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    Romanian Liberalism is economically centre-right, culturally right and usually centre on the lib-auth axis ideology that detached from the realities of Cball-Romania.png Romanian society and appeared in the first half of the nineteenth century that evolved in the struggle for social and national emancipation in the nineteenth century, the origins of it must be sought in the specific internal evolution of Romanian society, within the European liberal current. The liberal current is individualized and consolidated with the Revolution of 1848 when the foundations of the socio-political, economic and national program are laid.

    The liberals represented the interests of the emerging bourgeoisie of the intellectuals. After the installation of the foreign prince on the throne of Romania and the adoption of the Constitution of 1866, the liberals, in power, will stand out through extensive measures aimed at modernizing and industrializing Cball-Romania.png Romania.

    Liberal doctrine emerged as an alternative to the old system of feudal socio-political thought and action based on the absolute power of the ruler, privileged categories and conservatism, it includes a series of principles on socio-political, economic and national level.




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