideology is, Fascist, Authoritarian, Traditionalist, Reactionary, Isolationist, Imperialist, Nationalist, Assimilationist, Environmentalist, and Religious according to roles.

    Political Organization

    Due to the fascistic nature of the ideology, it is unlikely to be democratic. A noble and well-respected group of Roman Catholic clergymen will most likely lead the state and decide its affairs. It is also possible that the aforementioned clergymen may not hold direct political power but will have a heavy influence on the state.

    Economic Organization

    Rozyism supports corporatism with nationalized industry, a relatively standard economic model for fascism. It also supports some social programs including universal healthcare, restricted welfare, maternal and paternal leave, mental health facilities, public religious education, and family incentives.

    Societal Organization

    Society in Rozyism aims to be clear of degeneracy and uphold traditional family values. Being supportive of women in the role of mothering children and being housewives. Rozyism does however support women in careers outside the home so long as they take on nurturing and feminine roles (ex: teaching, nursing, religious sisterhood, cooks, etc), but recognizes the role of being a mother of the utmost importance.

    Rozyism also aims to keep the environment clean too, through environmental conservation and sustainable living. Related to Traditional Catholicism, it recognizes the natural world as part of God's creation which ought to be respected and protected.


    How to Draw

    [[File:|thumb|220x220px|Flag of Rozyism ]]

    Color Name HEX RGB

    Personality and Behaviour

    When she joined the Discord server at first, she was often muted for being too serious by Bullet, but overtime this was overcome and a manner of speech more casual and familiar to other Polcompball users in the server was developed. Today she is generally seen as the 'tradwife' of PCB, being a true religious and traditionalist woman. She can generally be regarded as having a feminine personality, having a capacity for friendliness, but, seeks to correct degeneracy and might not be so friendly to some minorities and might sometimes get called a fedposter.






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