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    Robloxian Measureism is the ideology that the Robloxian system of measurement should be used in daily life. It is in opposition to both the metric and imperial systems, viewing them as inferior to the Robloxian system of measurement. In this system, the basic unit is the stud (Except that there are three types of studs!).


    Stud (legacy/physics)

    The legacy/physics stud is the oldest official stud length. It is defined as exactly 1/20th of a meter and was defined in a blog post in 2012 regarding potato cannons. Roblox's physics engine is based off of the physics stud. It's definition means that it is exactly 5 centimeters (1.97 in.)

    Stud (formal)

    The formal stud was a redefined version of the stud made in order to make Rthro more realistic. It is defined as exactly 28 centimeters (11.02 in.). It is a more realistic version of the stud, making a character in Roblox 140 centimeters tall (4'7.1").

    Stud (balanced)

    The balanced stud is the most realistic assumption for the length of a stud in Roblox. It is defined as 33 centimeters (12.99 in.). Under this assumption, the character would be 165 centimeters tall (5'5").

    RoMass (legacy/physics)

    One RoMass is the informal term for a mass unit in Roblox. One legacy RoMass is defined as the mass of one legacy cubic stud at a density of 1 g/cm3. This places the legacy RoMass at only 125 grams (4.41 oz.).

    RoMass (formal)

    The formal RoMass is defined as the weight of one formal cubic stud at the density of 1 g/cm3. The formal RoMass would be 21.95 kilograms (48.39 lb.) as a result.

    Standard Gravity

    The standard gravity is defined as 1 m/s2, assuming the validity of the legacy stud. One could also derive the standard gravity the default place value of 196.2.

    How to Draw

    Draw Anti-Metrication, but do it in a bighead shape.




    • NeoRobloxism - Ok, just stop using meters in some things. *plays Great Strategy earrape*


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