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    Roterism is known for its social market economy and culturally authoritarian, progressive and civic nationalist. It drives it hosts the synthesis of individualist right economic enterprises and left social justice. By its structure File:SocAuth.webp Social Authoritarianism and Kemalism they look like him, but behave more economic statist than it. It, has a secret love to Paternalistic Conservatism , but is constantly rejected for his Progressivism.


    Civic Nationalism

    This ideology cares about national interests and combines with Civic Nationalism He hates racial discrimination and advocates a nation-state based on citizenship. Loving, respectful and peaceful to all nations. But when necessary, it is obliged to protect its national unity and interests.

    Progressive Corporatism

    It should be ensured that class conflict is prevented and that acting with common interests in all circumstances. This ideology is against socialism, liberalism and fascism. Progressive corporatism differs from fascist corporatism or social corporatism. While defending the existence of all institutions serving national unity, they should be ensured to keep up with social change. It is also very important to give rights to lower and middle classes. Thus, a single nation can be obtained. The union should work to achieve national unity and social justice.

    A fascist-style corporation assembly is unnecessary. In addition, decisions made under the totalitarian domination of the state only satisfy the state. Here, it is important for the lower and middle class to live for prosperity.

    Although the state is not very repressive, it is the fair decision-making body between class satisfaction by applying a state corporatism.

    Ultimately, this type of corporatism is progressive and does not contain some form of reaction for a return to the antiquated systems of the past.


    Democracy has a deficit in the creation of reactionary dictatorships due to the presence of the wrong people chosen. The end of this is absolute totalitarianism. To prevent this, there is opposition to democracy and totalitarianism. We want a one-party, progressive, authoritarian power that constantly looks into the future.


    Reasons such as cheating and nepotism always hurt countries. Therefore, it can be said that the most rigid and fundamental issue of Roterism is its extreme meritocratic nature.


    We must always ensure social justice in order to prevent national reactionaries, intolerance. And, open to change and scientific methods should always form the basis of the country.


    We must respect the religious freedoms of the people and close all institutions where the state would intervene in religion. The state should provide religious funding or courses only as long as citizens request it. However, institutions that exploit people's religious feelings, see them as financial resources and threaten the freedom and unity of the people should be closed by the state. Religion should never create an economy.

    Social Market Economy

    An economy that is as free as possible and compatible with global values should be created. However, this market should be prevented from creating social injustice and the lower class should be supported by fair taxation, social benefits and good salary rates.

    Firms can become monopolized when they are completely free. It must perform a "function" to protect and make competition fair. Entrepreneurs should be supported by interest-free loans granted by the state. The state should not interfere with the economy unless necessary. Public welfare, economic effi

    ciency and competition must be preserved. There is never any hostility to foreign or domestic capital.


    If you destroy nature, the ideology or your sphere of life will not matter. This principle certainly includes authoritarian ecological thinking. A dictatorial nature love must be practiced.

    Looking at other orientations and ideologies


    LGBT + citizens are equal to other citizens. He is one of any citizen of the nation. It is not superior or inferior to different sexual orientations. For this reason, institutions with LGBT content should be closed, their walks should be banned, but LGBT citizens should not be discriminated against. This is to adapt them to the nation. For their sake. In this respect, all Pro-LGBT or Homophobic movements will be prohibited. The main reason for closing down their associations and organizations, at least in the, I see that their march collects hate rather than arouse sympathy or sensitivity. Society hates them more because of these walks.  They are not aware of this.  We are not homophobic, he sees homosexuals the same as other people.  But that's what we're talking about when we say "adapting them to the nation." While this ideology is in power, no citizen will be attacked because of their sexual orientation.  Citizens who attack him because of his sexual orientation will definitely receive a prison sentence until death. For them, if necessary, progressive laws can be enacted directly by the state (without the contribution or advice of an LGBT + association). We do not aim to exclude them from society, but to bring them into society. For this, if laws or social activities need to be done, the state itself will do it. But definitely not LGBT + associations.

    Feminism and Masculism

    Roterism promotes gender equality. But it does not do this within an ideological framework. It is not right for women or men to divide society with organizations based on gender. That is why the most severe punishments will be given to rapists or murderers. Everyone's freedom will be guaranteed by the state, regardless of whether they are men or women. The enlightened men and women of the nation must lead the country forward in unity. There will be constant propaganda about the equality of women and men across the country, and all patriarchal or matriarchal systems will be opposed.  However, no feminist or masculist action will be allowed.  Because the state will treat everyone fairly and will not favor any gender. Therefore, all feminist or masculist institutions will be closed.


    We don't want to create a totalitarian dystopia. We don't care about North Korea, Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. It has to be a state that is always connected with the outside world. The right of the people to receive real news, freedom of the press and intellectual freedom must be protected. Thought is not a crime. We are not Jacobin, but Robespierre says:

    - The revolutionary state is the despotism of freedom against tyranny.

    Excessive ideas

    No movement that practices racism, hatred of capital, and fundamentalism has no freedom of action. Everyone has freedom of property and belief. Also, nationalism is not racism.

    Why will some organizations be banned?

    Because in our nationalist understanding, conditions such as class, privilege and gender are not considered important. Our aim is to create "a united and free nation". We are against any organization based on gender, ethnicity or social class for this. We will give everyone the rights they deserve without discrimination. LGBT +, women or workers .. We are not concerned with the name or what it is. We will care about social demands. Only the state will do this. Any organization that supports a class in society is unacceptable.

    One of our slogan is: "We are a united nation without sex, class, race. We only care about justice."

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