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    "Reason is the Devil's whore."

    Martin Luther

    Romantic Egoism is my philosophy.

    My beliefs are primarily influenced by the Jena Romantics, French Post-Modernists/Post-Structuralists, and various other counter-enlightenment and anti-humanists figures. I believe that the self is more important than abstract laws, life is inherently irrational and mysterious, that will and desire is the driving force behind the self, there is no objective truth, and in the transvaluation of all values.

    My page is heavily a work-in-progress.



    • Novalis (Primary influence)
      • Magical Idealism
    • Friedrich Nietzsche
      • Overman
      • Will to Power
    • Charles Baudelaire
    • Pierre-Josesph Proudhon
      • Mutualism
    • Gilles Deleuze
      • Deterritorialization
      • Rhizomatics
      • Schizoanalysis
    • Michel Foucault
    • Felix Guattari
      • Schizoanalysis
    • Friedrich Jacobi
    • Benjamin Tucker


    • Max Stirner
      • Owness
      • Union of Egoists
    • Henri Bergson
    • Ernst Jünger
      • The Anarch
    • Lewis Call
    • Saul Newman
    • Hakim Bey


    • Michel Maffesoli
      • Neo-Tribalism
    • Georges Sorel
    • Lewis Call
    • Todd May
    • Sigmund Freud
    • Wolfi Landstreicher
    • Andrew Culp
    Includes both people who have influenced my philosophy of art, and my art style
    • German Romanticism
    • German Idealism
      • Friedrich Schelling
    • Nazarene Movement
      • Philipp Viet
      • Marie Stillman


    ☆ = Not essential | ★ = Recommended


    The good

    The bad

    And the ugly

    - Collectivism is the height of christian slave morality and can only breed mediocracy and dullness. Your ideology is one of weakness and resentment. There's almost nothing to agree with.


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