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    Romantic Darwinism is a somewhat authoritarian, culturally and economically off-compass right ideology located above social darwinism on the compass. It believes that Romantic partners should be chosen by the state to be the most optimal genetic combination possible.


    Romantic Darwinism should generally be portrayed as a matchmaker, always obsessed with pairing everyone with individual partners that can be considered "ideal", wanting to create a generation of perfect offspring and strengthen the specie and sub-species.

    Romantic Darwinism can also be portrayed as a stereotypical incel, desperate for a "state mandated girlfriend" and upset that the state has not provided them with one.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with light black
    3. Draw a light pink Darwinism symbol in the middle
    4. Give the ball a pink bow-tie
    5. Add eyes to the ball

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Black #161616 22, 22, 22
    Light Pink #FF5580 255, 85, 128



    • Social Darwinism - My dad who taught me the importance of genetic purity and balance.
    • Sexocracy - My mom who taught me how important sex was for governance.
    • Cyberocracy - An AI would do a great job pairing people.
    • Kraterocracy - Reproductively capable and self-sufficiently secure.
    • Technocracy - Seeks reproductive security through intelligence - genetically ideal.


    • National Socialism - I like your love of genetic purity, but why stop only at one race?
    • Avaritionism - Secure and pure, yet despises the state.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Wants to seize the means of production, but what about reproduction?


    • Homonationalism - Homosexuality is reproductively pertinent so long as it provides security to other sub-species offspring - genetically unfit.
    • Primal Primitivism - There is absolutely no need for genetic and rational regression.
    • Progressivism - Goes against the idea that certain pairs and modes of reproduction can be ideal or inferior.
    • Kakistocracy - Genetically degenerate.
    • Habsburgism - Not only genetically weak but also encourages genetic deterioration through in-mixing.


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